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  1. larryd3

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    Autoflex SF 505 works well for me.
  2. yep, no problem and I've had medium grips on the clubs, superstroke 3.0 on the putter and no issues. Good amount of storage space also. I do use a cart strap cover to keep any rubbing off of the white material. I got the strap cover from Kell Pro (cheaper than the ones Vessel sells) If I needed a new bag, I'd more than likely go Vessel again.
  3. I also went down that rabbit hole with several lighter graphite shafts and ended up back at AMT Black shafts. I've also had great success with Nippon 105 shafts. For me the lighter weight and my swing just don't work well together.
  4. how about adding some lead tape to the club heads just to see if that helps? Not saying it's a long term solution but might give you some good info going forward.
  5. I've been using MG dyna elite gloves for years. No reason to go anywhere else for gloves. Great prices and quality.
  6. I've had mine for over a year and it's a great bag. I have the 14 way players stand bag. No complaints at all.
  7. CPO is awesome to deal with. They should take care of you. Really sucks it broke
  8. I've had mine for over a year and it's holding up great and no issues at all. I'd buy another one for sure, especially with the 20% off right now. I'm very pleased with the quality. Sorry you're not having as good of an experience. Hope they can get you taken care of.
  9. looks like time for a new driver. Sorry it happened.
  10. I don't find my T100S (2021) clicky or hard feeling/sounding at all. Kind of surprised by those comments but to each his own. I have not hit the zx7's so can't comment on a comparison.
  11. Seller should have responded to you immediately and as you noted, he may not have known about it either. But once you removed the grip and the tip, not sure it's reasonable to expect him to take it back at that point. Communication is so important in all transactions. Really bad he didn't respond to you.
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