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  1. I’ve tried them all including multiple leather grips and I keep coming back to tour wrap. They’re very tacky and extremely durable. Terrible when wet, though.
  2. It’s frankly too much shaft for my swing speed but I picked that shaft to help mitigate hooks, which it does. I picked up the matching 3 wood with the same shaft.
  3. A chipper and it saved my season. Best club in the bag.
  4. I just picked up a Tour Edge C721 5-wood and was so impressed that I ordered a matching 3-wood as well. Hzrdus blue shaft is great.
  5. I’ve done it twice and it’s a lot of fun. I won’t say the putters I bought stayed in the bag for a long time, but that’s me. If you buy a normal putter, you get a custom fitting for the same price you would have payed for the same putter at Golf Galaxy.
  6. That’s funny you say that because I’m going to replace my Cobra irons soon but I’m likely to go with PXG or Hogan because they’re cheaper.
  7. I play Cobra irons and driver but, yes, they are damaged by this dust up. They needed traction and they’re likely to now lose Bryson and they’ll also have a tough time recruiting other top pros based on the manner in which their rep responded to Bryson. You have to be professional in situations like that. No other pro wants to be called “petulant” by their sponsor. There are too many other equipment options to risk getting in bed with someone who will blast you publicly, even if you deserved it.
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