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  1. Hate so see these go as they are absolute bazookas, but I'm changing my gapping in the long clubs. Callaway X2 Hot 3 Deep Pro 14.5 with Diamana B Series 70x - 43" with normal wear on the sole. Crown is perfect and face is in great shape. Will ship with original headcover. New golf pride tour velvet midsize grip. Shaft alone is worth $300+. $175 150 shipped Titleist 915H 18 degree 2 Hybrid with Fujikura Speeder 904 HB X-Flex - Very little wear on sole and face. Perfect crown. Will ship with original headcover. New golf pride tour velvet midsize grip. SOLD Mizuno MP Fli-Hi 19 3 iron with 6.5 Project X shaft - Pics tell the story. Super hot 3 iron. New golf pride tour velvet midsize grip. Gone Only trades considered: Srixon u45 18 degree High end putters
  2. Looking for a heel shafted mid-mallet. Familiar with the Cameron offerings, but wondering what everyone else has found out there in this shape. What have you liked and disliked?
  3. Titleist 915 D3 9.5 Degree head. In great shape with pristine top line. Will ship with Authentic surefit adapter if purchased for asking price. Sold Titleist Vokey SM5 54 (10 bounce) S Grind and 58 ( 8 bounce) M Grind wedges with 6.0 Project X Rifle shafts. Grooves are still crisp, plenty of spin left on these. Golf Pride Decade MCC Plus 4 grips. Sold New Adams LS Super Hybrid 22 degrees. Stock Regular Kuro Kage 80 Hybrid shaft. Outing win that was never cracked. $50 shipped
  4. Agreed on the Linksoul. The performance pants are great. Also own a few pair of Bonobos which are fantastic. Keep an eye on the Bonobos sale and you can sometime snag them for a % off.
  5. Odyssey Works Tank Versa 2-Ball Fang - 35" In pristine shape. Played for less than a season and stored with the headcover (included) always on. Pictures tell the tale. Hard to tell from new ($219 retail) - $160 $140 $125 shipped Adams Super LS Hybrid XTD 22 degree - Kuro Kage 80HY R Brand new in plastic. Won at an outing but doesn't fit my game. Comes with headcover and stoke Kuro Kage 80HY regular flex shaft. $50 $40 Shipped Mitsubishi Diamana W Series 60 X Shaft - Just over 43". Not sure of the tipping. Bought second hand, but went in a different direction and never installed it myself. Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip. $100 $90 $75 Shipped.
  6. Callaway X2 Hot Pro 5 Wood with authentic Diamana Blueboard 83x shaft. Standard length and lie. In great shape with a perfect crown. Almost brand new Lamkin UTx grip. $110 Sold Odyssey Jailbird with SuperStroke + 2.0 Flatso Counter Balance Grip - 35". Weight can be removed and replaced with a cap to play at regular weight. Cap and wrench included. Super solid and in great shape. Paint is perfect. Headcover always used and included. No nicks or dings. Sold
  7. Callaway X2 Hot Pro 19 degree 5 wood with real Diamana Blueboard 83 X-Flex shaft. Only used for 4-5 rounds. In great shape. New Lamkin Utx grip. $159 $140 shipped. Diamana W Series 60X Shaft. 43.25" long. Bought as is off another user, but decided to go a different direction. Never shafted it myself. $110 $100 shipped Aldila ATX Green 75 X flex shaft. Professionally pulled from a Callaway X2 Hot 3 deep wood. $40 shipped Aldila ATX Green 75 R flex shaft. Professionally pulled from a Callaway X2 Hot Pro 5 wood. $40 shipped.
  8. White/Fire in size 46. Love Ecco shoes, thanks for the opportunity!
  9. [quote name='PZero' timestamp='1428980412' post='11353145'] I don't see a 3x black 009. [/quote] Never said it was one.
  10. Top line is pic #2. I can provide more images if needed. I realize it seems like a stretch boys and thanks for the good humor. However shape-wise it really is quite similar. In no way an I saying it's the same thing or asking $2000+
  11. Ping Scottsdale Anser Nickel putter with Super Stroke Flatso Ultra grip. One of the most similar head shapes out there to the 009 used by Spieth. Nickel gives it a soft feel. Same grip used by the new Masters champ as well. Your chance to get a great putter at 5% of the cost of an 009 tour putter. Pristine shape. $90 Sold
  12. Linksoul and Dunning. Top two on my list these days.
  13. http://www.bettinardi.com/product/inovai/ Awesome products. Thanks for the opportunity!
  14. TaylorMade SLDR 430 TP 10.5 degree with Oban Devotion 65 05 Flex shaft. Plays 45". Very new Lamkin uTX grip (black). In super shape with not scratch, nicks and pristine crown. If you're looking for something in the lower spin arena, look no further! SOLD Titleist 910H 17 Degree Hybrid w Fujikura 904HB X Flex Shaft. Plays the standard Titleist length. Lamkin uTX grip (black). No wrench. SOLD
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