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  1. Its interesting to see a lot of players still bagging equipment from a few years ago.
  2. A few buddies and I went to MB last year on a golf trip for spring break. We played the Arrowhead CC, Burning Ridge, and Indian Wells. I thought all of them were nice but the Arrowhead course really stood out in my opinion. Very well kept, and the front and back 9's were very different from each other. They were also reasonably priced. I would definitely recommend them.
  3. Who's made their 09 brackets yet?Anyone downloaded the bracket from the pga tour website and filled it out yet? Who are your final 4? Mine are as follows: Perry v. Harrington Woods v. Stricker >>>Woods ftw
  4. Because these might be the only set of irons sexy enough to replace my 506's.
  5. I generally address the ball a little closer and place it further up in my stance. Swing path is outside in.
  6. It was definitely a wonderful experience. I plan on making this a yearly trip. I have to say the only negative was the food. It was very touristy with a lot of chains. Im not crazy about driving 900 miles to eat at a Hard Rock Cafe. Maybe next time we can find some more places the locals eat at.
  7. It wasnt too bad, they had pretty easy pin positions on the day we were there. The course overall wasn't too hard, it was a fun course to play. And yes, that is his actual grip and address.. I have no idea how he hits the ball with the ridiculous strong grip and upright stance but he does and actually plays to a decent 12 hdcp. I try to tell him but he doesnt listen.
  8. All the courses were in great condition. If I had to pick a favorite, I would say Burning Ridge but they all played fantastic. We stayed at the Riptide Beach Club on Ocean Blvd in central Myrtle Beach.
  9. Link to pics from trip http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/index.php?sh...=150231&hl=
  10. No.. apparently they frown upon that. Just a little tip. ;)
  11. Lots of pictures...My buddies and I went down to MB last Saturday for the week and came back yesterday. We had intended on playing a little more golf than we did but after the first 4 rounds, heavy drinking, numerous strip clubs, and expensive dining, the funds ran a little shallow. Here are some pics from the trip; Here are a couple from our balcony; Ill post some more later today.
  12. Ill be there in t-minus 2 days! The courses were playing are as follows: Sunday - MB National West Monday - Burning Ridge Tuesday - Indian Wells Wednesday - Arrowhead CC Thursday - Myrtlewood Pinehills Friday - Arrowhead CC (Special rate if you play twice in a week) Ill post pics when I get back.
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