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  1. Yes it is a .370 tip this year. Not sure if there are any surprises as I haven't pulled one apart yet.
  2. I play in windy conditions pretty much all the time and haven’t had that issue. I’ve been pretty impressed by the way they perform in the wind. Exactly my experience also. We ALWAYS have wind. As Ol' Man Winter has seemed reluctant to leave, we've been playing in cold and in wind. These irons have NOT been short for me. The medium high trajectory had me really concerned at first. After a few rounds, any concern has been erased. What shafts are you playing in them?
  3. PING G400 17.5* 5 wood with upgraded Project X Evenflow Blue shaft direct from PING (not handcrafted version). Standard length, 5.5 flex, upgraded NDMC black/white grip, headcover and wrench included. Only had club for 4 rounds and wasn’t used much. Retail is $375 plus tax. No trades - cash only.
  4. I just played four rounds down in FL and found them to be very short into the wind up to 2-3 clubs and the wind was not that strong. I remember one round where I hit 5 iron 150 yards into a slight wind and a couple of holes later hit is 190 yards slightly downwind. As a result, club selection was very difficult. With no wind, they were very penetrating and did not move off line at all. I haven't decided what I am going to do with these yet. While still on vacation, I went to a PGA Tour SS to hit the MP 18 SC and that has me thinking...
  5. Would someone be able to check my #’s and let me know the top 3 shafts? 75 6242 75 6243 76 6243 Thanks!
  6. I have the G400 3 & 4 hybrids with Evenflow Blue 5.5. So far my experience has only been at an indoor range and I love the feel and sound. Ball flight is piercing and both are super forgiving and easy to hit. Both are anti-hook for me, nice controlled fades. The turbulators are not noticeable to me either. I will have a better sense next week when I am in FL. They are keepers though!
  7. PING lists the weights when cut to the final length of a 5 iron.
  8. Let me know, I’m open to offers! I only need the head, the shaft is useless to me. I'm sure you don't want to split it up.
  9. Everyone likes to rant and rave when something negative happens with an order or customer service so I want to share my positive experience! (If this is in the wrong forum, please move it.) Seannie Ceo is amazing! Let's just say I am a "picky" consumer to say the least and she handled my very detailed order with ease. I ordered 12 PING clubs and 11 came out perfect. The 12th club was slightly off in swing weight and by slight I mean 0.4 of a point but I wanted perfection (this is where my "pickiness" comes in). She set up a return and I got it back within a week and it was right where I wan
  10. I've been going down there for the past 10 years so I've played a few courses. Heron Bay is the first one I play to knock the winter rust off, it can usually be booked late in the day for under $30. I just booked Doral Blue Monster for $270 at 1pm. Is it worth it? I like to play one "bucket list" type course while I am there. Sunset is 7:30 that day so I think 6+ hours is enough time. I would rather play alone so would 3pm be okay? 4 1/2 hour round? I'm not familiar with the pace of play on that course. I also like Eagle Trace and Osprey Point. Anything else worth playing in the
  11. We had a summer place down there but sold it a couple of years ago. I still have family down there. I live in Dedham.
  12. OP: We seem to have very similar golf swings. Last year, I played the i200 UW, 54* ES and 58* ES. The ES grind is great around the green and out of the bunker which was a weakness (bunker) I had. From the fairway, I hit a lot of chunk/heavy shots with them which got me to think about changing them out this year. I just received my custom stealth wedges today. I got the 50*/SS, 54*/SS and 58*/TS. I won't actually get to play with these for 5 weeks when I visit Florida. I've been hitting some chips, pitches and flops in the basement today and will visit the indoor range next Monday. Th
  13. Let me start off with saying I am left-handed and it is impossible to find a store with a wall set never mind with the shaft I play and PING did not make a LH fitting cart head. I did hit an iBlade 4 iron a couple of weeks ago in the freezing cold with a DGS300 and I was able to elevate it. I just received my 5-PW set today and they are beautiful. The 5 iron doesn't look too intimidating. I don't expect to hit too many 4 irons during a round, it would serve as my 190-195 club. I don't know how I will fare with my first shot over water or a pin guarded by a bunker but that's the Indian
  14. How is the Evenflow in the PING? Did you order it like that straight from the factory?
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