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  1. Well as I left it the shafts were looking promising and I was hoping to add to this thread with a long term use review of the modus shafts. Unfortunately late in August I cut the extensor tendon to the middle finger of my right hand. So, I have been on the shelf since 8/19 and prob won’t be cleared to swing till just about thanksgiving! Who knows how they will be then or if the snow will be flying by then! I’ll try to update if possible. If not, it’s on to next year and I’ll probably get fit for the Srixon ZX7’s. I will say the Nippon shafts have opened my yes and will be my first choice if av
  2. I have swing weighted them before and added lead tape to make up the difference which was minimal. I just have more reps (1 more season) with the Black Smoke. I probably could game the Yellow but just didn’t want to put in the time when the Black was dialed in.
  3. Hello, I have both shafts in a 60x for my Titleist TS3 and TS4 both 10.5*. They do have similar feels but where they differ is the counter balance in the Yellow. I always go back to the Smoke Black as it just seems to feel better to me. I can always feel where the head is in the swing even when my tempo is off or when I’m just not swinging well! I’ve had better and more consistent driving days with the black.
  4. This started as a quick update before I play my 2nd 18 with the 125s shafts but just had a lot to relay. Little back round...I am early 40’s play to a 1-2 handicap and swing driver 110-115. I like my SW around D3-D4 but as I am, let’s say “maturing in age” I have been looking to make things easier and try to lighten things up! If anyone is on the fence coming from S400’s or any model DG to the 125’s or even soft stepping them I would say don’t hesitate! These Nippon 125’s paired with Z785’s are fantastic! Having the previous 2 Srixon models the learning curve of the iron head playability was
  5. Thanks again for reply’s I was just expecting “ya i tried them soft stepped and they were good” but should have known the WRX community would come through! Just an awesome amount of data and numbers which I love!! So, daily life got in the way this week but I finally got them shafted up last night. I’ll get them on the range/course today and then I have a 2 day member/member this weekend to put them through the paces. This set went together so easy!! Srixons tolerance when selecting club heads for builds is great. All the clubs came out to D2.5 SW without adding any weight or tweaks, just in
  6. Thank you Howard! From all the info I could gather you confirmed what I was hoping to here! I’ll be throwing them in tonight and report back in a few days what I find! Thanks again for the quick reply!! ?
  7. Hello. I recently purchased a set of shafts off eBay 4-PW and the seller neglected to mention they were half inch short from standard. I normally play my irons standard length. But before I go through the whole process of shafting these up I was wondering if anybody had experience with the 125S SS1x. I know it probably won’t make much of a huge difference. But I was hoping to get a true test of these straight in. Besides putting an extensions in I’m stuck kind of throwing these in SS1x. I was just hoping the pull from somebody else’s experience. I currently have a set of Srixons Z785s with 10
  8. Jump on the 745 train...you won’t be disappointed one bit!
  9. City, State: Webster, MA Handicap: 1 Current Irons: Srixon Z745 Do you agree to be part of a GolfWRX Member review thread for Ben Hogan PTx PRO irons and add you review, photos, stories and updates? YES
  10. Up for sale today is a few items that I need to move to make room. I will only ship to the lower 48 and if you are interested in the irons (full set, short set or shafts) and live out west please let me know prior to paying as shipping costs will prob be higher. If you need any more info or specific pics I will gladly get that to you. I am not really looking for trades but will list a few that might interest me. Possibly Trades – Cleveland RTX-4 raw 50,56 or 60. – Titlesit TS3 driver – Evnroll ER2 Srixon Z765/565 set shafted with TT DG Tour Issue AMT S400 shafts. These were used a season. W
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