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  1. I'm still using them some of the time. Seems like they take one or two days longer than they used to for most shipments, which is still pretty good. Tracking still can be pretty spotty on how often it gets updated. For larger/heavier packages, it seems like fedex and UPS are starting to become a significantly cheaper option.
  2. Going off of memory (not too reliable these days) when I went from an Aldila Xtorsion 60 (CB) to a Kuro Kage Dual Core 60 (non-CB) in my G400 Max, I think I lost about 2 swing weights. I think it went from D3 down to D1. I ended up tossing some yarn in the head to bump up swingweight and help out with the sound of the head. I can't recall if I went shorter on the shaft, so that may have impacted swingweight as well.
  3. You all got me paranoid....I called back in to confirm my email and they did indeed have it correct. I guess I'll keep refreshing my email every 15 minutes hoping for my instructions.
  4. You might have better luck if you post pics of your irons and have people give their opinion. The chances of somebody still having pics from 3 years ago are slim. You could also try a google search, plenty of results come back of fakes with pics.
  5. Club Champion Golf Milwaukee (note to Fujikura, you spelled Milwaukee incorrectly on your website ) I'd like to try out a shaft because I think I could benefit from the additional 'feel' that it could provide Smooth
  6. I have a Maxfli Crossbax 1.0 (yeah, I know...SEXY ) that I cleaned up and need a shaft for. It has the peg on the head that the shaft slides over. I thought it was going to be a .370, but was wrong as it was not large enough. I see Golfworks sells a .382" diameter shaft. Does anybody know if this would be the shaft I need? Are there any shafts that are larger than .370 other than the .382? I know I should just measure with a micrometer, but really don't want to make a special trip to Harbor Freight for one. Is Golfworks my best bet for this (looking for cheap options)? Thanks
  7. I was cleaning out my office a while back and I came across these. I'd originally purchased these because I had a set of MBs in my sights and I was going to make a combo set, that deal fell thru and I still have these. Would prefer to sell as a pair, but will split if I have buyers for both. 690CB 4-iron: Measures 39" which is a bit over standard (never had grip off, could possibly be extended), shaft is TTDG S300, grip is a Lamkin Crossline standard. Eyeballing it, looks standard loft/lie but don't have the tools to measure. 690CB 5-iron: Measures 38.5" which is a bit over standar
  8. Thanks for posting, I entered via mail and should be in line for a driver upgrade. I forwarded to my dad and he thought the Forever stamp was too high a wager for this...I'm sure he is kicking himself right now.
  9. I dislike most of ebays policies as much as the rest of you, but I think what they are doing is more of a CYA move than a money grab. Don't get me wrong, they like the extra money as well. From what I have seen is they are holding funds until the item shows as shipped and tracking shows it is in the hands of the carrier. Honestly, that is not a terrible idea on their part. About 10 years ago, I had an issue with a paypal purchase from another forum where I paid but the guy never shipped. After a few weeks I opened a case with paypal and they said the guy up and disappeared with my money, as we
  10. Driver that came with Wilson starter set Cheap knockoff of a Cobra with composite head TM 320 Cleveland Launcher 460 Cleveland Comp > One of my all-time favs until it cracked Ping G2 Adams 9015 Cleveland Hibore XL Geek DotComThis Ping G15 Cleveland Classic Ping G25 Srixon z545 Srixon z565 Ping G400 Max
  11. Just got emailed this one: SYCG12020-JLEPQ
  12. Not sure if it would help, but maybe just a small spray of penetrating lubricant might provide enough to get it out. Perhaps get a bolt with wide enough threads to bite into the adapter (but small enough not to get into the hosel), get it started then pry or pull off securing the bolt end in a vise. This seems like the kind of thing that I thought only happens to me.
  13. I will say that the few sets of Srixons that I have purchased have been dead nuts on spec. Not a large sample size, but across an entire set they have been the best of the companies I have ordered from.
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