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  1. Rejected for our Monday Practice Round tix
  2. The e-mail went to 2021 ticket holders
  3. "But we'll make it up to you next year!".
  4. dmbolp

    dopey hat

    OP, you spelled "dope" wrong
  5. Golf ball used by Tiger in a tournament he won; Bay Hill 2001. I got it out of the pond on 16 myself
  6. dmbolp

    "Mud Ball"

    They should hold a tournament there every fall without fans called, "The Mudsters"
  7. A bag tag bought at the merch shop during the tourney missing the strap?
  8. And as I continue my research, looks like "Masters Tech" is probably made by Peter Millar, but without the name and at a 20% discount. On the official site, the polo golf shirts for both Millar and Tech are 92% Polyester/8% Spandex. The Millar pullover I mentioned above that I received today seems to be the same as the Tech quarter zip pullover, both at 89% Polyester/11% Spandex, with Millar at $115 and Tech at $95 in the official store; slightly different cuffs/zipper. And on the reseller site the Tech pullover is listed as Millar...
  9. Most of the non-tshirt clothing items are Peter Millar or "Masters Tech". I googled "Masters Tech" in hopes of finding more info about the actual manufacturer, etc. First return in Google was mmogolf.com which appears to be a reseller site with all the items in the online store, but at significantly marked up prices. So if you want to see whats in the store, try that site. And the Peter Millar Melange Perth Long Sleeve Quarter-Zip Long Pullover is very thin
  10. Got LaserShip tracking for today's delivery
  11. Any strategies yet for the upcoming online store? Below is the released info so far, seems confusing to me...your access link will only be active for 15 minutes, but you can add items to your cart as many times as you like before 11/15...will we get a new access code each time? Hearing stories of ticket holders selling their access, I assume to bulk/resale outfits, so thinking some desirable stuff might go quick. So our current strategy is, make a quick/initial purchase for those types of items, then take our time for the 2nd purchase, figuring out what everyone in our group want
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