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  1. The ad ops company is working to deliver the correct size banner ad for mobile. It’s taking awhile but is being worked on. No firm date besides being worked on.
  2. Please provide screenshots, browser and operating system.
  3. Yes, we are happy to see him coming back and more bigger news coming.
  4. Try another device or browser. Also, link to post. There is no issue with your account.
  5. Please stay Safe and Healthy this Christmas and hope Santa brought the best golf gifts this year. Thank you to the Moderators and Members for making this like Santa’s Workshop 365 days a year. Seasons Greetings to All and to All a good night. Ownership, Moderators, and WRX Staff!
  6. Any new name request will have “_” added for spaces. This is to account for potential naming convention issues with software security scans.
  7. Also, please review the how to post which thoroughly explains how to post and how invoicing works.
  8. I do not moderate the board. But, as sent in your warning notes, swearing, even if filtered, is not allowed and criticizing administrations would be considered political. Also, per the notes, it was not your first warning.
  9. Name must be family appropriate. Please choose another name. And yes, any request will have spaces added.
  10. The general rule is if you need to check then don’t post it. You can contact moderators, which I am not one of, by sending a personal message to gwrxmod.
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