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  1. How are the duck hunters doing this Fall/Winter also the upland hunters
  2. Beautiful pointer........I am guessing maybe you are chasing pheasants
  3. It is getting close to hunting season. How many will be storing the clubs for bows, shotguns, rifles, etc?
  4. The site is much cleaner and so easy to navigate now. Also, searches are quite easy now
  5. in BC you should try some duck and goose hunting
  6. from the stories that I read, Intan was a putting master who emphasized the Karma Zen acupuncture to help solve the YIPS in both younger and older players
  7. yes, this putting aid trainer was developed by the brilliant Indonesian golf coach Intan Shurato I believe the nickname for the device is "the Pelz Pathfinder"
  8. That's why you gotta make the journey to the promise land in NE Arkansas...........
  9. You need to try the new Hevishot Hevi-18 TSS Turkey....absolutely the finest turkey shotgun shell in existence
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