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  1. The 1980s Original One. Followed closely by the 300 Mini Driver. And then the modern Original One mini. Honestly these are probably the ONLY TaylorMade drivers I have ever really liked. And I have played a lot of them.
  2. Most of us would prefer a draw if we could control it. Since you asked the question, I assume that's not you. So go with fade.
  3. Is Patrick Reed the kid from Bad Santa? Because that would make sense to me.
  4. Got my G today and tested it on the range. I don't think you'll regret it.
  5. uglande


    A lot more testing to come, but first session with STZ and STG complete. It was a very nice maiden voyage for the STG. I was getting right around 160 MPH ball speed (max 163), which was pretty hot off the face for just 108-109 MPH club head speed. Carry between 270-280 with total distance creeping toward 300, but probably slightly less than that on most shots. I don't have a spin reading on my Swing Caddie, but it looked like medium/medium-low spin. I was definitely getting some rollout despite hitting it at 100-120 peak height and a launch of about 11-12.5. I had my best results with the STG cranked one degree open (8 degrees) with one weight in the back slot and one weight in the draw slot. With the STZ, it felt a bit spinnier, in part because I needed to crank the STZ down more (to lowest/most open setting) to get the right launch, but that meant I was coming in with a pretty open face and so while some shots were beautiful power fades, some were trailing off aggressively to the right and/or got fluttery in the wind. The STG allowed me to keep the face a bit more square with a bit more loft and then fine tune with the weights. Overall, both are great. LOOKS: Both look fantastic. STZ has a slightly flatter, deeper shape while the STG is a bit rounder. FEEL/SOUND: Both excellent. STZ is more muted. So much better than the SIM and SIM2 drivers I had in the bag for a bit. STG is louder with a strong metallic pop. It's not as pleasant on off-center strikes as the Z. The Z conceals more. But when you hit the G well, it's a very satisfying and powerful sound. DISTANCE: For me, it was the STG. Not by much, but because I was able to dial things in, and because it's a slightly lower spin driver, I was getting slightly better pop with the G. For someone who does better with a bit more loft, it's entirely possible the Z would go farther. FORGIVENESS: STZ does a little better on off-center strikes, but honestly I'm not sure if that's just the sound or if the actual results are better. For me, the G is the clear winner, and is therefore worth the extra $100. But I have nothing bad to say about the Z. Both excellent drivers. BTW, I tested both the RDX Black 6.5 and the Ventus Blue 7x. The Ventus was the clear winner (for me) and so I did the majority of my testing with both heads using the Ventus.
  6. I think it stems from Chris Voshall's comment about how the 223 is more forgiving than the 921 forged despite having a smaller profile. I don't think he was trying to suggest that 223 and 921 forged are parallel models; he was just trying to illustrate the level of forgiveness that's backed into the 223.
  7. Several times. Ping Craz-E Putter Scotty Cameron Bullseye Flange Putter Titleist 917 F2 Woods Titleist TS2 7 Wood TaylorMade Original One Mini Driver And I recently bought a Mizuno STZ 3 wood for the second time ... I want to give it one more shot but with a different shaft. I'm always falling in and out of love with different putters and fairway woods. Driver is also always rotating, but there's always some new technology around, so when I switch I don't go back to older models.
  8. The 62s were the first Mizuno set I ever played and the ones that got me hooked. Not sure anything I have played since (MP-18 SC, MP-20 MB) is any better. Good purchase!
  9. FALL 2022 (subject to COVID complications). Really not a relevant (for playing purposes) until the spring/summer 2023, so not sure it makes sense to wait that long.
  10. I have the 5w and -- yes -- the 9w! The latter is phenomenal from the fairway and is a fantastic rescue club. The 5w is great from the deck or off the tee. Love the glued, non-adjustable hosels. Playing both in Ventus Blue 7x. I have the 3w but haven't played it because I need to get it re-shafted. Will be testing against the SIM TI rocket and the Mizuno Stz. But I love the SIM2 Max performance -- does everything you would want from a fairway wood, and I like having a slightly larger head for tee shots, especially with the 3w.
  11. I like the head shapes. Slightly thicker top line doesn't bother me. But those hosels look enormous -- beefy. Maybe it's the camera angle.
  12. A Mizuno driver. Love the STZ and just ordered the STG. Did not have as much luck with the STZ fairway woods that everyone seems to love. But the SIM line is great and these are the first TaylorMade fairway woods I've had in the bag since the V-Steel days.
  13. uglande


    I have the STZ and just ordered the STG, which I should have in hand within a week. I will be doing some direct comparisons, using two different shafts, both at 45 inches: Ventus Blue 7x (76g) and RDX Black 6.5 (59g). Will report.
  14. TM SIM Max and SIM2 Max. Big enough footprint for confident tee shots. But still excellent from the fairway/rough. I have the 5 and 9 woods but also carry the SIM TI Rocket 3 wood and it's a phenomenal tee club. (The SIM2 version is smaller and produces more spin. The original SIM TI is my new favorite club).
  15. I own both and have tested over and over. SIM beats SIM2 every time. My very best shots with both are about the same, but for some reason I am much more consistent with SIM.
  16. DRIVER: Hoping Ping will finally release a driver without turbulators and that doesn't sound like a trash-can lid. IRONS: Eagerly awaiting MIZUNO Pro 223. But if it disappoints, I'll probably go with T100s. WEDGES: VOKEY SM9 (love SM8 but of course I'll have to buy the latest and greatest). FAIRWAYS: Set with my SIMs; PUTTER: Set with my Ping Tyne 4; BALL: Pro V1 for life.
  17. Shiels is a sucker for OEM hype. Most of them are. Mark Crossfield is one of the few who's willing to call out the B.S. instead of just repeating it. Anyway, remember when golfers were all abuzz about the game-changer Callaway driver that as a top secret and would blow the lid off the industry? That turned out to be the Epic driver with "Jailbreak." Perfectly fine driver, but ultimately just a modest improvement.
  18. Yes, but no so much the gear, more the characteristics of the gear. I had always played Vokey wedges but never with more than about 8 degrees of bounce. I finally got accustomed to using the bounce with my chipping, and using a more traditional technique in the bunkers, and my short game this year is on fire. Vokey SM8 with 54 and 60 -- both in the D grind with 12 degrees of bounce. Game changer.
  19. I'm sure. The 223 is not their true MB blade -- that's the 221 -- so with this one they're trying to match/exceed the COR numbers of the MMC but in a more compact design. I'm guessing it's an identical footprint to the MB heel to toe, but beefier from front to back to increase the perimeter mass and manipulate launch characteristics. It looks great to me. I play the MP-20 blades but the 223s definitely have my attention.
  20. The photos in the bag are deceiving, I think. If you look at the photo above of the individual 8 iron you can see that the back of the sole is beveled off, so functionally they're not as thick as they look from a distance.
  21. Great pics today from the bag of Rory Sabbatini from the Shriner's. See the home page or the WITB. They do look fatter in the sole than I expected, but still relatively compact overall. Look great with some nice forgiveness features.
  22. Chris Voshall says it's smaller than MMC. His words exactly. But maybe we're talking about two different things here, because there is "small" as in overall head size, and "small" as in sole width. So could 223 be a more compact head shape than MMC but with a slightly wider sole?
  23. I'm one of the few people who did not like the STZ 3 wood and 5 wood. Big heads but not very forgiving, and neither had much pop. I liked the 425s OK but feel is not great and they are very much a fairway club. Not ideal off the tee with those shallow faces. I also did not like the TSi fairways because the heads are small and I'm not crazy about glossy. Where I landed, and I'm very happy so far, is SIM2 Max. Easy to launch but they don't balloon. Nice off the tee. Powerful crack at impact. And I LOVE the glued/fixed hosel. It makes the club feel very stable and it prevents me from endlessly tinkering with loft and lie after every range session.
  24. Another vote for the 7 wood. Such a useful club. I actually went down to a SIM2 9 wood and it's great. I now carry 3w (15) - 5w (18) - 9w (24) and then go to 5-iron. The 9w is not ballooning on me and functions as a utility/rescue club, with its small head. It's also perfect hitting into par 5s and long par 4s, and even some very long par 3s. I'm not as fast as you, but around 108-110 with stock driver swing. If you put the right shaft in 7w or 9w, they will give you a great launch/peak without going excessively high. I have Ventus Blue 7x in mine.
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