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  1. I feel like I'm close to breaking through and playing great golf. This might get me over the hump in various Met (NY) Section tournaments.
  2. Bobby Grace Sold. Price drop on the G25. Would entertain splitting, but must have offers for both head and the shaft to make the deals. Not entertaining trades at this time.
  3. Bobby Grace 4 Diamond AMG putter 35". Has the "tri sweet spot" insert which aids distance control on mishits and grooves produce a very pure roll. My lust for putters is my loss and your gain. Original headcover included. Selling this for wayyyyyy below retail. SOLD. Ping G25 8.5 degree driver with Fujikura Fuel 60X shaft. Crown and face are in perfect shape. Straight bombs all day with this setup. Just seems to stay in the air forever. Original headcover included. $325 $300 shipped.
  4. GolfWRX has given me the evidence that I am not alone in my crazy obsession with this game! It's given me great information on new trends and gear to help my game. Most importantly, it's introduced me to some great friends who are now my playing partners many weekends.
  5. TaylorMade RBZ Tour 3 wood (14.5 degrees). RIP Phenom 70X shaft. Plays 43". Brand new black and white GP Multi Compound grip. Sits nice and square. Crown is perfect. This three wood is an absolute masher. Original RBZ head cover included. $135 shipped.
  6. Does the center of gravity on Titleist 913 heads differ by loft?
  7. I really like Golfers Skin. I think the company is out of New Zealand, but they have a distributor here. Not greasy at all and protection is great. [url="http://www.golfersskin.co"]http://www.golfersskin.co[/url]
  8. Favorite: Walking around the par 3 tournament in 2010 seeing Jack, Arnold and Gary putting on a show for the fans. Classy and Classic. Worst: Watching O'Meara bury that putt on 18 in 1998 (in an airport) to beat Duval. DD is still my man. Thanks for the contest!
  9. Titleist 910 Fd 15 degree fairway metal with real deal Project X 8B4 shaft. This is the 83g, 6.5 frequency model. As pics show, its darn good shape. You don't see this shaft much either. It was a direct order from Titleist. Hologram sticker is still on the shaft. Original headcover included. Pending..... Ping Nome. 35" slight arc version with a blackout pingman grip. It's only see the greens a few times, so it looks practically new. Headcover pictured included SOLD Really don't want to have to move this to the dreaded, 4 letter "e Word".
  10. Awesome to hear the details of the beginnings here at GolfWRX. I was a lurker on BSG for a while, but it lost value when the content all became the same drivel. I joined here in the summer of 2005 just before starting my senior year of college. This site was the reason for a lot of paper writing and studying procrastination, but well worth it! I value the opinions and news (and great pics!) found here. As an NY resident it also keeps me somewhat sane when I see the snow outside. Thanks to all for your efforts and time to create and maintain this community.
  11. [quote name='LTaylor59' timestamp='1354613787' post='6015973'] Wouldn't want to entertain the idea of a like new RBZ tour 5 with head cover and stiff shaft for the 8.5 head would you? [/quote] No, not really looking for that right now. Thanks for your interest.
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