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  1. The opposite. Every manufacturer just added a fresh coat of paint and called it a day. 2022 will be the start of a more innovative cycle.
  2. The feel of the M-Craft putters is as good or better than any other putter (looking at you Scotty) I have ever tried. Good luck with that one.
  3. Really dislike TaylorMade's marketing, quality control and customer service. And they're always flooding the market. Love Mizuno but their website has always been a disaster and is only slightly better now. Callaway, Cobra and Ping are great with customer service. Generally unimpressed by everything from Cleveland.
  4. No 7 wood this year ... 9 wood! But I'll be playing cranked down to 22.0, so very similar to my old 7 wood. Top of bag setup (as of now) for 2021: Driver-3W-5W-9W, then to the 5iron.
  5. In your case, putter, because you said you hit the driver OK but have little confidence in the putter. But both are probably fixable without spending a lot. Your driver is old enough that you could find something on eBay in your correct spec that's 2-3 years old and it would still outperform what you've got. And with putters, tech is so much less important. There are a million used options online, so finding one that gives you more confidence than your current stick shouldn't be too hard.
  6. Hybrids are like cilantro -- love or hate, there is nothing else. The day before I tested the G425 fairway, I hit about 25 shots with a G425 hybrid (22.0). I might have hit 2 or 3 decent shots. Maddening. And yet for many golfers, maybe most, hybrids are point-and-shoot magic. I just can't hit them consistently.
  7. I started this thread and then after seeing everyone's comments decided to test out a 9 wood (Ping G425). I put my Ventus Blue 7x three-wood shaft in the 9 wood head and choked down the appropriate amount (1.5 inches), so it played stock length. This shaft is not tip trimmed, so it played softer, functioning more like a stiff or soft-stepped stiff. Anyway, the results ... Good god. One of the most memorable experiences I've had hitting a golf club. I honestly don't love the sound of the G425 fairways, and I really didn't like looking down at all that loft on the head (even cranking
  8. Probably echoing what others have said, but I think the HMB is one of the best driving irons for feel, looks and ease of use. I did not find it to be particularly long for its loft. A previous poster mentioned that they were worried the 16 degree 2 iron would bump up with their 3 wood. I never had this problem. My 3 wood was substantially longer than the HMB 2 iron, which is a good thing for most people. If you are trying to squeeze every yard possible out of this club, there might be better options. But if you want something that feels and looks nice and goes an appro
  9. Literally ALL shaft graphics/logos. Who wants to look down at all that cheesy clutter and advertising when they're addressing the ball? Every golf shaft should have minimal, well-concealed graphics -- put more of them on the grip end of the club and use 360 (wrap-around) designs. One hundred percent of woods and hybrids (and many utilities) today are adjustable, so why do shaft manufacturers not respond accordingly? It's been 20 years of adjustable clubs and not one of the shaft companies have changed. All grips should be made with 360 designs a
  10. If you already have a long iron that delivers low screamers, why not go for something like a 7w, filling the yardage gap with something that can hold a green?
  11. I was about to post your #2 exactly. With regard to #1, I have always been told it's to make lie adjustments easier. The hosel of Ping's cast irons is otherwise too rigid to bend easily.
  12. Driver, no. Other than the look and feel, which are amazing, the driver underperforms relative to every driver on the market today. Fairway, yes! This is still my all-time favorite fairway wood. Shape and feel are amazing. They are not super long. They spin more than most. But really nice and I would absolutely still put one in the bag (esp. the 7 wood!)
  13. Ah, OK, you're talking way back in time. No, I'm playing what today's OEM's would call traditional, but not like 1980s traditional. I don't even know where you get a setup like that these days unless you just play vintage clubs.
  14. MP-20 Blades [7=34 / P=46] Love the traditional lofts. Wavering between the blade 4 iron, which I hit pretty well, and the HMB, which isn't as satisfying but gives me a better yardage gap. BTW, Tiger's PW is 51 degrees.
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