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  1. Somebody with some P790s or T100s/718AP2s and a little more game than me has to be looking at this. In the words of Field of Dreams "Ease his pain" and trade me Go Jays!
  2. I love them as well. Unfortunately need a tiny bit more forgiveness. Absolutely gorgeous irons. Be safe.
  3. Taylormade P760 irons 4-PW Dynamic Gold X7 shafts Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT grips Blue paintfill Standard specs Excellent condition $825 shipped Shipped from Canada Trade interest: P790s T100 / 718AP2s MP20 / 921 SELs
  4. Let me list my minty P760s with tour issue X7 shafts and I'll be knocking on the door.
  5. Looking for set of 4-PW Titleist T100/ 718 AP2s / TM P790s Stiff / Xstiff flex preferred Shipping to Ontario, Canada Cheers
  6. Looking for.... Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei White 65 stiff flex shaft with Titleist LH adapter Or... Other stiff / xstiff flex shaft with LH Titleist adapter Shipping to Ontario, Canada Cheers
  7. 4-PW or 4-GW Stiff flex to xstiff flex shaft Excellent condition Shipping to Ontario, Canada Only looking cause need something little more forgiving than my P760s Cheers.
  8. Love the Habs symbol under the iron heads pictured. If you post only pics with the Maple Leafs emblem under the clubs value will jump up even more! Beauty sticks. GLWS
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