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  1. The Cleveland TA Milled Series putters are very hard to find. I have had all four in the series. I prefer the TA Milled 1, standard length plumbers neck over the Cameron Newport Classic or Newport AOP Oil Can because of their more durable Melanite finish, the feel of the 8620 carbon steel, the sight line and because they are about 5 grams heavier an the SC's.
  2. I am sure that Srixon/Cleveland will be getting some much deserved pub with The recent signing of Brooks Kepka. He is set to use the ZX5 driver. I recently picked up the Z858 driver with the Project X HZRDOUS red, but have not golfed since I received it. Hopefully in Spring I would be able to report back.
  3. You are probably correct. That coupled with many of the PGA Pros using mallets these days, most of which are probably face balanced, demand must be low for the Anser style LN's. Being a lefty it must be frustrating for you to look at so many right handed "eye candy" putters.
  4. Is it me or are the typical mass manufactures of putters not cranking out as many plumbers long neck putters like they have in the past? I heard the reason was that the LN were too costly to make?
  5. Wow, 8 sets of CF4000's! So you are the reason I have a hard time finding any more of this type of clubs in good condition. LOL
  6. From time to time I read or hear that the MacGregor 1950's circa CF4000 ceramic iron faces wear easily. I would have to disagree with the wear issue. I have had a set of 1959 Tourney CF4000 PT2's for over 40 years. Since around the year 2000 I try to make a point to pull them out of the basement at least once per year to play a round with them. I must admit I baby them, like most of my clubs, by cleaning them after use and wiping the grips down with dove dish soap and cold water and store them in a dehumidified basement as well. And I try never to hit the them out of the sand, except for the DS wedge. Not only do the faces hold up, but so do the original full cord Golf Grip grips. (The DS wedge is a PT2 also but with a leather grip which is really to slick for ever day use.) Ceramic is almost new looking and also stop pretty good on the greens, especially the DS wedge. What has your experience been with the 50's ceramic or Colokrom face wear?
  7. Big Stu, you always have awesomely shared knowledge of clubs from almost a Circa's. Question: Not so far back as 1990, did MacGregor really have an emphases on custom ordered clubs? I want to think they were really struggling back then to stay in business after Jack pulled out. I think "Limited Custom" ordered clubs would be pretty rare in "mint" condition. Makes me want to go down to my basement and look at my PT2 CF4000, Tommy Armour REG 985 and DX sets that have similar Diamondbacks.
  8. I have a set of these 2 iron through 9 iron. True Temper Dynamic shafts. I do not think the triangle means anything other than a trade mark of sorts. Mine have a B at the end of the REG. Serial #. I picked them up with some persiomons, a putter and an all leather stove pipe bag. And they are definitely prior to 1953. May be even late 30's or just after WWII in the mid-40's. #1, #2 & #3 persimmons wood set: Spalding - Robert Trent Jones, Jr. Percussion Weighted Kro-Flite Reg. #1312, w/ True Temper Step Down shafts & original grips. 2 > 9 iron set with matching serial # Reg. 284880-B: Spalding - Robert Trent Jones Jr. Registered Stainless Steel w/ True Temper Dynamic shafts & original leather grips. Putter: Spalding - Robert Trent Jones, Jr. Stainless Model w/ no line face and original leather grip. Golf Bag: A. P. Corp. - Atlantic Products - Trenton, NJ. all leather stove pipe bag w/ rain hood cover and paddle locks on zippers.
  9. I also think the Plus has a more extreme pistol bend at the top. My only complaint would be that it gets slick after just a few rounds.
  10. If you are in love with First Flight woods, I really have no use for my set, other than just displaying them.
  11. Does this putter have a pinned neck?
  12. I have Charlie Rymer's old '90s staff bag. Charlie has on the PGA Tour, worked on the Golf Channel and now has his own golf show. He is a pretty funny guy. My basement bag includes Ping Eye Two BeCu 1 > W and an S2 sand wedge. The 1 iron through W all have matching serial numbers, are red dot .75* flat and 1/2" over length with Z-Z Lite stiff shafts. Putter is a 1966-67, 85029 Dale Head Anser with old school red Ping Plush head cover.
  13. Check your hands when you grip the putter.
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