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  1. Generally agree but it depends on how much "tricking" of the swing weight one is doing by using a heavy grip. If I take a D3 fairway wood and put an 80g CP2 Jumbo grip on it, the SW drops to about C7. But it will feel heavier than if I achieved C7 by reducing head weight. And vice versa. I agree with what someone said earlier about not using grip weight to manipulate swing weight.
  2. Actually quite upright. STX 3w is 59.5, which, for a 43.25 in. club, would make it among the most upright on the market, with no adjustability. If it's draw weighted and this upright, a left miss is a legit concern, even if the face sits square. But I'm still interested in testing.
  3. I have the STG and STZ as well. STG has a more rounded head, launches lower and is more muted. I like the feel on the STZ but love the feel of the STG. I still haven't been able to do a head to head with data. My impression is the STG is lower spinning and longer overall, but I can't say for sure yet. BTW, STG and STZ are only 1g apart in head weight.
  4. I like the look, especially the more matte-like crown. The key for me is how they set up at address. I actually like a more upright club and I love a glued hosel, but not if the face sits shut (I'm looking at you SIM2 Max).
  5. Ordered Mizuno Pro 225s in 5i-Gw. (Will they arrive sooner if I stare at my calendar?)
  6. It is weird. My guess is that Mizuno built it with more loft to help the average golfer who struggles to elevate 3w. BUT they don't want to call it a 4w (indeed, it's 43.25 in. long with a big head) and adding the correct loft number on the head would just confuse people.
  7. I've been thinking the same thing. G. Sigg gives off major ****** vibes. K. Mitchell is OK. L. Donald =
  8. It is a letdown. But I'm OK rolling with my STZ fairways from last year for now. I might look at an ST-X 220 in the 7 wood as long as it's not built with a closed face. I can live with draw-biased weighting but I can't stand looking down at a shut club head.
  9. Looks like they are only rolling out the ST-X 220 in fairways and hybrids this cycle. No STZ update for now but I'm certain I saw a photo of both the Z and the X, with the Z retaining the adjustable hosel. Maybe they withdrew the Z for now?
  10. Yes, there is a STZ 220 and an STX 220. They both look very much like the Z from the last cycle. But the X will be draw biased with a glued hosel and will include a 7 wood. The pics have been up on the USGA conforming list website for a couple of months.
  11. Yep, my 24* 9-wood, when it's in the bag, goes roughly the distance of a 4 iron.
  12. Depending on your club head speed, I would expect it to go a lot higher than your hybrids. I have a 24 degree SIM 2 9w and it goes to the moon. It's actually a very fun club to hit, but because of the extreme peak height it's not very versatile and it can be hard to control distance (even though it's very forgiving horizontally). Bottom line, if you want a bit more height out of this slot in your bag, you'll probably enjoy it. If not, you might find more consistency with your hybrids.
  13. Excellent list. TS2 is probably the best option, but the 917 is still legit if you like a little more spin and aren’t trying to hit bombs. If you need less spin, the TM TI is a winner. But I think an even better option to hit all your criteria is the Mizuno STZ. And you can find used ones at a very reasonable price.
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