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  1. Still dont understand why they didnt put the same C-Tapers in the Blueprint irons...
  2. Is it considered hoarding if you're just a little OCD about proactively acquiring items that you feel you MAY need some time in the near or distant future? I mean being proactive is supposed to be good right?
  3. Not cool....... U know I have a problem with buying Bridgestone gear that I dont need........
  4. Are these grey? My old eyes my be deceiving me. They may look right smart with my silver Bridgestone bag...
  5. I owe lil Jordan an apology! I never figured he would win a major but definitely knew he would win atleast once a year. Not flashy but solid and consistent. I should have known better than to underestimate a fellow Texan! That boy is serious business!!
  6. [quote name='buddymaxwell' timestamp='1420166473' post='10672525'] [quote name='OldSkoolTexan' timestamp='1420163587' post='10672311'] Who is responsible for the wear pattern on those TM irons? [/quote] I guess I'm to blame. [/quote] Son, looks like you know a thing or two about COMPRESSION and forward swing bottom! Nice! Consistent 2 grooves up and tight!
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