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  1. The bronze Anser style is amazing. They all are, but wow, Ping has become very expensive between this and the i59s. A high end Ping set easily could be $5k. That may be too cost prohibitive to justify for many Ping players. Thank goodness for the Classified forum.
  2. Thanks for sharing. I wasn't familiar with this (obviously) and it looks awesome. Thanks again.
  3. I'm going to verify that I'm dense individual , but can you confirm what you mean by this? I'm not sure I follow what the training aid is or what you're doing? Clearly, I'm missing out because I @hoselpaloozabenefits from it as well. Are you taking an ailment stick and putting to it it the thin part being the hole?
  4. Thanks, Steve. I've really appreciated all of your contributions as I've read these MDLT threads and have made the transition.
  5. Good point, and it certainly seems to make sense if you've always swung this way that changes likely aren't necessary, but maybe I should clarify.... Has anyone transitioned to MDLT swing concepts after swinging a more rotary swing (think slicefixer swing) and noticed it changed your interaction with the turf? I can imagine this could be the case and that your clubs, assuming your fit was based on an entirely different swing and set-up, may not fit your "new" MDLT swing? Maybe I'm overthinking it? I realize an easy test is to get fitted and see if there are different results, but I'm not at that point yet. Just thinking downstream.
  6. I’ve got an odd question: For those of you who have adopted MDLT teachings, did you find it altered the fit of your clubs (I.e. more upright, more flat, etc.)?
  7. Hi, I inadvertently left a neutral feedback for @grat702 when it was supposed to be positive feedback. Can someone help in removing it or showing me how I can do so? Thanks.
  8. Let me know what you have. Thanks.
  9. Preferably in 1/2 or longer than standard. Please let me know what you have. Thanks.
  10. Agreed. Is it possible to add pictures of these compared to the iBlade? I’d love to see a review (data and opinions on feel) of between the i59 and the iBlades. I appreciate any consideration in adding these.
  11. I've very much enjoyed this thread. For those who disagree, why not just move on? There's no point in downplaying MDLT and his teachings. Let this be an area where those who are utilizing his teachings can come and discuss.
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