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  1. 15 WAY CART BAG LIGHT GRAYNo reviews $349.99 MEN'S DUFFEL BAG KNAKI/BROWN/DRK BROWNNo reviews $139.99 TOTE BAG BLK/DRK GRAY/GRAYNo reviews $129.99 Thank you
  2. Good morning, I am looking for a set of heads, 4-W to put on some F3 Recoils. Would you have a price for just the MP064 heads? :golfer:
  3. Great Review! I have the Kai'li in my 10.5* 913D2 and it is a great combo for a 60 yr old me. I just bottom-picked a 12* 913D2 and a BB off ebay and hope to get to the range before winter to see what is the best combo. by the by, I picked up some SCRATCH irons with Aerotech Steelfibers and I am going to sell my Mizuno JPX 825's and 850's. I retire from the Army at the end of the month and I won a season pass at my local muni so"LIFE IS GOOD!"
  4. The Iron Factory that just moved from Grand Junction, Co to the Phoenix, AZ area does great refinishes in bright of Satin chrome after they strip and smooth out the heads. Anyone know if the PVD finish(like on my Scratch Golf irons) can be applied separately or does it have to go on with the chrome?
  5. Hopefully someone here at GolfWRX has had this experience too and knows how to overcome it. I was in the rough, hitting out of a horrible lie and the epoxy broke loose on impact and the cluubhead went off through the trees. I rented a metal detector and spent a day on my hands and knees and no luck. I just need a Mizuno JPX 825 nine iron head to glue back on. Mizuno says that dont sell components and ebay doesn't have much... Any suggestions?
  6. Is this model cast or forged? I can't tell if the faces are browning or just grassy
  7. Here's a set of TITLEIST woods that are in very good condition SOLD The Fairway Wood and the Hybrid
  8. Hi, I have a couple 910 D2's. A 12 that is worn but no dents or scratches and 1 9.5 that looks new. If you would take either or both of these I can pay the balance.
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