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  1. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Fujikura Ventus Red 7x VeloCore Driver Shaft with TaylorMade Tip for sale-- this thing is a bomber, just a little too much for me. Shaft is in excellent condition with Black/Black Golf Pride NDMC grip logo down at standard setting. Plays standard length in my M6. $SOLD shipped to your door! Paypal: [email protected]
  2. 2020 Titleist Lightweight Cart Bag 14 dividers with dedicated putter well 11 cart accessible zippered pockets Original Rain Cover included In great shape aside from a touch of bruising on the back of the bag from cart strap$SOLD HZRDUS Smoke Black | X Flex - TM Tip Like New Condition Standard Size NDMC Grip TaylorMade OEM Tip 44.75 inches [shaft only] 70 grams, 6.5 flex [x flex] $SOLD Prices are OBO want to move this stuff. Feel free to ask any questions or request additional pictures. Thanks!
  3. Lower lofted club and relatively square clubface will help
  4. @wagolfer7 this really sounds spot on--thank you to everyone and will keep you posted on the results!
  5. a few minutes to stretch, flighted/ half wedges for 5 minutes, 5 swings with a 7/8 iron, 5 swings 4/5 iron, 5 swings with driver, a couple more flighted wedges and then chip for 10 minutes and spend the rest of your time on the putting green. I typically work one handed putts from 15-20 feet then regular putts alternating distances in order to get the speed down and spend the rest of your time with as straight a 10 foot putt as you can find to groove your stroke + feel.
  6. My backswing stops well past parallel and during my range sessions i'm hitting the ball best when my backswing stops short of parallel. Any training tips or devices that can help? Thank you in advance for any tips here!
  7. Like new/mint condition, original brand new head cover included. 460cc, 9.5 degree loft. PM with any questions, **SOLD** shipped in the US, make me an offer, want to get this moved today.
  8. Pebble didn't have the teeth it did in years past solely due to the weather. If it were sunny/ windy the winning score would have been much closer to level par. That all said, I vote for a west coast bias; there is nothing better than watching a Major in prime time.
  9. ellzee, I would suggest revising your comment as no pricing commentary is permitted.
  10. 2 items today: Tensei Pro White CK Series - 60g - TX Flex, with TM Tip Condition: used 2 rounds, basically brand new Grip: Black/White NDMC Standard, logo down in standard setting Length: Grip to tip: 43-3/4 inches Price: SOLD! Fujikura Atmos Blue HB Tour Spec 8x - Titleist Tip Condition: used, in great shape Grip: Black/White NDMC Standard, logo down in standard setting Length: Grip to tip: 40 inches Note Pictured with Titleist 19* 913H Hybrid DROPPED Price: $115 $100 full club; $100 $80 shaft only WOULD LOVE TO MOVE THESE ASAP Thanks, feel free to pm with any questions or if you ne
  11. 4 Items for Sale—all prices include shipping from Dallas. PM with any questions and want to get these bad boys moved, so willing to listen to any quasi-reasonable offers. 1. TaylorMade M3 Driver 9.5* with Tensei Pro White TX 60 Shaft: I just can’t get the M3 to cooperate with me — hit 15 balls tops, basically brand new. Shaft was ordered 0.75’’ short [45’’] directly from TM (see spec sheet attached). I’ll throw in the wrench if i can find it, comes with head cover - $525 2. Titleist 913H Hybrid with Atmos Blue 8x Tour Spec Shaft: club is a bomber but shaft is a bit t
  12. Like New M3 - 460cc TM Driver w/ Tensei CK White 70 X Flex Shaft. Comes with mint head cover and wrench. Bought this 3 weeks ago and played 2 rounds with it, you can see from the pics, the face is clean and there’s a small tee scuff on the inside of the weight port on the sole, can probably be cleaned off. Just looking to break even on this — this shaft/ head combo isn’t for me…so lets move this thing fellas! $370 shipped to your door. PM me with any questions. Thanks!
  13. Got this shaft today and its not for me -- its used, has a few scratches but nothing that would effect playability. Not exactly sure how to price this so lets say $70 shipped to your door, but feel free to make an offer if interested. Let me know per any other questions and glad to supply more pictures.
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