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  1. What would many do to play draws and fades. Did he use multiple techniques?
  2. Two other good sources for MDLT are the youtube 815 tee time Inc and Freebirdgolf.com. Both credit MDLT with their playing and coaching success. Both places have free content. Or like Steve said..... you can watch the man himself.
  3. It might be all mental.... owning both... Becu all day. The dark Becu frames the ball well and looks great in the bag. I also get asked about the Becu set every time I game them. Sound and feel is different but not drastic. I own an ISI beni wedge that is the softest of them all but still like the look of the copper more.
  4. New balance trail minimus. https://www.amazon.com/New-Balance-MT10V1-Minimus-Running/dp/B01FSDDM94/ref=sr_1_28?s=apparel&ie=UTF8&qid=1518965027&sr=1-28&nodeID=679255011&psd=1&keywords=new%2Bbalance%2Bmen&th=1 They have great traction. Very durable. They get wet but..... they dry out in an hour (no joke). Like walking barefoot.
  5. I refer to my Nickent 3dx ironwood 17 deg as my magic club. It is hard for me to hit a bad shot with it. I own about 8 different hybrids and I have this old gem in the bag. It sets up well and can be played from a number of different Lies.
  6. Steve, You have helped me tremendously in my MDLT swing journey. It is and will be the way I swing the golf club. Do not allow a few negative posts prevent you from helping others on this site. There are many ways to swing a golf club. They all can work. MDLT's method works great for me. Combining different methods..... that is the trap that many people fall into. I appreciate Steve's insight into what Mr de la Torre personally taught him.
  7. i am glad they came back. Everyone who loves golf should be able to play a ball this nice for the money. Are there better balls out there? Maybe for your swing. Are there better balls for the price......NO WAY. Buy them up!!!! Now costco if you can make the same ball in Yellow...... Forget about it!
  8. Every goodwill I have been to has had garage sale type prices on almost everything in the store. I have never felt anything was overpriced.
  9. Played my first round with the Ksig. Great ball regardless of price. Long of the driver, nice feel with the irons, check up with the wedge, and soft with the putter. Played very similar to any high money tour ball. My six double dozen will last me for a long time. I typically only play "found" premium tour balls. I like them, but not in my golfing budget. For me, $20 is typically my max. I will pay a little more if it is a great deal but.... The $15 Ksig all day long. It was a fun talking point for the round too. Is it better than any other premium ball? Depends on your swing n
  10. Just sent my 70 year old Mom to the Orland store to pick me up a few boxes. Thanks For the love of golf and a golf deal! She just called and got 5 for me and my dad picked up 5 too. Thanks Orland Park IL still has Ksigs in stock.
  11. Just sent my 70 year old Mom to the Orland store to pick me up a few boxes. Thanks For the love of golf and a golf deal!
  12. . Just scored a vintage hogan grey snakeskin golf bag. Almost minty. This one might go in a room to display clubs.
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