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  1. I think I’ve found the holy grail shaft! I’m having some amazing results with the 2019 Aldila tour green with graphene. Long straight low spin bombs! And the shaft feels smooth! I need to find a backup for it though. They are hard to find for sure.
  2. After one round with Nike air hybrid bag I can safely say it’s twice the bag the sun mountain is. It was so comfortable to carry and it also felt lighter. I know it’s not but there must be something in those air straps. Looking forward to walking many rounds this year with this bag! I hope they keep this style for years to come!
  3. I am definitely not looking to change out the driver at this point. The 3 wood though may be in trouble! I like your logic for equipment upgrades. I really need to stop changing my stuff out so dang much!
  4. Haha! No worries! Soon enough YouTube will be littered with reviews and side by side sim sure! I just don’t know if this will be worth the upgrade from my MAX D. That thing is money for me! I’d have never thought I’d get along with a “D” type driver but the SIM was so fade bias.
  5. You lucky dog! Go you happen to have the original max to snap a side by side face pic?
  6. I think I heard a new Kuro Kage shaft of some sort along with the new Tensei AV raw line?
  7. Does anyone know if there is face depth progression from the standard to the max like the original sim?
  8. So the sun mountain 4.5 LS only made one round before returning it. After 9 holes the bag started irritating me on my right side. There is a hard area for the handle that was chafing me and not comfortable. I now have the 2021 Nike air hybrid bag to try. I can already tell it’s going to be better. Also the materials feel better quality along with a better overall layout for the pockets. I’ll report back after a round Sunday.
  9. They need to bring the tour green graphene to retail. This has got to be the longest, straightest shaft I’ve ever gamed! I hunted for months to find one and it was worth the wait!
  10. Ok has anyone seen the darn headcover yet? I heard it’s really nice looking and we all know that’s super important!
  11. This talk about a deep face has me seriously excited But my wallet is scared!
  12. Thanks! I’m afraid of what it would look like after a few rides in my truck bed!
  13. Just one Christmas present to sell off. Awesome bag but I just don’t want white. Brand new never seen the course or a club! Sold!
  14. The depth. I love a deep faced driver. I have the sim Max D now and since I’ve got the head weight right it has been a bomber for me. I just hope they went back to a deeper face.
  15. So when can we see the darn face already!?!?!? The suspense is killing me!!!
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