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  1. Stunning! I love that the proto is more of a classic blade look. Hopefully, they'll show up soon!
  2. I know that the project x shafts in his irons are 7.1 or 7.3. Crazy stiff, talk about no dispersion.
  3. As of now, I am going to tuesdays practice round at the VB Open. I will definately bring the camera along.
  4. I think I'd be a little distracted by a pink ball, but thats just me. Having followed Creamer at the Sybase last year, she has the game to play with anything.
  5. Ogilvy is definately using the proto fw that Olberhoser, Scott and others are using. It looks sweet, as do those cobra irons.
  6. The driver does look kinda crazy. Just came back from the PGA in NJ and noticed Stephan Ames was also playing that bad boy. On another note, I just joined this site and it rocks. Cant believe it took me so long to find out about it.
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