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  1. larryd3

    Sub 70 Clubs

    I'll do that. Probably won't receive the wedge till middle or end of next week. I'm more of a sweeper and use my 58* for bunkers and chipping around the green and full shots so it gets used a bunch in different situations. Trying the LB is an experiment, I hit a friends Cleveland LB and really liked it so see if it makes the bag.
  2. larryd3

    Sub 70 Clubs

    a couple days ago I ordered a low bounce JB 58* black to give it a try. Really happy with the hybrids so looking to try out other clubs from Sub70.
  3. Thanks. From looking thru some of these posts the driver headweight is kind of key to making it work right?
  4. ok, you guys are going to cost me money. Where are you getting fit and buying them?
  5. use a frogger towel so wet on the inside and dry on the outside.
  6. Selling today a nice condition Precision Pro nx7 range finder with case and an extra battery. This is the slope version. I've been using it around a year and it works fine. Asking $95 shipped in cont US by fedex. Any questions or offers, please LMK. Thanks for looking
  7. As mentioned above, go get a putter fitting on a SAM lab or something similar. Really helped me tremendously. Money well spent.
  8. I don't have any issue holding greens with my T200s and our greens are typical fast here, especially this time of year.
  9. my club % value probably 5-6% would have been over 10 % with the prior car.
  10. Beautiful putter. I've had several Slighter putters over the years. Craftsmanship is outstanding on them and Tom was always great to deal with.
  11. I ordered set of apex 21 irons with some custom changes, like +1/2 and 1 degree flat and got them in 10 days. Sub&70 has also been really quick with builds and deliveries.
  12. I don't think they will sell heads only but they have a huge selection of shafts and custom options. Really a great company to work with.
  13. if you get fit for them or have the proper shafts, lie angles, etc then it's fairly easy. I made the change a couple years ago and my game has improved a bunch and it's more enjoyable.
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