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  1. So I got more details from Top Golf. The Callaway adapter and the All-Fit Master sleeve comes in at 12.1gm which is a tad lighter than the OEM which I measured at 12.68...here is the picture from Top Golf. Only thing missing is the rubber o-ring which I guess is outside where the ferrule is suppose to be...the O-ring, I learnt is only there to stop the nut from falling up the shaft. Also it looks like the fairway non-adjustable heads needs to be drilled out to fit the 10.6 inner diameter but I assume the non-adjustable drivers look OK...well, it was n
  2. This raises more questions than answers so I need to reach out to my TGsa again - does this imply that all non-adjustable drivers needs to be drilled out as it looks like there is a requirement of an inner diameter of 10.6 mm for the AFM to be used? Based on my measurement, the OEM Callaway with screw is approximately 12.68 gm. The All-Fit Universal is 11.18 (with screw and collar). So if the 6.5gm is the All-Fit Master set, how does the extra 3 gm come from? Perhaps it's how "set" is defined? Do you have a sample and can weigh the whole unit (all 3 components)? I am te
  3. UPDATE: I just received a response from the sales associate at Top Golf. This is NEW and it's gone to some club fitters for comments/feedback. I also got the manual about this fitting system that I will paste a pertinent part here, namely some key features that Top Golf wants to note: a: The shaft FINAL insert the EXACTLY depth as standard built club. b: Made of Titanium, Best Titanium material for a long term usage. No Swing Weight Concern. Iron: Hosel-2.1g, shaft w/Nut-4.3g. Woods: Hosel-2.0g, shaft w/Nut-4.1g Weight drilled from the club can cover the adapter wei
  4. No worries, I can email my sales associate to confirm if new or not
  5. No but from what I can see of it in the Top Golf catalog, it appears to be a 3 piece unit. One piece goes into the shaft, which is then screwed into a intermediary piece. That in turn is then screwed into what looks like a shortened OEM tip. All up, 3 pieces screwed in which, to me, seems to be heavier, definitely not as clean as the All-Fit and I think its probably less stable. I just think it's a prior generation from Top Golf before they release the All-Fit Universal system. As well, Top Golf does not appear to sell anymore of the end tip OEMs in the cata
  6. I had those in my KBS Tours and I pretty much had bad tennis elbow to a point where I had to use one of those pharmacy strap guards when I play. I even got to the point where I would not go to a range with bad mats. The prosoft helps a little bit but in the end, I still went with graphites (Recoil Prototypes back then) and now I am into the new gen graphite-irons like the KBS TGIs. IMO, the prosoft delays the inevitable where it was "Hello Doc" or "Hello new graphites". I have no need for the prosofts eventhough I have like 14 of them sitting in my supply cabinet. Now w
  7. I use one of these. Hang it off one of the knobs in my CaddyTek push cart. And its great to take on hikes as well. Very comfortable and way less money than an attached seat that CaddyTek was offering. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0019N36B2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  8. Take a look at the KBS TGI line, Kim designed these shafts with tke KBS Tour profile in mind. I had these in the 95/100 weight for 3 weeks now in my MIzuno 921 Hot Metal Pros - outstanding feel and accuracy. I thought the Recoil Prototypes were great but these smoke 'em. Price & availability is also better than say the MMTs (good luck at acquiring these shafts for your build). I am eyeing a second set of TGI shafts for my P790s, just love these shafts. Check them out...
  9. This is great. The original intention of this All-Fit thread was driver focus but it's just great to see All-Fit being used in Fairways and Hybrids, be very interested to see how it does in those clubs
  10. I thought everyone was locked down downunder aka back to the convict days - back to gaol, son
  11. I could not figure what the "High" in the rear was - but this little YouTube solved it...it's a weight slot - WOW. May have to take a serious look at this for sure
  12. It comes with a screw, which is a "stock" Taylormade screw. Now some heads like Ping, PXG or Cobra will require a longer screw but when you order that particular collar it should come with the screw. I say should as I was one of the early adopters so I had to order the longer screws separately but not sure now though. I assume your order will be small so it may be best to check with Billy Bob's when you order before purchasing
  13. Is the shaft .370? That may be why it's tight if the ferrule is .335 for the drivers...just asking/thinking Try dumping the ferrule in a pot of water that has just been boiled. It's rubber so it's fine but it will soften the ferrule somewhat. That's the trick club builders use if the ferrule is a little too tight.
  14. Yeah it quick & you get what you pay for. As well, the packaging of the parts into it's own packet is really nice as well and well labeled. I don't have to repack anything from Top Golf in my supply box. Enjoy the All-Fit and let us know how you go with the hybrids.
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