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  1. Wow. These were snapped up quickly. I have responded to offers in order of time of response. Everything has deals pending except the G410 hybrid head.
  2. Cleaning out the garage. All prices shipped USPS in CONUS and payment via Paypal. Shafts ship firs class tracked. Heads ship priority. Ventus Velocore Red 5S. Tipped 1.75". No adapter on this one. GP MCC Plus 4 grey, logo down. Length from end of grip to tip is 43.5" $200 Ventus Velocore Black 6S. No tipping. Ping adapter on this one with logo down at big "-". GP MCC Plus 4 Align. Length from end of grip to end of adapter is 43 7/8" $200 Project X Evenflow Black 6.0 75g. Stock shaft from a Ping G410 LST. $30. Ping G410 19* hybrid. Head with he
  3. I used one in an epic 3 wood head and it was just a beast off the tee. Flat and low spin and I could hit a baby draw off tee or a slight cut. Also worked off the deck for me because I like to it left to right off the deck and that adds a little more height and spin. I really liked that combo. Tip was sturdy enough to reliably work both ways. I eventually got out of it because my swing speed has been going down with age and it stopped fitting me. It’s not you - it’s me.
  4. Thanks. That’s one I overlooked and the torque number seems pretty good. Was also looking at UST V2 HL.
  5. I got my 12 year old son a Ping G410 5 wood head. Looking for a shaft recommendation. Hoping to spend less than $100 and get something in a lite or senior flex. Was think of the new Fuji Vista Pro.
  6. I’m building a shaft for a rogue driver head. Don’t have the head. Can someone tell me how long the shaft needs to be to from tip of installed adapter to the butt cut?
  7. Deals pending on the Miuras and the Nemesys. Don't know what the market is like for the SIM or the HMBs. Will listen to reasonable offers.
  8. The following are up for sale. Payment via Paypal. Prices include shipping in CONUS by USPS Priority. Will ship outside of US but buyer pays difference. Not interested in trades at this time. Will listen to reasonable offers. 1. SIM head only. 9*. Like new condition. Includes headcover, wrench, shaft adapter, and 2 rear weights so you can adjust if you want to use a counterbalanced shaft. $400. 2. Mizuno MP-20 HMB irons. 4-PW. Standard loft and lie, + 0.25" long from factory. Project X LZ 6.0 shafts with Golf Pride MCC Align +4 grips. These have never seen
  9. If you look in the Houston Open picture thread, there’s one where Adam has the driver at address and you can see the velocore label. Didn’t look like there was a huge amount of tipping just from that pic. Thought it was 4” from end of velocore label to the uncut tip. If I was better using an iPhone on Wrx I’d insert the pic here. I’m about to see what happens tipping a red. In my perfect world Fuji would make a ventus Black in 5s. So since that’s not available I’m going to try a red 5s and tip it 1.5” to start.
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