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  1. Have not done a head to head, but I have to say that I've suddenly and unexpectedly become a fan of PING drivers (and now have an LST and a PLUS) despite generally being a traditionalist and playing Titleist forever. Although I'm not a fan of turbulators, I am loving the matte finish of the PINGs. I don't like the super glossy look, and the TSi models are as shiny as any I've ever seen. They are so reflective that it's almost visually distracting. Much prefer the PING and I'm glad they are sticking with dark matte in the 425 line (and they are ditching turbulators in the fairway wo
  2. Great bag. Is it a cart bag or a stand bag?
  3. Of the clubs currently on the market, I don't think anything is skinner than the Ping Blueprints.
  4. Get a 7 wood. You won't regret it. I solved my 4-iron dilemma by just getting rid of it. I play 5-iron as my longest iron and then go straight to 7 wood, which I can always dial down for in-between distances. If you have some good speed and are a good iron player, maybe consider the 4-iron. But if you're like most people, you'll find it to be an inconsistent club with a small yardage gap relative to the 5-iron. And if that's the case, it's not worth a spot in the bag.
  5. That has been my standard setup for years -- an idea I borrowed from Miguel Angel Jimenez. I have always been a good fairway wood player, and I really have no use for a 4-iron, so it has worked well. BTW, I have generally gone strong-3 wood (13.5), 4-wood (16.5) and 7 wood (21.0). This year I am experimenting with a two-driver setup and have settled in with just 3-wood (15.0) and 7-wood (21.0). My current 7 wood (TS2) goes a lot farther than my old one (917 F2) so there is only a 20 yard gap between 3 and 7. The larger gap is now between 5-iron and 7-wood, but it's very easy to di
  6. I was infatuated with the MP-67s when they first came out. I ultimately talked myself into the MP-62s, which were a slight cavity back. They were nice, but I always wondered what could have been. Then I went through about a dozen sets of G.I. irons before finally buying a set of MP-20s this spring. I love them. Never leaving Mizuno blades again. Only knock on the MP-67s is that the paint-fill seems to pop out quickly and they seem to ding up more quickly than most -- but honestly those things give them a certain character. If I didn't have the MP-20s in the quiver, I'd de
  7. I'm at 45 but I had a mini-driver as a second driver for a bit (43.75 inches). I got rid of that but am working on a 2-driver setup with my standard bomber at 45 inches but then a shorter driver at 43.50-44.00 inches using a G410 LST (adding extra weight) at 10.5 loft. This will be my high MOI, higher-lofted, higher-spinning fairway finder. This is still a work in progress; just one of my off-season projects.
  8. I have the HMB in a Modus 120. Definitely not high spin for me, and I'm generally a pretty high spin player. I have actually found -- and there are many others who would validate this (including TXG guys) -- that dynamic gold shafts, while perhaps low-launching, are NOT low spinning, at least compared with similar shafts from other OEMs that are designated as their low launch/spin models. I have always gotten more spin out of DG shafts than other models.
  9. Thanks all, and I did finally find some of the work Not allowed because of spam has done with MOI and CG testing of drivers, which is very helpful: https://Not allowed because of spam.com/2019-driver-center-of-gravity-and-moi-report/
  10. Every manufacturer now emphasizes MOI in all of their clubs, even putters, but it is a particularly important selling point with drivers. Ping, with its more recent driver releases, has attached a number to this -- it said it's PING 410 Plus driver had an MOI in the 9000s, and its initial claims on PING 425 Max is that its MOI is just under 10,000. A few thoughts/questions: 1) When Ping says MOI of 10,000, what are they referring to exactly? Ten thousand WHAT? 2) This suggests there is some sort of scale/system that can be used to measure all clubs. So why don't other OEMs at
  11. Yep, turbulators on all three drivers. No turbulators on any of the fairways or hybrids. I think this is part of Ping's slow phase-out of turbulators. I bet the 425 will be the last driver line to have them.
  12. I have the HMB 2-iron and have had two shafts in it. The first was a steel Nippon Modus 120 stiff (114g). Like you, I wanted a little bit more club head speed with it, so I put in a Hzrdus Black 6.5 hybrid shaft (85g). It's definitely lighter -- a bit too light TBH -- and extremely rigid and low-launching. I don't think I have the speed for that shaft. Right now I am not gaming the 2-iron. It's on the shelf. But if I do put it back in the bag, it will be with a different shaft. Probably something in the 95-100g range and with a little more flex. I like the Ventus Blue shaft and am
  13. Since opinion on turbulators is so divided, Ping should sell two versions: A tacky version with turbulators and a classy version without.
  14. I haven't seen any mention (or images) of it, but the TS1 was released long after the TS2 and TS3 drivers rolled out, so it could still be happening later in 2021.
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