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  1. Thanks, I’m a walker so size needs to be spot on I’ll keep looking
  2. During COVID19 played 9 holes with 6 clubs, Surprised the fun I had with the limited selection. 3 Wood 4 iron 6 Iron 8 Iron 52 Degree Wedge Putter
  3. Callaway - Driver & Gap Wedge Taylormade - 3 wood & Driving Iron Mizuno - Irons Yururi - Lob Wedge Titleist - Putter & Ball
  4. 10.5 US, Late to the party on these & missed out in the shops I know of ! Anyone help me out to find a pair ? Thanks in advance
  5. Royal Melbourne West Kingston Heath Metropolitan New South Wales Barnbougle Dunes
  6. Professional golfer not wearing a hat, I would relate this to a race car diver not wearing a seat belt of a helmet, Research “sun cancer” Statistics don’t lie !
  7. On my home course it’s my 9 iron, 5-7 holes per round into the green with it. Good day with the 9 iron usually means a good day overall.
  8. 2016 M2 HL, fitted with GD-MT6 Never had a fairway I could trust of the deck like this one
  9. Own 2 sets and fitted correctly there are zero issues compared to all others clubs out there, I am looking at finding a brand new set for future use as I can't seem to find a reason to change to anything else,
  10. Latest setup, still not sold after a season of playing it, LW - 62 is a luxury that I probably wouldn't miss if left it out. PW - 46 GW - 52 SW - 58 LW - 62
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