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  1. +1 for the Srixon 701s. Picked up a set here and they have been sweet for me.
  2. Have gotten my hands on the predecessors (LS-009 and LS-016) in the Asia market. Great feeling shoes and incredibly light.
  3. Currently have i701 Tours in the bag. Used to have MP30s and the difference is night and day. Now thinking about JPX800s or MX300s to get some GI benefit.
  4. Have been a forged user for many a year -- is this the iron that makes the leopard change his spots?
  5. simonv

    Mizuno Wedges

    +1 on what PrO_D_BoMbEr said. Played the MP-R and MP-T chrome and found that they spun less than the other wedges I was playing around with at the time (Wishon cx, CG12s). I am biased towards Mizuno though, so I'll give the T-11s a shot.
  6. That's a looker. How does the insert feel?
  7. Best looking TM iron set by far. I'd have to get out on the course more just to build the game that this metal deserves
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