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  1. Very happy with my TaylorMade lineup this year ... SIM2 DRIVER (@6.0) -- 300 MINI (@12.0) -- SIM2 5W (@18.0) Covers all my bases off the tee. Standard drive or when I need to hit it low or fade, driver. Slightly safer shot, or when I need to draw it or hit it mid/high, Mini Driver. Short par 4, five wood.
  2. Hey, @SwingMan, is this the embargo end date?
  3. Don't be fooled by his 8 handicap. @Morry is a PLAYER, and y'all better show some respect.
  4. I've seen all the pics from all the threads and all the angles, and I have to say that I think this is the best looking range of irons I have ever seen. We could quibble over the best looking Mizuno blade of all time, but the 221s look sharp as ever, and these three sets are, as a group, just showstoppers. (Although I say this as someone who loves the Mizuno Pro script and branding).
  5. I have played the O.O. and now have the 300. If you are looking at this as a driver replacement, I would definitely recommend the 300. Larger head, more forgiving and great feel/sound.
  6. I'm glad it's working for you, but I'm curious why you would make a 45.75" driver out of a 300 Mini. Doesn't that defeat the purpose? Or do you just like the look of a smaller driver head?
  7. Really dislike the aesthetics on these. And they don't match the design of the Mizuno Pro series that's coming. I don't get it. These look busy and cheap.
  8. Unless your name is Mickelson, or you spend every day hitting wedge shots like Pelz, a 64-degree wedge is going to produce more bad shots than good ones.
  9. It amazes me that OEMs are able to get such uniform compliance with these embargoes and that people within the organizations so rarely leak anything.
  10. I agree this series looks like a bit of a re-hash. The real change is from MMC to 223. I wouldn't replace my MP20 blades with the 221s. The 225s are intriguing only because it looks like they're thinner from the top with less offset, but still largely the same as the HMB. But the 223 line -- progressive cavity, addition of the gap wedge, has my attention. I don't know if I would switch if I already owned MMCs, but since I am thinking about going from blades to cavity backs, the 223s will be getting a serious workout. I tested the T100 and T100s. I could play them. They're nice looking in the bag and at address. But feel was iffy and they weren't any more forgiving (for me) than my MP20s.
  11. I love carrying a 7 wood but on my main course I rarely need it. So thinking about going back to 5w and taking 4w and 7w out. But my search for the ideal 5w over the past two years has been frustrating. I have owned all of the following recently ... Titleist 917 F2 = Great look and feel but too high launching and spinny Titleist TS3 = Head too small Mizuno STZ = Like the larger footprint but inconsistent feel and strike Ping G425 = Nice performance but not a fan of the shallow face off the tee, and sound is awful. Next up ... TM SIM2.
  12. I am about 99 percent certain I'll be buying a set of 223s on my birthday, which is 2/23. Love the addition of a gap wedge. I might keep my MP20s because I love them so much, but it's probably time for me to embrace the cavity.
  13. There's two key factors to consider. With perfect swings, perfect strike, a longer shaft will obviously produce more distance if swung at the same rate. But we all have a point of diminishing returns where adding shaft length no longer increases swing speed. For me, that's around 45 inches. Any longer than that and I actually LOSE swing speed (on average). Then you have the other diminishing returns calculation -- identifying the point at which the distance gained from a longer shaft is outweighed by the inconsistency of strike. When considering this, and the previous factor, my ideal driver length is about 44.50.
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