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  1. It does not matter to me who is Captain in Italy. Maybe Na was correct at the time? But circumstances have changed. Whatever. They could just as easily make him Captain to keep him involved.
  2. I agree. But we’ll see. Doesn’t matter to me. Tiger and Phil will likely be Captains at some point, correct? (Unless they say they don’t want to do it.)
  3. https://www.skysports.com/golf/news/12176/11992484/tiger-woods-will-be-ryder-cup-captain-in-2022-hints-kevin-na
  4. Exactly. It’s fairly straightforward and common. We’ve done it at our course for our interclub home matches for 20+ years. (Tee selection and hole locations.) We had one (bad) Captain ask for difficult locations throughout and this led to fewer birdies made by our team than typical. (It often takes birdies to win holes.) He heard about it from the guys.
  5. LMAO. But they’re going to be Captains soon! Rut roh
  6. Should be largely a replay of this morning for US pairings. Probably 6 of the same. Add Tony and partner. All US teams were under par and played pretty well. Compared to past years when they shot even or over and lost.
  7. I don’t think you can send Bryson out in Foursomes tomorrow morning.
  8. Bryson went 0-2 in Foursomes last time in France. He partnered with Phil and Tiger and was beat bad both times 5 & 4. If plays good in the afternoon Fourball he may get a shot at Foursomes on day 2. They need to get him going in right direction this time.
  9. Yes on Berger. But he does have Presidents Cup experience with Brooks. I feel the same with Poulter. He is 4-4-1 in Foursomes and 5-2-0 in Fourball. But it could be they didn’t want to start Lowry in Foursomes. We’ll see if he goes with Rory in the afternoon Fourball. Also, Fleetwood not playing after going 4-0 in team formats in France. His game must not be as good? (I don’t really follow him closely.)
  10. Good job! You had 7 picks correct including two teams. And this was before we knew about the Cantlay and Schauff friendship. It going to be interesting to see if all 12 play on day 1. Which would mean 4 play twice and the others (English, Finau, Bryson, and Scheffler) get in the contest. Perhaps it is already decided or depends on results? There are good match ups. Should be entertaining.
  11. Tiger Woods’ incredible career and celebrity basically forced the Captain to play him in 4 or 5 matches in every Cup. Even if he wasn’t playing well. (It’s a mystery why he didn’t perform better in the RC.) Watson sat Phil down and this was a factor which led to the Task Force. As you know, Tiger and Phil are both out, and the US now has 8 guys which have been at the top or very near the top of the rankings. This fact should enable Stricker to be more flexible in determining who plays and who does not on day 2 - without much criticism from fans and media. Can you imagine sitting Tiger Woods? It would be like replacing Babe Ruth in a WS. But hey, he is in a mini slump! (No chance! You keep him in and hope he breaks out.)
  12. I agree with the gist of the OP’s remarks. I basically said the same thing before the 2016 match at Hazeltine. The weather up here can get worse and maybe it will take a bad experience at some point to make them rethink their choices(?) Bottom line: they were very fortunate in 2016 with the weather. The issue has been pointed out by Solomon, BNGL, and others - it’s the PGA of America running it. Not the Tour. If the priority was winning, we would see things done to make our team comfortable: 1. As pointed out, warmer weather, southern courses (Bermuda), and so on. 2. Less extracurricular activities during the week. 3. Player input into team pairings. (Which was a big point of the Task Force.) We’ll see how that goes this week. I could live with a different name on the cup/trophy if the Tour decided to go rogue and ditch the PGA of Am and create their own comp with the Euros.
  13. Justin Ray is a little off. It’s not apples to apples. The Euros play Fourball first, and the US plays Foursomes first. Examples: In the US, 2012 at Medina, it was 2 points each in foursomes. At Hazeltine, the US won 4-0. The US should have won the cup at Medina. They had a 10-6 lead but collapsed in the singles. My memory may be faulty, but the consensus here at the time was to blame MJ. Lol. In general, the home teams have done well the past 4 cups. For team Europe, in Foursomes on day 1, they won 3.5-0.5 in 2014 in Scotland, and 4-0 last match France (2018).
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