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  1. Sigh. I bought the 21s because I heard (from another Srixon thread here) that they had improved the durability since the 19s but I guess not... I am exactly like you & have played the XV literally from 2009 when they came out - the perfect ball that was durable like nothing else on the market & flat out performed especially on the driver. I'll play all my 21s but I'll get my alternate balls on the bench, just in case. There are alot of great alternatives like Chromesoft LS, Snell MTB-X & Black, & I'll throw in the Ordinary Joe Chromesoft 21 balls in there as well - that was a surprise ball I found, performed well... Thanks for the reply & Happy Thanksgiving
  2. Just checking if you are seeing the seem issue in the 2021 XV balls? I am still going through my 2019 balls and while the seem issue is there, the balls have not split or effected flights. I have a lot of XV balls that i retire after 4 rounds so the durability is still good. And I have 2 boxes of 2021 XV balls that I have not got to yet...
  3. Seriously? Dude, not hard to guess what your toilet paper collection is like.....
  4. Good video but it's not surprising but Super Speed Golf is a seller of PRGR, infact, I bought mine from them. I think the AliTaylorGolf video is more convincing... What I liked about Ali's video is the improvement in the wedge readings. The older H120 apparently had many issues but this is fixed in the H130. While I only use my H130 outdoors, my own testing with the wedges seem to show pretty accurate total carry (a yard or 2 different) when I compare it with lasered target rich range. For the price, there's nothing mainstream better value for money, IMHO.
  5. So am I and many others here. However, my last pre-order is this year with the Epic Max LS...while the buzz was great, in hindsight, I am not seeing gains that was worth the extra $200 to play it early... I think I will get Stealth down the line but like I posted earlier, wait 6 months and BST will be selling these heads for $300 - $320, that $220-$250 saved can go to a much better & worthier cause..... beer Happy Thanksgiving everyone on WRX
  6. I think what's NOT considered here is the course fairway and area around the greens and the green itself - namely how SOFT or HARD it is. Last Saturday on my course, the carry was spot on WITH an anticipation of at least a bounce or 2. NOPE. It was a foggy morning so all the greens were soft so my carry was a minimum distance, zero roll, literally drop & stop. Now, I admit, I am not a low ball hitter but even my foursome who hits it low, got almost nothing. So, all the math and carry is fine. But you need to factor in the course softness(humid, wet rain) or hardness(baking summer) to have a better "gauge"
  7. I've had my 2.05 DF for 4 years now. It's 2.05 because it was a 2.0 but Bill tweaked it way back when to clean up some earlier issues. You know nothing can even knock it out BUT this one has my eye. As @jml4 said, it takes a while to "understand" the lie balance putter. As for pulling and pushing, one of the great things Bill taught me was the position of my eye and especially my neck. For clarity, the COVID putting rules has really screwed up my putting since I was putting nearly every hole with a wedge (yeah, it was fun) but when I had to bring back my DF, I was left and right...all because I FORGOT to fix my head and neck tilt above the putter head. Anywhere else, my eyes have to make compensation so it's missing it. Yes, yes, theres lots of people who says your eyes need to inside but I don't subscribe to that. That fixed my pulls and push since the putter is AUTO release and stable to the path. Also don't forget, the DF the middle of the shaft is under the belt, the Mezz may be the same for the setup. Anyway, hope to test drive this Mezz one day but it's gotta be one HELLUVA putter to knock out my Bill Presse special that's in my bag...
  8. I have not played with gloves for over a decade now and tried the popular MCC+4, Iomic, Golf Pride Velvet until I came across PURE Wrap. Back then PURE Wraps could be had for the price of a Golf Pride Velvet but it was more durable and better feel in my hands. Now the price of PURE has gone up to over $10 a grip - time for me to look at other similar grips like Star Wraps
  9. Got the Epic Max LS. While it's a nice improvement in terms of sound from the Epic Flash - my recommendation is to get the Epic Flash Sub Zero. Just because it gives you the ability to control the spin with the round front weight AS WELL as a sliding weight in the back to tweak your flight. My only complaint is the sound but I have been spoilt by the muffled, crushing sound of the Sim Max... Yeah, it's a good price too. Oh, distance wise, for me, very little difference between Epic Max LS and the Epic Flash Sub Zero.
  10. Thanks for the review of the All-Fit Universal adapters. There is already a big discussion that you can find here: As for Club Conex - this is a long and sad story. There is also a thread here about Club Conex and why many of us All-Fit users that were Club Conex,have now switched over. Enough energy is wasted on Club Conex and their Uni-Fit system. Feel free to read up on the thread, if you are curious... As for missing the Callaway adapter, Top Golf does make what they named as "All-Fit Master". This is a hybrid of a lower EOM tip and their All-Fit system on the upper half. It's basically a screw in system that has the OEM bottom bit. So you get the 2 rings of loft and lie adjustment that comes with Callaway. Weight is comparable. While I have not tested this system, the CON of it is that Top Golf does not have the Ping Master ready yet. They have the Callaway, Taylormade, Mizuno and Cobra. Also, I don't feel like pulling and re-epoxying my shafts either at this time. And no, the Universal is NOT compatible with the Master systems - both are very different... For now I am content with their All-Fit Universal system. Now, as a long time user, I have found some CONs with the All-Fit Universal. One - I have somehow, bent a Universal adapter. It would not fit in my Sim head. Don't know how and it's not visually perceptible either...it just would not fit. Also, it's not the head either, as I have many other adapters and it was fine. Go figure... I had one issue with the Ping G400/410/425 collar was all cockeyed. Top Golf was great with replacing this but I was lucky I had ordered a spare one just in case. No issue with the other collars at all. Other than this, it's a wonderful system. All the joys of using any of my 5 driver heads with my shafts and it's a lot of fun fiddling with the shafts/head combinations. Oh...one tip... use the Callaway torquewrench or an older Taylormade (before the M series) or Mizuno torquewrench as the bore hole of the All-Fit screw is teeny weenie tad small. Or get the All-Fit T25 torquewrench. ps Billy Bobs also sell their CMX Universal which is EXACTLY All-FIt Universal. But as they are a large purchaser, Top Golf can laser the CMX brand on them but they are both the same. I think as a rule of thumb, if you buy small, Billy Bob's the least expensive. If you buy medium lot, the https://www.allfitgolf.com is the way to go. If you are like me and some of my buddies, buying more, then purchasing directly from Top Golf is the way to go. Yeah, $25 or $35 is pricey for shipping but it's FedEx and 3-5 days from China to the West Coast...just buy enough to justify it....or go Billy.
  11. I think right now, the Sim Max. The sound is wonderful -- oh the muted thud. The weight system is simple. And it's proven it's length and forgiveness. It's a keeper.
  12. Lessons would be great but the cheapest answer is in your pocket - your cell phone. Go use it on a tripod (they are damn cheap on Amazon) along with the V1 app and see why you are hooking it or drawing the crap out of the driver. You could be slightly stuck behind, closed stance, too strong grip and so many combinations - all of which the cell slo-mo video will tell you. I've been there with my Single Plane Swing. Sometimes even when I set it all right and execute the swing, it may be the driver. For instance, I had a G425 LST and it was giving me grief with the left. No matter what I did. It was sitting square. In the end, I went back to the Sim Max and also got a Sim 2 - both of them have a slightly open face. My left was gone and it was straight. I think my swing never got along with any Ping heads since the the good one, for me, was the G LS head. yeah, for $200, look at a Sim Max head for sure. Or, find a 10.5 head and crank it down to 9, that will open the face. Being 100 to 105, the 10.5 might be pretty good for you.
  13. Don't be that guy/girl who surrounds a flag with 60+ balls and continues chipping like a mad person. Don't be that guy
  14. If that's your standard then I am a BASKET case with my Max LS, Sim Max, Sim 2 drivers and a simple Honma 13.5* 3 wood... Seriously, just keep your Sim Max, its a damn good driver & it sounds WAY better than the higher pitch Sim 2. I'm keeping mine for sure
  15. I don't get it.... When I had a rear ender by a drunken driver, I was forced away from golf for 6 months due to treatment and overcoming a severe back whiplash. I missed golf - but it made me RETHINK my golf swing Then COVID closedown (lets call it that), made me re-think my golf swing. So...OP, if you are going to shut it down, make sure you do something useful like rethink your golf swing. Just reading your post, it's all about results. I didn't see any mention of the process. Perhaps you should have a hard look at your process, your golf swing. Figure out whether you can cure it or need help of a professional and if the latter, how do you find the pro help. You are lucky, this is 2021, Internet, YouTube. V1 apps...no longer are you tied to a local pro and a VHS tape rewinds. If you up to it, you can now own your own swing and rebuild it with the technology available to you. Anyway, hope you find the time to have a really good think, at least you are going there on your own accord and not forced there by circumstances. Good luck
  16. …did you get a beer out of it at end?
  17. The Ping G400s have, IMO, issues with the rear weights falling off. I had the G400 Max, moved it on. Good luck with finding the weight when it flies off, given the age of these drivers now & usage. I think the best driver made by Ping that was rock solid are the G, G LS & the G25 glued driver.
  18. Good Lord, zero feedback & bitching about minority WRX BST postings…
  19. This is so sad news. Byron built my Channel Island, so unique & I will treasure it. I pray for his family & all those under his business Op, your complaints about interest don’t mean jack. God bless you
  20. KBS TGI 95 & 100 iron graphite shafts. Played many graphite shafts but these ones are so accurate, steel like flight & benefits of graphite. I was stunned by how good these shafts are & bang for the bucks affordable. Thank you Kim Braly
  21. I still got my EFSZ hooked to my Fujikura Limited Edition Masters ATMOS shaft. One thing I have learnt, keep good head/shaft combos. Too many regrets after selling them for pennies on the dollar. Then if you want to reacquire the combo, you can’t find it in the same, better condition The advantage with the EFSZ is the front weight & rear slider. My Max LS is good & better sounding but I have to use lead tape on front to bring down launch & spin. Kinda ugly.
  22. Man, just switch drivers…. I got 5 of ‘em & if that don’t work, change the shafts… You can’t be dedicated to one girl, switch up when the luvin’s gone… it’s not like u married
  23. My golfing buddy who is a high handicap, natural righty decided to go lefty out of sheer frustration with the golf swing. We had foursome & he was easily the worst, lost the most balls & money… as well, he was stubborn as hell. “I am playing so bad I am going to try lefty” He borrowed my lefty driver & 7 iron. Hit that even worst. I told him, lefty is not a good move. It’s the golf swing… you need to rethink At this time, I switched to the Todd Graves/Moe Norman Single plane swing. As we played often so he could see my own success. As I had done the swing change, I knew the pitfalls as well. I use to coach juniors with my traditional swing that helps. So him & I formulated a plan for his swing revamp to the single plane swing… Wasn’t easy. He had a ton of questions especially about feel. We worked with the impact bag, videos, 5 foot pvc pipe etc. I learnt his stubbornness is until he feels an “aha” moment & then he gets it… He’s hitting it so much better & he’s got no more thoughts of playing lefty. Even invested in a set of Mavrik irons & hybrids bent to his height & arms. That I never saw coming I may try the SPS lefty once I solidify my right. I think that would be fun…
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