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  1. Let’s move away from the Tiger talk to the doomsday scenario of a Reed/Douchambeau US Open champion talk. This could potentially be the most pretentious winner of an open I history. And if so, I need a N.Y. WRX member to go shout jackass for the first few holes Sunday
  2. Also realized the Scotty stuff didn’t show up. Here are some rough pics from a Biscuitville Drive thru
  3. A cleaning out the “not in use” bag sale today! First up is an Industrial CT Headcover from a Tour Newport select. This cover came off the Web about a year and a half ago and was used for that season. The leather in the CT logo is good, the headcover itself is in good contrition, there is just some minor fading in the stitch work that I have tried to show in the photos! Don’t want to do any price gouging since it has been used, so let’s say $150 shipped Next up is a pulled Scotty Cameron Cord grip from the 009 I am currently using. I putted with this gri
  4. Man, I guess that 4-6 week timeframe is probably right then. I ordered mine stock knowing I could stamp it, change the shaft and bend it however I wanted hoping to speed it up getting here!
  5. I ordered mine around 10 days ago and can’t wait for it to get here. Is the wedge still performing the way you hoped a month later?
  6. This is a good sale today with some exciting stuff! As always, reasonable offers only, no trades please! First up is a Circle T T5S putter at 33” with a matching Blackout CT maker cover. This putter has been used by me since February when I acquired it. It has a Ping PP58 installed but I have the blackout matador (regular size) I will send as well. Has 10g CT weights, no shaftbands sadly, and one top line nick pictured under the shaft. Putter appears to be painted white, not sure if it’s the original paint or not. Shipped and insured to you - $999 Next is a Jones Utility River used by me f
  7. Pro 63 is still available, and the shaft is untipped and paired with either (with the correct lift) I can see medium height missiles coming from it!
  8. Welcome back everyone! This is again part of the full bag sale, wardrobe and shaft edition! so for the shoes: four pair of Footjoy Myjoy Icon of 10.5 wide shoes. I wore these for the first half of this golf season in a solid rotation, with the white being used the most, brown second, grey/white third and navy/white the least. $65 per pair shipped, $200 for all four next is a pair of Nike React Infinity Tour shoes, worn to hit 6 drivers in. Bought the 10.5 and 11 and the 11 worked better for me. Will ship in original box! Basically new pair of shoes for a discount! $130 shipped ne
  9. So as promised, part 3 of the full bag sale. First up is an experiment wedge. A vokey SM8 56/14 Raw (from WedgeWorks) with a Dynamic Gold AMT tour issue s400. This wedge has been given a trailing edge and leading edge grind by my club maker to make it a little easier to go through the turf and sand. I just ended up liking the D grind a little better. Has a golf pride tour velvet installed SOLD next up is a set of three Fourteen RM-22 wedges. These do have my initials stamped in all three clubs (BC) and the 60 has been given the same leading edge grind I spoke about on the SM8. These have
  10. I was wondering about shipping. I almost bet they come quicker from golf galaxy or Dicks rather than Nike
  11. primland all day Personally, Primand will stun you with the views. I live about 30 minutes from the course and have played it 75+ times and love it every time. Upper and Lower Cascades are nice courses and in fantastic condition, but at the bottom of the mountain, not on top of it.
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