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  1. CPO is awesome to deal with. They should take care of you. Really sucks it broke
  2. I've had mine for over a year and it's holding up great and no issues at all. I'd buy another one for sure, especially with the 20% off right now. I'm very pleased with the quality. Sorry you're not having as good of an experience. Hope they can get you taken care of.
  3. looks like time for a new driver. Sorry it happened.
  4. I don't find my T100S (2021) clicky or hard feeling/sounding at all. Kind of surprised by those comments but to each his own. I have not hit the zx7's so can't comment on a comparison.
  5. Seller should have responded to you immediately and as you noted, he may not have known about it either. But once you removed the grip and the tip, not sure it's reasonable to expect him to take it back at that point. Communication is so important in all transactions. Really bad he didn't respond to you.
  6. I'm different I guess than some of you guys. I can go to a fitter with outside ball flight, like Truespec, and hit drivers and find one that should work. But ultimately I really need to play it on the course to see if it really works for me. Hitting at a fitting or on a range, even if you're aiming at something is pretty easy and if you miss one, so what, just hit 5 more. It doesn't work that way on the course so consistency and comfort feeling with a driver when it counts is paramount. I can't get that expect playing it for a couple rounds. Fitting is a great starting point for sure, just isn't the end of the journey.
  7. I ordered my T100S irons with AMT Black shafts R300s and really like them. Nice thing was that the shafts weren't backordered so I got the irons a couple weeks after I ordered them in October. I played modus 105 R before and like those also but decided to go with the no up-charge option.
  8. just my opinion but if you hit hybrids better than long irons, skip the 4 and 5 iron and go with a hybrid or 2. Having a 5 or 10 yard gap in the longer range shots isn't a deal killer for me at all. I'd rather have more confidence when hitting a longer shot over water which for me is a hybrid or fairway wood as opposed to a 5 iron. and as mentioned above, call up PXG and talk to them about the shaft length question. Good luck and have fun with the new irons.
  9. I recently got my new T100S irons coming from Apex 21s. The T100S feel much better to me than the apex 21s and the turf interaction is superior for my swing. Time will tell but so far no regrets on the change.
  10. Went from Apex 21s with modus 105s. switched to T100S with AMT blacks so far really liking them quite a bit better. One thing I've noticed is better turf interaction for my swing.
  11. I really like the Sub70 JB low bounce although mine is 58* but they offer a 60* 6 bounce. Great quality and price and doesn't take forever to get the club.
  12. grab some Snell MTBs directly from Snell and try them out. Also I'd suggest sticking with one ball brand/model so you get used to how it reacts, etc.
  13. If I'm hitting the ball well that day, probably driver. If a little shaky, 7 wood.
  14. In the past I'd have said R7 quad TP, I used it for a bunch of years and it was awesome. Coming more current M4 D type is a great driver and also the SIM2. I could play either the M4 or SIM2 and be really happy. As a note, I still have the R7 and took it out a couple months ago. Unfortunately age has had its impact on my swing speed and it's not anywhere the driver that I remember.
  15. Suggest to Order from Discount Dans.
  16. Actually they arrived today. FedEx was quick!
  17. ordered a set of T100S irons from Discount Dans on Oct 6 and DD & fedex is showing delivery on October 28th.
  18. I ordered my T100S thru Discount Dans on Oct 6 and I'll receive them this Thursday, Oct 28th per info from DD's and FedEx tracking.
  19. I replace 4 and 5 irons with hybrids couple years ago. Recently I've been using a 7 and 9 wood in place of the hybrids. So far it's even better. But the hybrids are better for me than a 4 and 5 iron.
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