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  1. I think he needs to eat a little Humble Pie...... He called out most of the top players including DJ and his obsession to poke Bryson really paid off. I do think he was partially responsible for Bryson bulking up and proving he could pound it past him and everyone else.
  2. I have been playing the G400 Max with Aldila Rogue Silver 60 for a few years and it worked well. I'm cautious just ordering the G425 Max with the Rugue 70 gram shaft. I'm getting old and my swing speed without working hard ain't getting faster. I may get the Tensei Orange
  3. I imagine that helps but it's all personal preference with attack angle . The photo shows what I like and have been playing for 5 years. Another Endo forged masterpiece
  4. I contemplated going ZX-5 in 5-7 and 8-AW in ZX7 but I know I don't do well with chunky wider soled irons so I went a full set of ZX-7. They get delivered this coming week so I'm like a kid before Christmas.
  5. Well I shipped a set of Irons from Maryland to St Louis on November 30th. Long story short they still have not been delivered so today I refunded the member here at Golf WRX. My local post office where I shipped them keeps telling me to be patient that they feel they are not lost and are just stuck . I'll start a claim Monday and will NEVER use USPS again. I did get a Christmas card Thursday that was post marked December 10th and my daughter called to tell me she just received mine that was sent December 5th. USPS is garbage and the Millions they lose annually would be out of business i
  6. You're screwed...... I just received a Christmas card post marked December 10th. They could care less
  7. US Postal Service should go out of business. They literally lose Millions every year and are garbage for customer service. I just refunded a member $ 365 dollars for a set of Irons I shipped November 30th that still have not been delivered. THEY DO NOT CARE !!! I also had an empty shipping Tube that had a AD-DI GD Shaft in it an the seller lost his a** because they either stole the shaft or mishandled the package. The carrier delivered an empty cardboard tube that weighed about 4 oz and open at both ends.
  8. I got a FedEx text notification today. Apparently they take 6 days to ship to Maryland but mine are on the way.
  9. Does anyone else that watched the mainstream YouTube Influencers take away what I did? They really didn't give stellar , shining reviews of the new G425 although they didn't come out and say it fell short. They did all pretty much say the sound was "Not good". I imagine Ping isn't feeling great but they did get a win yesterday at the Sentry Tournament of Champions. I was ready to order a G425 Max but I may wait now
  10. I actually watched the Live cast and remember him saying Srixon is going "Back" to Endo with the new ZX line of Irons.
  11. I believe the Z745 , Z765 were Endo forged and the Z785 they used another Forging house.... The ZX7 Are Endo Forged so they are going back fits.
  12. That will piss off the Big Box Stores and Custom fitters..... Great deal ......and I checked the Code works. This is why you never pay retail for Srixon products.
  13. I really don't know how to take this response but I'll move on and not spend another second attempting to help get information about your" Simple Inquiry" .
  14. What makes you suspect these are JDM ? My 1st impression is that they are older than 15 year and have Non-Conforming grooves so I hope you intend these to be for collecting or Non- Tournament irons. I'll see if I can find the conforming list to validate my statement but Google search get's nothing as you probably know.
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