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  1. I've had really success with the Sqairz shoes. The extra space in the toe area really helps with comfort.
  2. @clinkinfo In my opinion you need to get them on the course with that shaft and see how it works in actual play. Launch monitor vs on course is very different. That is where a meaningful comparison needs to happen. I'd be really interested to see somebody do that. What LL flex shaft did you end up using?
  3. Probably depends on how in love I am with what I'd just purchased and how hard it is to find a replacement. I'd personally probably sell it back to them just cause I understand seller's remorse. I'd just ask for some extra $$ for doing it and of course have them cover shipping, paypal fees, etc.
  4. The local Edwin Watts here has swapped shafts for me with no questions at all. They've even taken a friend's replacement driver from Callaway that came in right handed instead of left handed and let it be swapped for any other driver in the store. They are very accommodating and they do what it takes to keep a customer happy.
  5. From my perspective the SAM fitting was awesome when I did one at Club Champion. I have not had a Quintic fitting so I can't compare them. note to Club Champion just sent you a PM with a question
  6. Thanks for that, I appreciate it. I didn't take it as an attack but needed to get both sides of the story out so we would both get feedback on what happened. BTW, I just checked my paypal account and the funds are still showing as pending. If they happen to clear into my account, I will refund immediately. I will continue to check on it.
  7. larryd3

    Sub 70 Clubs

    I ordered my wife a 3 wood around May 15 (think that's correct) and she received it Saturday 6/12. BTW, really nice 15*. I hit it a couple times on Sunday and it's a winner just like the hybrids. Think it will work out well for her.
  8. Highly recommend MG dynagrip elite gloves. I don't see any reason to pay more. Great quality and excellent pricing
  9. OK, I'm the seller. He sent me funds that are showing as pending in my PayPal account. He also stated in a PM that "you have to ship it out first to the address I have on PayPal, then attach the tracking number and then you will get it in a couple days" Then he says, "in order for a paypal business transaction to process you will need to provide shipping proof" I have been working with PayPal and they said he sent me funds by echeck and if won't clear till 6/21. I tried to get PayPal to refund or cancel the transaction and they won't do it until the funds release which is 6/21 per them.
  10. Thanks for the great comments on the putter. It is a really nice one. Just sold it!
  11. For sale is a 35" Scotty Classic 1 putter fresh from the Scotty Custom Shop. Includes a COA and the custom shop head cover in the pics. Putter hasn't hit a ball since restoration. Asking $785 shipped fedex in cont US. Will be shipped in the Yellow Scotty box. As a note this is a pre-Titleist putter that is the model that won Scotty's first major (this is noted on the COA) Please PM with questions. pin 6/11
  12. I played the T200s previously and they are really good irons, no complaints. I'm using Apex 21s now and I don't think there's much difference in playability, etc. So I wouldn't think you will notice enough in the T200s vs your current irons to warrant a change unless the shaft difference or something in the sole design makes one better over the other. I'd sure suggest to go hit the T200s off grass, etc before pulling the trigger on them.
  13. any idea on the headweight and what's the headcover look like? Really nice looking putter
  14. I had a few of those and couldn't get the collars to look decent, even taking them out of the dryer damp and straightening them by hand. I'm sure not going to iron them or send to the cleaners. Any trick that you've found? or did I just have a couple of not good ones???
  15. I use the Scotty tool for ball marks. Been using it for years.
  16. I've been using mine for around 1 1/2 years now and it's great. I haven't had any trouble with the loops coming off, they seem fine. Just wet the inside of it and you're good to go. If this one wears out, I'll get another one. No reason to use anything else.
  17. I'd suggest talking to the guys at Sqairz. I have trouble finding shoes that are comfortable and the Sqairz have worked out really well for me. I've moved to them exclusively and no issues with sore feet any longer. Any questions, pm me and I'll discuss with you.
  18. Sub70 wedges come in left handed and they are around $109 per club. Excellent value and lots of shaft choices (some are upcharge) but custom built for you. They will also adjust lofts and lie angles. Excellent customer service
  19. If I had numbers like those, don't think I'd be changing anything.
  20. I've been using hybrids for a couple years now replacing 3 and 4 iron. Recently I replaced my 5 iron with a 6 hybrid and at this point not looking back. Sub 70 hybrids are great and priced really well. I'm hitting more greens and enjoying the game more now than before hitting longer irons.
  21. Mixed at this point. Apex 21 set PW and GW and then vokey sm8 54* and currently a 58* Sub70 JB low bounce. My other wedge is a 58* vokey sm8 higher bounce. Really liking the Sub70 JB wedge.
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