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  1. I’ve seen guy hit one backwards on topped shot. But that is hilarious!
  2. There are two different categories here: 1. Fellow competitors and/or opponents. I’ve played competitively for 30 years, so I have some bad experiences. Most are in the slow play and bad etiquette areas. But I am going to skip this category for now. 2. Poor partners and teammates. My major beefs are in two areas; not trying hard/smart, or, like Soloman’s example, the partner has no ability, or very limited ability to come through when needed. Like my father would say, “you should buy a ticket” (as you are basically just a spectator, and not a competitor). For these reasons, players like to choose their partners for competitions instead of being assigned by a random draw or Captain. And it should also be obvious why vanity caps are not desirable as partners/teammates in net comps. And just the possibility you could get stuck with one of these guys would help to drive down participation. Years ago I was a good scramble player - plus handicap, long, good putter, loved to play last, etc. My club used to have a ABCD draw (by handicap range) scramble tournament. This was a good way to meet some new guys and it was basically a fun event early in the year. My teams won it a number of years. As a club leader, I knew most of the members and so on. One year I knew immediately I didn’t have a good team. But you go try anyway. So through 5 holes we are -2. On the sixth hole, a par 5, we all miss a 7’ putt for birdie. Through that point just my shots were used on all the holes. Including the two birdie putts made. You can learn from the others going ahead, but still. As we are walking off the green, the B player says that I needed to make that putt. (I agree. I was disappointed. I lipped it out.) But still. These guys were not trying. They were just watching me play. Come on now. Get in the game! I said back, “Jerry, I hear you. I should have made it. But I don’t come out here and shoot 59 on my own ball. So if you guys want to win this thing, you are going to have to start contributing here and there.” The other thing I don’t want to hear from a partner in a two man event is, “I am going to go for it today.” That to me means, based on experience, you will be ball in pocket all day and hardly help at all. (I am expected to carry the team all day.) I want to hear, “I am going to be solid.” The “go for it” guys - how many greens did you hit today? One?
  3. Every once in awhile, in the bar after play, a club member will ask me a rules question. And I usually start with, “why are you asking me/us? I am not rules expert.” A: “Because you guys actually play by the rules!” (Which is true.) To believe you can have good large field handicapped tournaments under these circumstances is a little nuts. Yes, as Augster says, we have a large cohort of vanity caps, but also a contingent of baggers who know how to manipulate the system. And then you have guys chime in with “just have tiny prizes” advice. Either way, it’s hard to build participation.
  4. Handicaps are administered at the club level. If you get questioned about it, saying “I asked some guys on an Internet forum,” isn’t going to be a good answer.
  5. You should talk to the guys in leadership where you have your handicap. That could be the handicap chair or club pro/manager. My take is you need to try hard all the time, and it’s a red flag if you are doing something different in competition versus non-competitive rounds - especially if that leads to a difference in scoring.
  6. I had a thread on this topic back in 2014. Included in that thread was this now old 2013 Golf Digest article by David Fay: https://www.golfdigest.com/story/david-fay-bifurcation-rules-of-golf There have also been comments that the rule came about partly due to ball contracts with the top players. Because of the contract, they couldn’t change balls during a round and didn’t want others to be able to as well.
  7. It looks like it was a quirky hole location with micro breaks(?) Don’t let this one session bother you. I like and use this drill myself. But I will adjust or move to another hole if I see inconsistent breaks. The thing I guard against is getting too firm with these short putts - which can happen when you are pouring them in. Make sure to check your distance remaining when you miss. (You don’t want 5’ back on a 4’er. Which can happen with a firm lip out.) Try to adjust speed as you go. Some firm, some which just drop in the center. Obviously, the softer ones break more. I believe it helps to gain command and confidence that you can take to the course.
  8. I’ve done the same for the same reason. I believe we are both fortunate to play well enough to be able to keep one foot firmly planted on the gross side of the game, and just one foot in the net world for cohesion with the larger group/club.
  9. They should have Randee of the Redwoods on with Rich and Brandel
  10. Hi Matty, I noticed this post back in August. Frankly, I found it disheartening, but I wasn’t surprised either. I was wondering if you could tell us more? I believe it’s now been 1 year since the WHS implementation in the UK? Any good to it? (The iGolf app, or whatever). And of course the bad and the ugly as well. Really curious about larger field events at the club level, and open tournaments. I realize from old threads here that the Fourball comps had problems prior to WHS. Thanks Edit: others from outside North America are encouraged to respond as well.
  11. Pope of Slope talks about “Wild Willie’s” and “Steady Eddie’s”. You guys would have made good partners. If he plays well, you’d have a chance in a larger field event. A few years ago in our group game (includes gross and net skins, low net, par 3 nearies), one 18 handicap Wild type had 7 net 2’s. LOL. He parred all the 3’s and 3 gross birdies on par 4’s. They won their Fourball match on #12. His net was just 72. Numerous blow ups including after the match was decided. But he had a partner for the bad holes. Obviously the opponents weren’t pleased. I’m with Blade and others. I wouldn’t play in a net only game. I prefer both, but could live with half shot skins in a pinch.
  12. Yes. We know that. Would you like to leave it as is?
  13. Appendix E https://www.usga.org/handicapping/roh/2020-rules-of-handicapping.html
  14. Australia. Found it in this pdf: https://archive.golf.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/00046428-source.pdf
  15. For the US, this link to FAQ may be helpful. Look under “adjustment of hole scores”: https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/handicapping/world-handicap-system/world-handicap-system-usga-golf-faqs.html I hope you don’t change. We know from experience, as well as numerous threads here, that sandbaggers prefer Fourball and/or skins games in “casual” rounds as those formats provide opportunities (wiggle room) to inflate hole scores - and thus maintain a higher handicap for net comps. Some of us were hoping we would eventually move in your direction where only good attested scores would count.
  16. It’s funny you mentioned rock star, as I was thinking of Prince and Tom Petty when I wrote it. Joe - LOL - I have the album! That was played constantly when it came out. I am sure you know these guys as well. Setzer lives around here now (MN)
  17. Random thoughts: Try the game for 30 years, and report back! It will likely be a mixed bag. But if the handicaps are legit, the $$ +/- will be reasonable or the game won’t last. An occasional meeting helps to clear the air and maintain a good group game. If presses are involved, where strokes fall is important and can determine if you press (or not) when down. If the spread is more than a few strokes, finishing holes are often stroke holes. Just the way it is. As a long time plus/scratch, if the higher guys play well, you’re probably beat. I recall pressing and I birdied the last 3 holes. And we lost them all as they birdied with strokes! Stuff happens. So they bought us a couple of pints with our money after play! It’s all good. Winners typically buy. It’s competitive but lots of laughs as well.
  18. That’s a long list for a golfer. Not to pile on, but he has had at least two close calls that we know of. First one in the summer of 2017 with the pain killers. (The second was the roll over.) I think he knows how lucky he is to still be standing. We’ll see if he is able to be competitive again on the big tour. Hard to count him out!
  19. Same here. A few years ago, playing 6900, threesome walking/carrying, we played in 2:50. We all shot between 72-76. No lost balls. No one in front. Fall day. Loved it! Even though we had to wait in the bar for the guys behind us. I play our executive course from time to time when no one is on it. I can play 2 balls in 40-45 minutes. Total yardage would be around 2200 yards including distance between holes.
  20. Obviously not OK. This topic has been covered here many times. This is a good pdf on the topic: https://gsrpdf.lib.msu.edu/?file=/2000s/2008/080721.pdf
  21. Strange ranking system by MM. Jack #2 in 78/79 and wins 2 majors in 1980 and drops to #5? I understand Watson and Trevino, but Jack should be no worse than 3rd. It should be interesting today. Have to go low. We’ll see if he can close the deal.
  22. They’re signaling. It’s tied into the distance issue. This is “who we are” and they hire their likeness as well. Shinnecock was a founding member of the USGA. They don’t want to say these courses are now obsolete for elite players. (Same for the R&A.) So they will do what they have to do. I think you’ll see continued tweaking of those courses on the list. Pebble is an issue with small tilted greens. A more talented designer would have had better green complexes. But it’s now “hallowed” ground. Remember all the angst around the tweaking of #11 green at St Andrew’s?
  23. I would go back to the fitter and explain the situation. Tell him about the issues and also your experience hitting your brother’s clubs. Ask him to check your lie angles on your clubs. And perhaps you need to hit some balls with impact tape and/or do another fitting. They should want to get it right as well.
  24. They won’t actually talk to each other. They are going to post thoughts on Twitter and Instagram between shots.
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