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  1. Title says it all. Three dozen, new in box. Has the Titleist info card in each box. No trades. $275 for all 3 dozen $100 per dozen
  2. We have a similar situation up in Martinsville. We just went through a Bermuda transition, and the complaints quickly went from the greens are too slow, to they are too fast and too firm. To add to that, we got a new super this year and he has made the course truly special. And the better he makes it (faster greens, tighter fairways) the angrier the older, worse golfers get. The love the idea of having a hard golf course, but hate playing it.
  3. Danielle Kang, Nelly Korda, Jessica Korda, Lexi Thompson. That is why the US lost. Looks like those 4 are going to earn the US a total of 4 points.
  4. It was a shot in the dark if we would get them or not! I’m not out anything and it was worth the try!!
  5. Saw this morning I have a refund from Wilson. Damn.
  6. I did the same thing through PayPal. I figured two protections is better than one
  7. Got mine in for $149 for 3-PW about 15 minutes ago, the price now shows $1249 I fully expect an email saying there was a pricing error and my money has been refunded lol
  8. So I try and do this once a year and have been for a while, but all the stuff I accumulate over the course of a year I try and find new homes for. As fellow ho’s I’m sure you all get it. This is used equipment, and a few trinkets from places I’ve played, and a pretty sweet Signed Sam Snead print that sadly hasn’t been hanging in my office. Taylormade M5 head 9° Obviously used, for a full playing season. Face in good condition, and carbon fiber in good condition. SOLD 917 F2 18° with a Diamana s+ 70s Used this for about a full season a few years back and it’s been sitting in the corner just hanging out since I went the 7 wood route. $90 shipped Tensei Pro Blue 80tx with Titleist adapter measures right at 39.7 inches, for use in a 5/7 wood. Plays logos down in the “2” position. Tipped 1.5” if I remember correctly SOLD Country Club of Charleston Pullover Got this at the azalea this year one day when it was absolutely freezing. Size is XL, and is a Peter Millar. Honestly don’t think I’ve worn it outside of that day, maybe once. SOLD B. Draddy Seminole “The Coleman” XL pretty sweet and hard to find shirt that I just don’t wear that much anymore. If you know about the Coleman, then you know. $45 shipped Cabot Links PRG Headcover Used but not abused $35 shipped FootJoy Premiere Series 10W Two pair of myjoy and the pair of Southern Collection. All are size 10W All have been worn less than 7 times with the southern collection being worn 3 $215 for all 3, $100 each Helen Rundell Sam Snead Augusta print Signed by Sam Snead, and numbered by Rundell. Print of Snead on 13 at Augusta. Literally no idea how to price this. Can be shipped in the frame or as a print only. $200 shipped
  9. Judging by Bryson's action Sunday after losing in a grueling playoff, I would say its gone far past harmless. Its about time this happened. There are far too many idiots who feel like they are entitled to chirp, heckle, or talk to the players simply because they bought a ticket. Add in the alcohol, and you're just asking for someone to get their a** kicked one day. There is no line to be drawn. Crack down on all of it, or let it continue. The TOUR took the hardline, and I think its a great decision.
  10. Unloaded my credit cards on these. Was lucky enough to have been given a few of these back in 2018 and have been hoping for its release ever since. I absolutely loved the ball, and I think a majority of the folks playing the V1 will too. Zero loss in spin from an 8 iron down and expect to pick up about a half club from 7 iron up, with the superstar performance in the 3 wood and driver. I wasn't expecting to spend money on a Wednesday, but sure am glad I saw this.
  11. Just one club today!! Had a good place in the bag for most of the summer, but have been going back and forth between this and 7 wood and just can’t keep them both! TSi2 18* with stock Tensei Raw Blue 65s $175 shipped
  12. JR actually came up to Martinsville to play our course a few weekends back. Richard is a member and brought him up. He made the team and helped them out a little bit. I want to say he shot around 80 or so his first time around, which isn't terrible at all considering we were prepping for the invitational and had the greens rolling like 12.5. Seriously good on him wanting to go back and get a degree after his playing career. If I get to play with him, Ill let everyone know how it goes!
  13. Simple sale today. First up is a Spider Hydroblast Single Bend. Has a super stroke Pistol GT 1.0 installed and measures around 33.5” (will confirm) putter was used for one tournament, and it along with the the flow neck just didn’t work lol. Comes with spider headcover. $140 shipped 5 FootJoy StaSof gloves in M SOLD Stock Tensei Av Raw White 65s from TSi3. SOLD Jan Craig 5 Wood Headcover, white and navy $35 shipped
  14. Using the Zalatoris and Hadley comparison, what you will see is the difference between FedEx Cup 125 and OWGR #31. Zalatoris will be fine, as will Hadley in terms of starts. However, Hadley will get the 8:25 off #1 tee Thursday mornings and Zalatoris will keep his featured group pairing basically every week he plays.
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