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  1. Yes. Also, Don’t close an ad till transaction is completed. If an ad is archived, then one must wait 30 days to relist or have the old one brought out by reporting post to mods, and then pay to have it pinned.
  2. Rename the edited picture and ensure orientation.
  3. It’s 1 day from closing an ad and starting a new one. 24 hrs in between. You cannot relist items within 30 days.
  4. A few things as always. 1) We are a Forum first with a classifieds section 2) All transactions are member to member and Membership moderated. 3) The system was designed to implement as much precautions as possible by membership feedback and been around for almost 20 years. 4). We are severely handicapped on what we can change and implement because of the size of the board and stability purposes. Which is exactly why we moved back to IPB because of membership feedback. 5). It takes a lot to get banned through successive warnings. Can’t win no matter what actions are taken. We continue to take feedback and looks at opportunities but
  5. With supply shortages and long lead times for equipment, it is imperative that people exercise common sense and discretion. Don’t prepay without some sort of protection. If scams or frauds are suspected. Please follow this guidance. The best thing is to report issues to the proper authorities. We will cooperate with law enforcement as we have always done in the past. We will act on verifiable reports as well. Since no violations have been substantiated, we will monitor. https://www.usa.gov/stop-scams-frauds REMEMBER
  6. We are not going to be doing much modifications to the board for stability and upgrade reasons. And it’s not a configuration setting. It would be a custom modification.
  7. Asked MS what changed. Here is response. Hotmail Sender Support Wed, Sep 15, 11:16 PM (6 hours ago) Hello, My name is Harish and I work with the Outlook.com Sender Support Team. As stated previously, I do not see anything offhand that would be preventing your mail from reaching our customers for the following IP's:(,,,
  8. Not sure how long it will last. It’s nothing on our side. Hello, My name is Varsha and I work with the Outlook.com Sender Support Team. I do not see anything offhand for IP's: [,,,] that would be preventing your mail from reaching our customers.
  9. Still talking to Microsoft;;; were unable to identify anything on our side that would prevent your mail from reaching Outlook.com customers.
  10. Can you link the specific post? It looks like the browser is trying to download web links or recognizing failed uploads.
  11. What device, OS and browser. Those are both uploaded videos and I can see and play them. No download option shows. Just play. And verified the files are there.
  12. Are trying to download or play? Have you tried different browsers? Seems to be a local security setting. The second link is definitely downloadable. If you can’t download it, then it’s probably a failed upload.
  13. You finally posted the ad an hour ago after multiple pm instructions on what to do and how to get help. You still did not provide info required but I just pinned the ad. Step by step instructions were presented to you multiple times via pm and really can’t be any clearer. Good luck with sale.
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