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  1. I’m not sure if it’s standard or custom but I do know it is a “no upcharge” shaft along with the LS shaft. It’s on the Mizuno USA site in custom options for the JPX line.
  2. It’s a set gap wedge. I was hoping the same thing
  3. Just a impulse purchases to move today. No trade offers please. All items are shipped USPS with tracking numbers. Thanks for looking! - Taylormade Original One 13.5 deg head only with head cover. SOLD! - 2017 M2 3 tour issued. The actual loft on this head is 16 deg. It’s shafted with a Aldila Rogue Silver 130 MSI 80 TX tipped 1”. It plays 42 3/4”. It’s in good shape. No major marks. Asking $245… $220 … $200 shipped obo. If you want the head only I can sell that way as well. - Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green Hand Crafted 70 6.0 flex fairway shaft. Taylormade Tour issue adapter. This shaft is brand new. It play 43 3/4” in a SIM fairway. Asking $150… $115 shipped obo. - Mizuno ST200 15 deg fairway like new with Diamana Limited D 70x shaft. SOLD! - Mizuno ST-z 9.5 deg driver like new with Diamana Limited D 70x shaft. SOLD!
  4. However, it is awesome to take a set of new blades and bend them a couple degrees weak. I play my MP5s bent 2 weak. Almost no offset and a nice little increase in bounce. The funny thing is I feel I hit them about the same distance because they get through the turf that much better for me.
  5. Most definitely! Fitting heads never feel as good as a glued head. It’s just not possible.
  6. I was thinking the same thing! I like the script but wish the just used the old school script they had years back. There is nothing bad looking about this new range IMO. I can’t wait to get my set with custom blue icon ferrules
  7. Haha! The 120 is a different animal for sure! Love hate relationship for me. But much more hate so I’m most likely never going to try again!
  8. You Sir, have the same problems I have! I like your style! My order is in for the 7tx. Just not sure if I’m going to put a mizuno or Taylormade tip on it! See ya at the club hoes anonymous meeting this week
  9. I actually have 125s in my 53 and 58 deg Vokeys cause the don’t offer the modus wedge shafts. I have been using the modus 125 WEDGE shaft for years though and love them! Very similar to an S400 for me. I originally planned to reshaft my Vokeys but to be honest don’t feel too much difference.
  10. I believe I’ve found my iron shaft for awhile. I’ve been in and out of the 125x and just a absolutely love them. Smoother feel than the x100. Similar flight but no ballooning like I’d see with the x100. Definitely a little lower spin and tight dispersion. The 125 just seems to fly under the radar for some reason. I’ve tried all the modus line and the 125x is definitely the shaft for my swing. And it matches very well with some 125 wedge shafts too.
  11. If I didn’t have tracking info for my order by the end of the month I was going to cancel and wait for the new Mizuno release. Now I really just want to cancel and wait. Not a good look for the “#1 brand in golf”. But I will always love some Vokeys and Pro V1s!
  12. Wow!!! That’s not cool! I guess that club isn’t met to be swung at 130 mph! I know Titleist is having quality issues with the T100 line. Guess the T200 isn’t much better. Kinda nervous about the T100s set I ordered… if I ever see them.
  13. You beat me to it. I was going to say the same thing about the T100s PW. Much better idea to weaken lofts and add bounce in the wedges than strengthening lofts. Plus if you went with your plan your PW may likely have more offset than your 9 iron.
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