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  1. Fellow members, I need your help with a swingweight question. I recently bought a Cobra Amp 4 wood, which comes with a swingweight of D3 with the stock stiff shaft (55 grams) in it at 43.25 inches. I took the stock shaft out of it and put in a Tour AD DI 7s in it's place and cut it down one inch, playing now at 42.25". I know that cutting down an inch takes 6 points off the swingweight but the 7s is heavier than 55 grams so now I've confused myself. If you could help me out and let me know what swingweight I'm at now, I would greatly appreciate it. The 7s was 73.5 grams before cutting one
  2. Looking for any help I can get on this. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks for the responses. Would there be any significant difference between tipping it 1" rather than 1/2"??
  4. I need some help. I'm a 3.5 handicap and ss between 102-106 and currently play the 6x in a 10.5 driver. I tend to hit this combo low. I'm wondering and need some advice if I went with a 6s tipped either an 1/2" to and 1" would it bring my ball flight up? My transition is somewhat fast. Any suggestions would help just want to get my ball flight higher. Thanks.
  5. Anyone else have any thoughts on the new S3. Thanks.
  6. I'm in the market for a new driver. I currently play the ZL and I am looking at the new S3. I'm trying to get some insight on what the biggest difference is between the two. I get the new face technology and the larger hitting area, but I am more interested in the ball flight with the stock shafts. The ZL ball flight is very high, I use a 10.5 with the stock Aldila shaft in it. I am very strongly considering purchasing the S3, but I'm debating between the 9.5 and the 10.5. Any suggestions. Is the ball flight on the S3 lower to begin with so I would be good with the 10.5. Or should I th
  7. Anyone have any idea about the new shaft weight?
  8. I have been playing the G5 driver with a diamana x-stiff 83 BB shaft for about five months now and recently I have been losing drives off to the right with a slight/too much fade. I got the shaft because it got rid of my draw/hook when I was using a regular stiff ping shaft. Now I am looking at buying the new Rapture V2 driver with the stock Diamana x-stiff ping BB shaft which plays at 65 grams. My question is how much is the 16 gram weight difference gonna affect my shot shape. I am assuming it should straighten it out somewhat, since my swing speed is too slow to get the 83 gram shaft th
  9. I need some help with a quick question I have. Is there any difference between the Adidas Limited 360 LTD shoes and the Adidas 360 LTD Tour shoes? I am assuming they are the same, since they look exactly alike. I am just wondering if they are made differently, because it looks like the limited versions are a bit cheaper on ebay than the tour versions. Thanks for your time, I appreciate the responses.
  10. Quick question, how do you guys get the golf bag signature? Thanks. Sorry about the double post - computer acting up.
  11. Good Vibrations - Marky Mark
  12. If it doesn't work, I'll just sell it on Ebay and get something else, no big deal. I appreciate the feedback.
  13. Here's the reason why I went with the diamana blue board shaft in an 83 x-stiff, in the PL blue my misses were hooks to the left, and it always got me in trouble. I'm a 2.6 handicap and 28 years old. I figured I would go up in shaft weight and a stiffer shaft so I can just let it go when I use the driver, since I normally just use a 3 wood whenever I can. I could probably get my ss up to 110-115 if I wanted to push it with ease.
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