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  1. What is device and browser? It looks to be some setting specific to your browsers in processing flash. Might be your security software.
  2. Posted at top of BST forum. GENERAL RULES - Members must have 75 posts to create a new listing in BST forum. ClubWRX members are exempt from the requirements or $5 per ad can be paid to post an Ad within 3 days of purchase. Post runs (more than 10 posts per day) to reach 75 posts are monitored and will result in account suspension. Please PM Gxgolfer for payment questions. - Pinned listing fees are $10 per week. Please PM Gxgolfer After purchasing in store. Pinned listings may have up to 10 items and additional items may not be added to the listing.The maximum period
  3. Filtering is done via tags when creating post.
  4. Maybe there is confusion with the other GolfWRX as we never had any association with a company with that name nor remember any ads.
  5. It is a never ending cat and mouse game. We have been chasing spammers for weeks now.
  6. We are now the world's largest golf forum and have to pay the bills. 3rd party ads pay the bills. Nefarious actors try to take advantage of that as they know that as well. We aren't the only site effected as I have seen them on yahoo and other places I have frequented. We use one of the world's largest 3rd party fulfillment companies and thus have access to request support. Your cooperation is appreciated.
  7. These are from the 3rd party Ad companies and reporting via the Bad Ads links sends it to their security team for addressing. http://www.golfwrx.com/bad-ads/ We are also on a slack channel to post images
  8. It is extremely important to provide screenshot here and fill out the form.
  9. Please follow directions in previous post to report.
  10. https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/1582982-bad-ads-use-link-in-first-post-to-report/
  11. Device, browser, operating system any antivirus or malware software installed? This is going to be a device specific issue so clearing all cookies and browsers history related to GolfWRX, as well as trusting the site in your browser may help. Most issues are related to unsupported browsers or extensions.
  12. That is definitely something specific to your device and connection. If it still occurring on different connections then its the device.
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