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  1. Putter still available. I have a buyer that wants the putter ungripped and without the headcover and weights so if there is someone interested in the headcover, 15gram weights, and both the original and SuperStoke grips for $50 I will split it up. Be aware I do not have a weight removal tool so the buyer of the putter would need to remove and forward the weights to the other buyer.
  2. Scotty Cameron Select Squareback 1.5. Currently extended to 34.5", previously 33.5". Has a new SuperStoke Traxion Pistol GT 1.0 grey grip installed, Near new original grip included. Can have extension removed and original grip reinstalled if wanted. Excellent condition. $280 now $OLDshipped CONUS. I would prefer to sell the putter "whole" but will split if there are buyers interested in the component items. I do have a buyer that wants the putter ungripped and without the headcover and weights so if there is someone interested in the headcover, 15gram weights, and both the or
  3. Scotty Cameron Concept X CX-02 putter. 35", standard loft and lie. Comes with headcover and bag. This putter is in new near condition, having been used about 5 rounds. Price includes shipping USPS Priority in CONUS. $OLD No specific trade interests but always willing to listen to trade offers. pin 6/16
  4. Prices include PayPal fees and shipping USPS Priority in the CONUS. No specific trade interests at the moment but willing to listen to trade offers. First to PayPal will get the item. Willing to discount for multi-item purchases. TaylorMade Spider X Copper putter. 34", true path alignment, KBS CT Tour shaft, standard loft and lie. SuperStroke Claw 1.0 grip in very good condition, original headcover in near new condition. Small scratch in copper paint near toe and tiny chip in paint on neck as visible in pics. If you prefer, I can pull the SS grip and install a Pure Big Dog black grip. $O
  5. All prices include shipping USPS Priority in the CONUS. First to PayPal gets the item. I will discount for multi-item purchases. I have had hundreds of transactions on GolfWRX without an issue so buy/trade with confidence. Trade interests include putters (looking for a Scotty Phantom 5.5 or CX-02 but will consider others, particularly mallets, mid mallets, or wide blades), a Callaway PM 64 wedge, possibly other iron sets. Srixon z765 irons. 4-PW Modus 120 stiff. I bought these used here on WRX at -1/2". The 5-PW have been extended back to standard length, the 4 iron remains at -1/2".
  6. I would suggest getting a large and heavy enoughstructure to stand on so that it doesnt shift under you as you swing. The rubber cow stall mats are very good. I opted to buy the larger size mat even though it is expensive. I got a Real Feel mat 6 or 7 years ago and it is still going strong (along with a Net Return net). Not the cheapest set up but very durable.
  7. Taylormade JDM forged R7 irons. Butter smooth but I thought irons with more tech would be better.
  8. Prices include shipping CONUS. First to PayPal gets the item. Trade offers will be considered including Vokey 58D or 58V, Spider X, Piretti Matera, maybe others. Jones Trouper bag in sand. Near new with little signs of use. No tears, zippers and legs work perfectly. Comes with second strap and rain hood, shipped in original box. $OLD shipped east of Mississippi, $OLD shipped west. TM Hi Toe 54-10 and 58-10. The 58 is the 4-way grind. KBS Hi Rev 2.0 120 in the 54 and 115 in the 58. Standard L/L/L. Typical used patina finish and ballmarks but no gouges or deep scratches, grooves exce
  9. Yeah, me too. GolfWRX hero, real world zero. edit- Not to imply you are a real world zero, speaking of myself only! I very much enjoy your input into the website, thanks for your contributions.
  10. Unfortunately, chipping yips are multifactorial. For some people it is technical and a change in technique will be curative, improving results to the point that the underlying anxiety is relieved and the new technique works for an extended period. For others it is mental and the technique is almost immaterial. In those golfers, a complete change in neural pathways is most effective, such as left hand low chipping or claw grip chipping. Many may have a mixed pattern. My advice would be to keep an open mind and experiment with multiple "cures" and use what works for you. And what works for
  11. GolfWRX should develop a handicap app. Formula something like: Driving distance X new/used club purchases per year X shaft flex divided by number of iron head covers X number of staff bags owned X training aids used per year
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