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  1. I agree with SUITS, don't mess it up. I believe the insert is the White Ice. I love my Ti Hot milled titanium with tungsten weighting, another Limited Release of 1,250.
  2. I have a very good conditioned set of these Tourney Custom The 985's. 2i > 9i, but I am missing the 3 iron. A friend of mine said that I should pull the heads and sell them on eBay. The shafts are Tourney 2 Mediums. Anyone know if 2 Medium means firm or regular flex? --- I also have a set of 1981-83 Tommy Armour PGA Silver Scott Collector REG. No. 709's, 2i > PW, Dynamic stiffs. Similar blades to Tourney Custom The 985's and the MacGregor Tommy Armour Silver Scot Rec. No. 985's.
  3. Thanks MattM97. Just reached out to Ryan Buzelli to ask him if he might check the lie and may be fit me on this one. He does not live far from me.
  4. Thank you. I was hoping you would see this Post and respond. So like dip a Q Tip in the gel and carefully wipe it over the paint in the cavity covering up the letters.
  5. Just received a used Buzelli STA-1 putter that I bought on line. The for sale pictures on line were not all that clear and definitely did not show some paint or nail polish that was applied to cover up the manufacturer's name. I'm not sure if you can see where someone has blacked out the BUZELLI script in the cavity or not. Why they did not just go over the white lettering with a black paint fill, I will never know. The cover up is kind of thick and when I tried scratching a bit on it with my finger nail it scratched out whitish. (see above the "Z") I know I have used acetone or nail polish remover before to change inlay paint color schemes before, so I am assuming I can do this on the covered letters and refill in the original white BUZELLI? Any thoughts? The rest of the putter looks to be OK and I will probably give her a chance to make it a gamer.
  6. I/m not sure the Cameron Archives will show the shaft labels. Sometimes they show you the grip and head cover. I know the 98-99 Oil Can's used the Crown label and I believe the Pro Platinums did as well in the early 2000's.
  7. Yah. This is the 3rd Anser Version, but not a Dale Head. Late 1960's.
  8. BUMP: Just spotted a Ken Edmiston KS-2 on eBay. First one other than mine that I have ever seen. Anyone know anything about this line of putters?
  9. Something about those first carbon steel Classics and AOP Oil Can's that always interest me. Not much for the 2016 > Newport Selects and newer.
  10. Love my Bellum Winmore 747, 303 stainless, 345 gram head wt. putter.
  11. That is a nice one. Commence refurb.
  12. Actually just came up from the basement after a dozen putts with the 1982-83 pre-Callaway Hickory Sticks USA NAPA style. This putter is as good as any in the 8802/Sportsman's. Soft feel bronze or brass. A little smaller head than the TM-6, but with the heavier hickory over steel shaft the whole weight of the putter feels good.
  13. I once had a Geo Low Bristle Wizard 600 and it was very similar if not the same as the Sportsman. It putts nice and was a bit easier to square to my eye. The Tad Moore MaxFli TM-6 is more similar to the Sportsman than the 8802's. I also like some of the MacGregor Ironmaster putters with about a 1/2 shaft off set.
  14. Bettinardi carbon steel milled Nicklaus Laguna style was my first milled putter.
  15. In my Man Cave I have an area dedicated to Ben Hogan clubs, accessaries and memorabilia. I have about a 7' wide wall section I want to dedicate to Robert Trent Jones Jr. So far I have found is a set of Spalding Kro-Flite Registered sheathed iron sets, a couple of all leather stove pipe golf bags Pat. Pend. from 1917 to 1925, a mint set of Spalding Percussion Weighted persimmons woods, a shadow box of Bobby's famous Kro-Flite Calamity Jane putter and a comemmerative remake of the Calamity Jane putter. I am in search of a non-chromed Spalding Kro-Flite Calamity Jane along with other clubs and accessaries to honor the Man.
  16. A work in progress but here are some shots of my man cave.
  17. I always thought that the Tad Moore Tour G Giraffe and the Tour LN Longneck were identical to each other until I took these pictures. The long neck on the Giraffe is about a third of an inch taller than the Longneck Tour. And the top line on the Giraffe is definitely thinner. Interesting.
  18. I have to second the second generation Ray Cook Blue Goose VIII putter. I believe it was a Scotty Cameron designed NAPA even though it may have been introduced after he moved on from Ray Cook.
  19. Below is a very rare Wilson TPA XVII. A modified, starter back flanged XVIII. So rare I can not find it on Terry McCabe's list of TaylorMade TPA's or Wilson livened TPA's.
  20. I have the same two Cleveland TA Milled putters and the same passion for them. Mine are the dark Gun Blues with stock shafts. I know Cleveland came out with two finishes, what did they call the finish on these putters?
  21. LaMont, here is my copper over stainless plated Wilson XVIII. Pretty cool putter.
  22. Here is my copper plated Wilson XVIII putter. Pretty cool and a lag machine.
  23. I use to have a BeNi KBI, but never pulled the shaft. But Bobby Grace was a stickler for honoring Karsten's Anser. ... so may be?
  24. Terrill "Terry" McCabe designed the TaylorMade TPA putters beginning around 1985. Around 1989 he licensed to Or through Wilson Staff the same McCabe TPA putters, the Pro Arch putter grips and he designed a few more models until around 1993. The TM & Wilson TPA #XVIII were the most popular. Tee McCabe is Terry's son and belongs to this forum and I believe his handle name is TPAXVIII
  25. I am interested in exploring Tee McCabe putters. Tee is the son of the late Terill (Terry) McCabe the designer of the TaylorMade and Wilson TPA putters. I was doing research on a Wilson TPA XVII and copper Wilson TPA XVIII putters I have and found what I believe was a wed site that may not be active currently. Very cool looking modernized Del Mar style 303 SS TPA XVIII and Anser style A1 & A2 putters. Does anyone have any of the putters from T McCabe or any info on them?
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