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  1. Title sums it up, prefer 21* will entertain offers for 19*. If shafted, prefer stiff flex.
  2. 1. What tech in the new CBX ZipCore excites you the most? Larger sweetspot 2. How can the CBX ZipCore wedge help your short game? My current gap wedge tends to dig into turf a bit, v sole would match my awesome irons 3. What loft CBX ZipCore wedge do you want to win? 50
  3. Ping G400 Max - $250 on Ebay, it came with 3 shafts (Xtorsion and 2 Ping Tours in different flexes) that I ended up selling for close to the price I paid for the whole lot. Ping G400 5 wood - $120 Ping G30 hybrid - $50 Srixon 565/765 combo set -$300 (traded a forum member for GG trade-in credit)* Vokey 46/50/54/60 - Less than $20 each* Cameron Golo S5 - $105* *About 6-7 years back, I bought two sets of Ping i3 irons in a crazy color code and some random woods for less than $40 total at GoodWill. I traded them into Global Golf when they used to do the 50% trade in bonus for about $500 in credit, my current irons/wedges/putter were all paid for with this credit (so technically only out-of-pocket $40 for them). Handicap somewhere in the 14-15 range
  4. l will agree with this. If retailers are consistently marking up putters 80%, Titleist will in turn soon raise their MAP to get a bigger slice of the pie...smart economics (which is probably why they aren't so worried with retailers driving up the price). I have no problem with this, actually prefer it to flippers making a profit off them. That said, the more they raise retail price, the less likely I am to buy...but then again I am a cheap bastxxx and not their primary market.
  5. Anybody have a tip-to-graphics measurement for an Aldila Rogue White 130msi? Thanks
  6. Thanks for all the replies, I will just plan on tipping it a bit.
  7. Quick background, I have a shaft that I'd like to put a Ping G400 adapter on that has about .25" more tip prep than will be covered by the Ping adapter and rubber ferrule (I would need to order a rubber ferrule). I prefer not to tip the shaft, but will do it if needed. A few questions: Can a standard plastic .335 collared ferrule be used in place of the rubber ferrule? If so, do you know the O.D. for the metal part of the adapter? Does anybody make a longer rubber ferrule for the Ping adapters? Thanks
  8. I believe that ebay account is actually Golfworks. They are located in the same area in Ohio and if you check their other items, they sell all of the Golfworks tools and supplies.
  9. Just for future reference, if you ever need to return something that the seller will not reimburse for return shipping, Paypal will refund you a few times a year for it. Under the transaction details, you should have a 'Return shipping on us' link. The last time I used it, I had to buy the shipping, then submit receipts. Had the refund in a few days.
  10. It is imperative to keep you hands dry while racing cats to ensure that you don't lose your grip while whipping them.
  11. Wish I'd have gotten fit prior to ordering my Max LS with this shaft. I demoed it prior to the clubs arrival and really like the feel of my Rogue White better. Anyhow...trade interests would be a 4 or 5 wood (shafted or head). Mitsubishi MMT 70-S with Callaway adapter. This was built to play +1" and measures 45-3/8" from tip to butt of grip. $100 shipped OBO
  12. I'm still using them some of the time. Seems like they take one or two days longer than they used to for most shipments, which is still pretty good. Tracking still can be pretty spotty on how often it gets updated. For larger/heavier packages, it seems like fedex and UPS are starting to become a significantly cheaper option.
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