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  1. @Bunkersarebigcups well, pay for the video fitting, at least you will know what angle works for you. See if you can find one on ebay, watch out for the sales etc Now, it's not a sure fire way to cure your putting woes. Just like the Ping G400 Max is going to save your butt on a tight course. But it improves your chances, thats what putting is all about. Nothing is sure fire in. Also, from my experience, I have putted with mine for years now and it pains me to see all my beautiful MACHINE, Byrons, Odysseys, 8802s etc etc putters- just sitting in my staff bag in the offic
  2. I am rethinking now. I had the G410 LST with the Tour 65 (swapped it out with my own Tour Spec ATMOS) and it was sensational. I had the draw setting and small "-" setting. However, I returned it for a Pars And Stripes Speedzone, I just love that Velocore and the white head, what can I say?!? However, the SZ is still bombing it out there, its definitely no slouch and gives a really good run for the money vs 410 LST. The G425 LST has me thinking and so does the Max version. BUT the prices of the G410 LST is RIDICULOUS and got me wondering - what the heck am I
  3. No, I am still using the standard pure wrap grips and really, just the standard lie and loft. No tweaking of the clubs as yet. I know Todd recommends a club fitting but I feel I fit pretty good in these irons. I have a slightly weird grip set up also - my irons, woods and irons are all standard size. However, my 48* and 56* are mid size with the length "shortened/squished" as much as possible to promote less taper towards the end of the grip. I 'll also add this as part of my swing change. My old swing - at impact, I can feel the toe hitting or something funny going on with the cl
  4. UPDATE: I started my Grave's One Plane journey in June this year and I finally signed up with Todd Graves Gold membership. I need some help and its definitely set me straight since I started the first of this month. I sent in my V1 video for feedback and it came back the next day. It was mostly setup and backswing. Firstly, Todds right, a lot of the work I have been doing is really with hitting the spots and using the V1 as a feedback tool. And working the body positions, without the club. With the membership, I got access to their nice collection of very instructive & detailed
  5. Well, its 365 days of golf here in Los Angeles. I am ready to buy, for sure
  6. Yep, the sound is less "tingy" than the 410, more like the SIM sound. I like that, hope it holds true in real life
  7. Damn. New weights on the 425. Looks like I'll need to BST my 410 weights weights. Ugh
  8. I like the turbulators. At least Ping stuck with it unlike Callaway (with the Epic GBB) that advertised the hill out of it that it was Boeing designed and next thing it was out. WTH, all BS. So, 2 question with this 425 #1 Why? Does not seem to be any great improvement over the G410. Same titanium-all, no carbon, same top (I assume). Whats to be gained? #2 Did Ping do a Cobra here and not made the weights compatible between the G410 series and the G425?
  9. I went from the GBB Epic to the Epic Flash SZ. #1 I definitely regret moving on my GBB Epic, it was a better sounding club than the EFSZ I got the EFSZ on pre-order. Super excited about it just because it had the weight under the Jailbreak that will allow to tune the spin. Plus a sliding rear weight allowed me to adjust flight. It was perfect - except for the sound. I think Callaway messed this one up but when you hit it really good especially when matched to the Ventus Velocore, you can't b**** too much about the clouds on a sunny day. IMO, the Mavrik was a
  10. #1 really glad Callaway is continuing with it's adapter, unlike some other OEM recently. Ping. #2 really glad to see a low profile fairway wood. Might be time to replace my Diablo Tour head. One of the best looking & sounding fairway woods #3 Really like the way Callaway finished the B21. It looks sleek and nice without the goudy colors of late. I'll try this before the Mavrik Max, plus lower spin. IMO, more positive in this B21 than Mavri. Good job Callaway!
  11. 4 More yards tees - the green ones. Last forever
  12. Long time player on the MCC+4, now completely Pure Wrap. I don't use gloves and I don't have any issues with sweat or rain with these grips. My hands just luv 'em
  13. True Temper Catalyst 100cw 6.0 in all my wedges. Luv'em
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