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  1. So my girlfriend and I cleaned out my golf nook this weekend while it snowed and found some things that could be of use to other folks! first up is a Titleist H2 19° with a Tensei Pro Blue. I purchased the shaft built up on ebay and threw it in the head as an experiment but it went too far to fill it’s intended gap. Has a NDMC white grip installed. No headcover $125 shipped next up are a set of tour issue x100 pulls from a set of P750 irons from a few years back. I had kept these around in case I needed a spare, but I no longer play this shaft. They are 1/4”
  2. Looking for a 60s or 60m in Raw only to play around with some grinds this winter. would possibly try a 60t as well
  3. At least on one of my late packages I got an update Seems like and awful long time to go from a post office to a sort facility.
  4. I’m not sure what it is, but I have a shaft coming from AZ that hasn’t been scanned in 7 days (filed a claim this am) and there seems to be a new “high volume” disclaimer that showed up on it this morning. There is no magic bullet, but it’s kinda getting ridiculous at this point.
  5. Got two raw for $300 shipped! Talk about a steal!
  6. First up for sale is a Circle T Chromatic Bronze Super Rat 1 with a COA. This one has been used for around 6 months in 2018 and hasn’t been used since. Has a silver metal shaft band and and circle t pistolero. No Headcover and finish shows some wear. All in all a really sweet gamer putter. Translucent Purple Paintfill, and 34” long. Shipped and Insured included on your preferred carrier. $2600 shipped and insured TSi3 9* with a Diamana ZF 60tx (shaft built by will peoples, replaced stock shaft with this one). One range session and one round and I can’t keep this t
  7. A mixture of stripped and Tour issue Cally Apex Pro 3/4 and MB 5-PW raw heads. The 3/4 were stripped by the iron factory and lost 6 grams in the 3 iron and 8 in the 4 iron (for swingweight reference) the 5-PW are the dot hosel your heads with the Nike style groves. As you can see these have some patina to them. I used these irons from December-March of this year, and then the heads were pulled from the shafts and they have not been used since. The lie angles are 1* if I remember correctly and the 3 iron is 1* strong. Small nick in the PW hosel that I have pictured. $450 shi
  8. Well after the 009 post earlier this week, this was going to be the next sale, but seeing as that putter is in a box headed to Scotty for some clarification (which I will make a post about when I hear the results),so here is this sale! First up is a Bushnell V5 Shift Patriot Pack, with all the original packaging. I don’t really use the slop feature as much as I assumed I would and for tournament play use a different rangefinder all together, so here this one is! Graphics are great, I tried to capture those and the case shows a bit of wear from being close against my Vessel Sund
  9. As stated in title, and really good stuff today! First up is the new Vokey 60T from wedgeworks, with a tour issue s400 transplanted from another 60*. (Didn’t want to pay the up charge from wedgeworks) it’s been used for about 3 days of testing against the low bounce K, and it just doesn’t really fit the grass and turf we have here in VA. Has a golf pride tour velvet cord installed and is standard lie and loft. It has a total of 15-20 bunker shots on it, 30 full shots, and about 60-80 chips out of the rough/from fairway. “BC” stamped on the back $165 shipped
  10. 1. Ballyhack Golf Club 2. Martinsville, VA 3. +6.2 4. Titleist TS3 9.5/ Diamana ZF 60tx 5. Yes 6. TSi3 7. ABSOLUTELY
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