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  1. I'm in this category and I use my gap wedge quite a bit for around 100-105 but the club I'm not using is my 54* wedge. I use my 58 for full shots and around the green, bunkers, etc. the 54 I've probably used maybe once in the last 3 rounds.
  2. wow it's certainly not perfect but for me has worked really well and a whole bunch better than paying ebay's crazy fees, etc. Could it be better, sure but it's a free service. Also "paid posts" from newbies don't get stuck to the top automatically, it's a weekly charge to keep your post up there. I've done it several times and it's been worth it. (at least that's my understanding)
  3. I'd probably want to hit them and see how the gapping works before bending the t100s a degree stronger. I'd order them standard and then get them bent after the fact if needed. Good luck, great looking irons.
  4. I've sold several items recently and it seems ok to me. Getting feedback reinstated really made a positive difference.
  5. I had one and gamed it for a couple years back when they first came out. I purchased an aftermarket weight option that fit into the bottom of the track. Overall a great putter wish I'd have kept it.
  6. wow, I have the mostly white one and use a cart almost exclusively and haven't had any issues at all. I do use a strap cover but otherwise it's as good or better than other bags I've had. The white definitely takes a little more cleaning than a darker one but magic clean eraser works great.
  7. my iron fitting was really good. What you have to watch out for is the price of getting clubs from them. But if you go in for the fitting and get copies of all of your specs you'll be good. Buying clubs from them will be something you have to decide about.
  8. I haven’t had any issues nor have heard any from others. But I’d suggest check a few reviews on this updated one.
  9. 5. Driver 3 wood and 3 hybrids. But I don’t really mess with any of them. Set em once and leave them alone.
  10. Selling a couple month old Nikon Coolshot Pro II Stabilized rangefinder. Complete with original box, owners manual, case and in great condition. Note that this is the newest model that just was recently released. Asking $390 shipped in cont US by fedex and insured. SOLD
  11. haven't had any issues with the new prov1s or v1x
  12. I think the new Prov1 is great and honestly I don't see that much difference between it and the v1x for me. I can play either and be fine. Both are great balls
  13. how about Titleist T100 or T100s? might get a great deal on last year's model if they still have any. Also the apex 21s are great irons
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