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  1. Hey, take a look at the picture of the OEM, Uni-Fit and All-Fit adapters for Cobra, Ping and Callaway that I posted. I lined them all up so you can see the depth and also where the end of the ferrule are as a comparison. Keep in mind these adapters are "universal" so it's impossible to get the same depth and finished length as an OEM. Also, certain OEM adapter offer -2, flat, upright as well and if you are one that needs that SPECIFIC setting, then these universals may not be for you. They are designed for fitting originally but we are kinda pushing it to put them into play.
  2. Last time I talked to Billy Bobs they were looking at another system other than the CMX system they were selling but they did not elaborate on that. So it's interesting that this IS the new system Billy Bobs is going to pick up.That's good news, they need a US supplier as $30 is steep if you only order a few pieces.
  3. Still ❤❤❤ my CSXLS & Epic Max LS combo Shot my best round last Saturday with that ball, 1 under on a course I have shot, at best, 75 but this ball made the difference. I think it takes the edge off the worst driver shots. As well, can hit it low and it won't spin up like my XV or MTB-X, does exactly like I want. Looking forward to more rounds. 2 rounds with the same ball and the it's in good shape. I didn't see any cuts off a hot shot aka thin ones eventhough I have hit a couple. Only blemish is a good smack against a pretty good tree trunk off my 3
  4. That Ah-HA moment on Friday worked well. So Saturday I tried it again on the range and it worked good. Decided to play with it as much as possible. Shot -1 for the round with 1 bird, one Eagle chip in and 2 bogeys. That was my best round on that course. I use to hate it because it was all mature tree lined. Now I don't fear it at all because I feel I can now control the ball. Playing the new Epic Max LS driver, sucker is long and straight, or straight and long. Driving was excellent except for 2 holes but that was pilot error, resulting in bogeys. Also, had
  5. I would avoid Club Conex for now. They have completely changed their sales model and right now, unapproachable unless you are willing to drop big dollars on a 2 year contract with them. If you want to read about it, its here: So many of us Club Conex users have since jumped over to the Club Conex's competitor, Top Golf All-Fit. For me, I will say I was pushed into this direction by Club Conex but in the end, I ended getting better service and communication from this Chinese firm than I did from an American company. If you want to know about All-Fit, the thread is here:
  6. Today, played another round in the Los Angeles City Muni, this time at Balboa GC in the Sepulveda basin. Have not played there in over a year and the course is somewhat penalizing if you stray because of the mature trees and smallish greens with some pretty devious bunkers if your ball is in the wrong spot on the fairway. ALL UP: ❤❤❤ my Max LS. Straight and long. Notable shots: 11th, almost drove the green today, just a little left in the rough, chip in Eagle. 16th, gotta hit a fade but ended up a high, straight shot over the dog leg trees with about 47 yard
  7. The Edel moveable weights is interesting. Cleveland has been removing weight from the heel to the toe to offset the CG but this seems to be a better way to do this. That I like. Plus it looks to be a nicer looking wedge, just the $$$ is holding me back.
  8. So I had a "A-HA" moment today. So I have gone through all of Todd's instructions and videos, including some feedback from his coaches when I had membership. Even in my videos, looking at them, I was trying to do the right takeaway but my practice was great my real shots were not. The real shot takeaway was too armsy. To me it didn't feel armsy but on the video I can see my hands move first. As well, Todd always encourages bracing against the right inner thigh, and in my mind, that meant locking my lower body. Because of the lock, my hands and arms took over. See where
  9. In that case, probably skip it. You can always get it later but understand the grip from the videos and apply it like Todd teaches and you should be pretty right.
  10. Welcome to WRX 1) I use the overlap but I have used the interlock also. Based on my experience, the overlap works best just because to me, it forms "The Rod". My right hand is hardly on and it's there basically for the top of the swing to support. The baseball grip also works. I would suggest working with the overlap but make sure you have the long thumb and set the grip "weak" BUT making sure it is weak from the TILT POV. There are a few great videos on the grip from Todd, some of them I have put on this thread so go back a bit and find them. 2) That's the way I ensur
  11. Curious, if anyone else here whos taken up the Graves one plane swing, have you also adopted their short game techniques as well? The techniques taught by Tim Graves? If you have, I would love to hear your experiences
  12. I too have the Epic Flash Sub Zero and switched to the Max LS - here's where it really improved for me - the Max LS is so damn straighter than my EFSZ and also way, way better sounding. Here the advantage of the EFSZ though - the front weight. I had to put 4 gm of lead under the new JailBreak of my Max LS. Just to bring the spin down somewhat. It would be so good just to be able to insert a weight instead like my EFSZ. I think if I can source some diamond head with the sliding weight and the front weight, I'm all in.
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