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  1. With the Speedzone, I found the heavier weights were not available 3rd party, seems like you had to order them from Cobra and they were $$. Kinda annoying. With TM weights, the range was much, much better Hope it's not the same with these new drivers. Can definitely see myself tweaking the weights around to get the right swing weights and spin in control... LTDxLS looks really good to my eyes.
  2. Speed pocket - CHECK SIM like sole - CHECK Sliding Weight - CHECK Twist Face - CHECK Same TM adapter - CHECK Very nice, TM
  3. Give Billy Bob a holler, they stock CMX All-Fit Universal, same as Top Golf (billy bob buys from TG)
  4. Hmmmh, that's funny. It's EXACTLY my experience with the 425lst as well. I felt I was losing distance and honestly the forgiveness was BS with swing, hit hooks. Went back to my Sim Max, found my distance & straightness again. Then I traded the 425lst for a Sim 2 and found even more distance than my Sim Max. Go figure... Mind you, if you asked me on Dec 2020 if I will get the 425lst, it would have been a HELLA-YEAH... While this Stealth is intriguing & tantalizing with the carbon face, I wonder if this is another cool hook, ala Jailbreak. Also, so much for "Shape In Motion" much like Callaway "Oh we hired Boeing to design our turbulators in the OG Epic driver..." blah, blah, blah... We all fawn over it and at the end of the day, it's "meh"....
  5. Very nice THANKS for sharing I see some folks here whine about no stats to prove these sticks work etc but this is pretty darn good. I'm just starting myself, having had the sticks for 2 years - never got around to it. But now, I am looking forward to using it & hopefully, see some improvements.
  6. Why? 2 capper, really good swing speed naturally, straight and you want to chase more speed - are you intending to go semi-pro? If you have time, go spend the time more WISELY figuring out if you have a swing/back issue instead of chasing 1-2 mph...Hel,l if you get more AoA, you can get your vaunted distance If not, enjoy and thank God for what he's given you have already...
  7. Very interesting. As a Speedzone Pars'N'Stripe owner, one of the issues I have is the lack of stability with the 16gm weight forward but I do really love the nutted drives in this mode. I hope the new drivers with the twin weights can add back some semblance of stability and provide the continued low spin bombs. It's got my interest
  8. Sigh. I bought the 21s because I heard (from another Srixon thread here) that they had improved the durability since the 19s but I guess not... I am exactly like you & have played the XV literally from 2009 when they came out - the perfect ball that was durable like nothing else on the market & flat out performed especially on the driver. I'll play all my 21s but I'll get my alternate balls on the bench, just in case. There are alot of great alternatives like Chromesoft LS, Snell MTB-X & Black, & I'll throw in the Ordinary Joe Chromesoft 21 balls in there as well - that was a surprise ball I found, performed well... Thanks for the reply & Happy Thanksgiving
  9. Just checking if you are seeing the seem issue in the 2021 XV balls? I am still going through my 2019 balls and while the seem issue is there, the balls have not split or effected flights. I have a lot of XV balls that i retire after 4 rounds so the durability is still good. And I have 2 boxes of 2021 XV balls that I have not got to yet...
  10. Seriously? Dude, not hard to guess what your toilet paper collection is like.....
  11. Good video but it's not surprising but Super Speed Golf is a seller of PRGR, infact, I bought mine from them. I think the AliTaylorGolf video is more convincing... What I liked about Ali's video is the improvement in the wedge readings. The older H120 apparently had many issues but this is fixed in the H130. While I only use my H130 outdoors, my own testing with the wedges seem to show pretty accurate total carry (a yard or 2 different) when I compare it with lasered target rich range. For the price, there's nothing mainstream better value for money, IMHO.
  12. So am I and many others here. However, my last pre-order is this year with the Epic Max LS...while the buzz was great, in hindsight, I am not seeing gains that was worth the extra $200 to play it early... I think I will get Stealth down the line but like I posted earlier, wait 6 months and BST will be selling these heads for $300 - $320, that $220-$250 saved can go to a much better & worthier cause..... beer Happy Thanksgiving everyone on WRX
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