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  1. So it’s not so much about Omar, you just hate the mid am scene?
  2. Oh trust me, they are hitting up Web guys every practice round for dinner, that week's AirBNB, or straight up cash. Maybe they were just looking for a game on an off week? And there is a consequence to be paid. I did not get to play competitive golf for two years when regaining my amateur status. That's the price I paid for not being good enough to make a living playing golf. That and like $200 bucks to the USGA. So in your opinion, for the rest of my life I either pay $800 to play in a professional event, or never play competitive golf again? That seems asinine at best
  3. He just happens to be the person exploiting the "loophole" so to speak. The PGA doesnt seem to have a problem with it, as he keeps winning it.
  4. PGA of America and PGA TOUR are two separate entities. PGA of America has nothing to do with new Q-School structure. This is simply an olive branch to a professional who is struggling and a way to hopefully draw more fans.
  5. Yes, please elaborate. You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention......
  6. Haven't posted in this thread in a while, but 2021 was given the green light for all the golf I could play by the better half! So far its been a mixed bag of results. A T-20 at the Gasparilla a T-40 at the Azalea and the first state Invitational coming up this weekend. Luckily I was a part of the Virginia/West Virginia team matches this past weekend, so got to knock a bit of the competitive rust off. The weather here in Southwest VA had been terrible in January and February, so finally getting to get out and practice a little has been nice. The plan is to play the Fox
  7. Still licking the wounds I presume
  8. So this is where that Bubba Tik Tok dance in the bunker came from. It all makes so much sense now.
  9. I would love to know what DJ Trahan's favorite show is............. Just if you get the chance to ask him.
  10. -28 is good and all but I heard the course was short
  11. Simple sale today, more odds and ends! up first is a used SM8 Raw 56/10 S grind in good shape! This was a practice wedge through the wintertime and has had the shaft changed once to a KBS and then back to this AMT White (original shaft) ordered stock L/L/L and has not been changed in that regard. $100 shipped 6 Titleist Players Gloves, all brand new. Size is Cadet Medium Large. SOLD Two FootJoy Tour Logo shirts. Logo on collar. SOLD Smartline putting plate. Used for a few practice sessions. Don’t practice e
  12. I think we can end the thread on this note. A scratch player at home aint a scratch on the road. And a scratch on the road is a sandbagger.
  13. So would it have been harder to do this April because a scratch is going to have 48 putts or would it have been harder in November when the scratch player is hitting driver, driver, 8 iron into every hole? Just thought I'd add to the hyperbole, don't mind me!
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