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  1. I have an Ebay deal going poorly right now, figured I would try here to see if there may be somebody with a few spares sitting around. Looking for the model with the rubber ferrule if possible. OEM a plus, but will take aftermarket as well.
  2. Have you reached out to the seller?
  3. From the form: "Once a customer receives a rebate they will not be eligible for any future magazine or rebate. Limit 1 rebate per household per lifetime." I read this to mean once you have submitted a rebate for any magazine, you can't receive a rebate for any others...and that is why I receive issues of Motor Trend, Wine Spectator, Red Bulletin, and Cigar Afficianado every month. It does only cost a stamp to try it though, if you try please let us know the results.
  4. Recent buying spree has forced me to put the ho'ing machine in reverse and start selling some of the extras I won't be using. Price includes shipping to lower 48. May listen to trade offers for other fairways 15-17* (Cobra and Ping have been on my radar) Srixon z F85 - 15* 3 Wood, new in plastic. Includes headcover. Shafted with HZRDUS Red 62g in 6.5 flex (x-stiff). Stock L/L/L. $115 Shipped
  5. My 565/765 combo set I requested at D3 came in within a half of a swingweight point. If I remember correctly, all were within a .25 point tolerance (2.75-3.25)...good enough for me. I never did anything other than submit my custom order at my local Srixon dealer with my requested specs. When delivered, the shop checked the lie angles and swingweight, I double-checked the swingweight on my scale when I got home. Perhaps I got lucky, but they were much more accurate than other clubs I had ordered custom (Titleist & Mizuno). If they say they don't build to swingweight, I think that is an
  6. My experience with them has been great, ordered a set with custom lie and SW specs (non-stock shaft). Everything was spot-on.
  7. I have had nothing but good experiences as well. The only issue that I had was handled quickly and professionally.
  8. You got much better results than I did with this. I opened a case and it was closed with no communication in just a few hours. This was on a package shipped on 11/23, I requested update mid-December. The package was finally delivered this past Saturday (Jan 2)...5.5 weeks is fantastic turnaround for a priority package.
  9. I’m not 100% certain, but I think eBay waits to send your payment until the tracking shows that it has been received by the carrier.
  10. And to further prove how f'd up the USPS is right now... I purchased a few very cheap items for less than a buck shipped off of Ebay on Dec. 11th and 12th, both shipping from China. Today what arrives via USPS??? My packages from China. How can I get packages from China (with what I expect is the cheapest method) in 11 days when USPS still hasn't delivered my priority package (WI to VA) after 29 days.
  11. I have a Priority package that will be in transit 4 weeks on Monday, thankfully the buyer on Ebay is understanding and not getting upset yet. Anybody know how long before I can put in a lost package claim? I have done a tracking request and it was closed quickly with no communications back to me.
  12. Agreed, their customer service is awesome (I had an issue with the cover fitting my G400 Max). I see you have a G400 Max in your sig line, do you have a Sunfish cover that fits it? The one I bought was an extremely tight fit.
  13. ...and when they do update shipping after 6 days, it manages to piss you off more than no updates at all.
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