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  1. It’s moderation, not censorship. If it doesn’t get approved then that is your answer.
  2. https://forums.golfwrx.com/forum/268-fantasy-golf-and-wagering/
  3. Retype info in first post. please Do not copy and paste
  4. Post issues without identifying info in the deal/no deal forum.
  5. Report the PMs to mods by clicking report in message.
  6. About Paid Ad (<75 Posts) $5.00 to post a listing for newbies. New members that don't have 75 posts yet can pay this $5 per Ad to list a sale in the Classifieds. Do not "post run" your count (10 posts per day) to reach the 75 post requirement. ClubWRX members are exempt from the 75 post threshold. See details below... - Members must have 75 posts to create a new listing in BST forum. ClubWRX members are exempt from the requirements or $5 per ad can be paid to post an Ad within 3 days of purchase. Post runs (more than 10 posts per day) to reach 75 posts are monitored
  7. It is a no win situation and thus asking why won’t ever get a satisfactory answer. If your post doesn’t make it, then move on.
  8. Comments are moderated to prevent escalation. If it was deleted, then it is purely based on that and not wanting to babysit threads. No political agendas. If you want to continue to push a viewpoint then there are other places for that. Do not pm me for reasoning as those are at final discretion of moderators.
  9. We are not looking at modifying the default board settings for notifications on any roadmap. It will be based on the program developers.
  10. Discussions going in circles. Time to move on.
  11. As I stated in pms to you, I do not moderate the board. The comment was deleted because it was not appropriate and therefore deleted. Whether trying to be flippant or funny, it would not be approved
  12. Your comment was deleted because it was in poor taste.
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