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  1. Quick background on me - now in my early 50's, but played a lot of competitive golf in university, etc., lowest index was 5.6, strong iron player, nearly always played Titleist or Mizuno blade or muscle back iron, but I did have good success also with Cally x-prototypes, the 2005 RAC TP forged and most recently the TM P750 I have also tried various models of the AP2 and the T100, but never really liked the feel of any of these In the past 2 years I have been struggling to play a lot due to health issues and decided recently to "move" to a more "sensible" iron which is a lot more playable After much debate and internet reviews (which were excellent) it was between the 921 JPX Tour, Srixon ZX7 or the TM P770, so I went for the P770, stock KBS 120S off the shelf.. For me the most important iron characteristics are: 1. Feel 2. Workability 3. Forgiveness 4. Distance After 5 rounds here is my take on the P770's Feel - Not as good as I hoped for, its feels a little clicky with a slightly hollow feeling. It's ok on solid strikes, but it never felt soft. It's difficult to accept the feel of a non-forged iron when you have played this type of club for years. I got this same type of feeling from a few Ping irons I tried over the years and could never accept any Ping iron (though Ping DO make very good clubs) Workability - not easy, little fades are difficult, the ball wants to go straight. This is not a bad thing once you get use to and confident to point and shoot. I did not find knock down shots easy at all with the P770's Forgiveness - very good, less than perfect strikes kept on line and I hit many greens where the shot did not deserve to Distance - Good, about half a club more than normal for me. They were consistent on distance, I did not get any fliers from any lie Around the greens they were ok for chip and runs, especially from grassy lies, but off bare lies the sole was a little bouncy for me. Again, I found it a little difficult to pick it cleanly off tight fairways, but they were very good out of the first cut of rough Iron spin was fine, the ball (TP5 and ProV1) dropped and stopped, no issues, however, iron spin is noticeably lower than a Titleist or Mizuno blade/MB Ball flight was a little lower than I expected, especially the 4 and 5 irons which went well into the wind, no balloning Would I recommend them: Yes - if you are looking to improve, or you are improving and dropping HCP they are a great set to graduate toward the so called players type iron category No? - if you are dropping away from the glory days...the negatives for me were Feel, Feel and Feel, and the sole is a tad wide and easy to bounce. Will they stay in the bag - Undecided, I need to try the 921 Tour and ZX7 for a round or two to properly compare them, and the Cally TCB has also caught my eye.. The search continues....the ho in you never dies...
  2. Often only one round. I usually know after a few shots if its going to work out for me or not and I can only think of one occasion when I stuck with something and really adjusted (a set of SC/MB MP-18's) How much have I spent on clubs over the past 15 years.....don't ask, but A LOT..the life of a dedicated club ho
  3. For me its Titleist all the way - 915Fd 17 deg still in my bag, though a TS3 nearly got it out... Ping do make some good hybrids though and I could easily bag one with the right shaft (I have always found them to be a little spinny and fond of the left side)
  4. I will be changing my TS3 driver and 3 wood for TSI3 versions and going 13.5 in the 3 wood, but I am going to check out the Ping G425 max before finally deciding given the fantastic reviews its getting I am currently gaming T100S irons with Modus 130 shafts and not entirely happy with them, so I will probably buy a set of 620mb's with PX6.0 (my fav and fitted for shaft). Easy purchase as this is the off the shelf and stock option. I like to use blades for practice, but these might replace the T100S irons if they go well.
  5. For me these would NOT suit a sweeper, they are easy to hit, forgiving and long though
  6. Just got the T100S, and after 2 rounds I like them less and less.....should have stuck with my P750's
  7. No, the complete opposite A thin sole with a little bit of camber or a pre-worn leading edge is the ticket
  8. My quick review of the new Titleist T100S irons Just some background: Hcp 7.8 Driver swing speed 106-110mph and 7 iron 170 yards Ball flight is high, generally with a lot of spin and this has always been a problem for me C-Tapers work brilliant for me in irons, but I hate the look and feel of them Strengths - Iron play and putting Weakness - Poor driving and getting the ball into play consistently Normal miss is a big, high pull Previous Irons: Taylormade p750's with PX 6.0 New Irons: Titleist T100S with Nippon Modus 130 S-flex I previously gamed several blades (and loved them) and in recent years the 714 and 716 AP2's. While the AP2's performed ok I hated the sole grind and I found they always "bounced" on firm/hard lie and the 8-PW were a little chunky Visually the T100S is not far removed from the AP2, but down by the ball it appears a little smaller and they frame the ball very well. The stronger lofts are very noticeable, it you put the 8 iron being the ball it looks strong with very little offset, and not at all like an 8 irons if you are used to traditional lofts They are long, I gained 8-10 yards per club with no loss in spin or stopping power, and the distances took a bit of getting used to They did not feel hot or springy, the ball just flew off the club face They were very consistent and distances reproducible. Feel was good, exactly as expected, soft, but muted. They did not, however, feel as solid as a blade or my old TM P750's. You can definitely feel its a multi-material construction The sole grind is good, and the biggest improvement over the AP2. I dropped a few balls onto hard lies and the head flew through them, absolutely no bounce. I also dropped several balls in heavy lies, rough and a fairway divot - all came out excellent, the Titleist talk on the sole and pre-leading edge is accurateOverall Summary Positives - Good solid irons, good distance gains, sole works well Negatives - still very similar to the AP2 (this may be a positive for some though). Feel is a little disappointing and for me this was the biggest disappointment Would I recommend them - Yes, but try the CB also, I am a little disappointed I did not go for them or a CB/MB mix
  9. Then your membership needs to be revoked, but we will reconsider this if you play X-100 (X7) or PX7.0 both tipped one inch of course!
  10. I am not sure what Jim Furyk's SS is or was, but it certainly wasn't fast by any standards and he is a Major winner He has also shot both 58 and 59 on tour which is an incredible achievement
  11. Best ball ever for me also, I would still play them if I could get them
  12. Very surprised to see the G410 on several contributions, for me it was the WORST ever. It had the 80g tensei blue shaft (too soft for me) - EVERYTHING went left I found the 915Hd good and the SLDR TP with the 9.3 Motore shaft was the best I ever used, I just wish I had it back right now...still searching eBay for a good clean one.. For me a heavier, x-flex shaft tends curb the "anti-left" in most hybrids
  13. Do not buy new clubs - there are great bargains out there second handDo not buy "Starter Sets"- they can be poor quality and are often total rubbishGo for the a well known OEM like Ping, Callaway, Titleist, Taylormade, Cobra, Srixon, Mizuno, Wilson, etc., second hand they cost the same as "Starter Set" and they will retain their value somewhatDo not buy a blade or any thing like a muscle back (yet..). Anything forged though is nice and worth itDo not buy anything with an x flex or exotic shaftThe ball is important - do not start with a ProV1x or TP5x, etc., go fo a good brand with a low to medium compression, all the OEM's make good balls. Starting out you will probably not have the strike or club head speed to get the best out of any tour level ball and IT WILL make the game harderAim for a good sized cavity back, medium to wide sole, Reg to Stiff shaft, or a Uniflex shaft if possible Stick at it, especially when it gets hard, and it will.... TAKE LESSONS. Once you know Golf is for you, invest in good quality equipment and GET PROPERLY FITTED After that you can become a proper Club Ho, search out Tour Issue Equipment and dream like we all do here on WRX
  14. jgpl

    Low Cost Driver

    Ping G400 series is very good and now heavily discounted - an LST with a Hzdrus Yellow....great value ST190 is also great value now with some cracking shafts - my local golf shop has new one with a real Atmos Tour Black Tour Spec for $200, the shaft is worth nearly that! I have also seen the odd "new old stock" M3 and M4 knocking about - a lot of club for little money A new Srixon 785 with a Hzdrus Red shaft can be bought for modest money - its safe, forgiving and able to keep up with the best of them Even the much maligned (and not that bad) Titleist 917 can be bought new at a real knock down price First version of the Callaway Epic should not be ignored - great ball speed and great value
  15. 2 BIG regrets: Number 1 - a set of Titleist 710MB's which I loved and shot a lot of great scores with Number 2 a set of Mizuno MP18's with c-taper shafts last year....please I want them back!!!
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