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  1. I have a SIM2 and a SIM2 Max. The max for me is definitely a little higher spin also has a slightly higher pitch sound to it vs my standard SIM2. I don’t know if it’s just me noticing this of what. For me the SIM2 is more muted and longer in my testing.
  2. Well maybe I’m the only one out there but for me the SIM2 is a massive improvement over the original SIM. I love the deeper face and it is so much more stable than the original. I could not hit the SIM straight to save my life. Ended up with a Max D late last year. It is still a little fade bias for me. The SIM2 is a straight up rocket launcher for me! Toying with a SIM2 Max as well and that is by far the straightest driver I’ve ever played. I hit the regular SIM2 farther and it’s easier to work. I have a tough decision to make on what one is going to stay in the bag. I’ll probably end up keep
  3. I’m late to the party but I just place a order for the 921 forged 4-p with modus 120x HS. I actually ordered mine with 1 deg strong of SEL lofts. I’m most likely going to get them all bent to true SEL lofts but mizuno won’t go more than 2 deg. Plus I want 4 deg gapping on my irons. I’m really hoping that to is helps with bounce as I’ve had problems with Mizuno digging on me in the past. Has anyone else gone this way with the forged?
  4. Well due shaft options I decided to cancel my P770 order and order up some JPX forged with modus 120x hard stepped. I feel like I made the right decision! Shout out to DDs for the awesome customer service!!!
  5. I’d like to hear some more comparisons between the 921F and P770. I have a set of P770s on order but may have to order some 921F as well just for fun! I have always had hot spot issues with the JPX in the past. Has that been a issue for anyone?
  6. I couldn’t take it anymore. Order placed for the P770s 3-PW. This will be my first set of Taylormade irons. Hopefully not my last! Haha! I can’t wait to get them on the course. 4 to 5 week wait.
  7. Do the p770s have a leading edge relief grind like the P760s did?
  8. The best combo set of Mizuno’s I’ve ever had was 3-6 MP-64 and 7-pw MP-4. I miss that setup. They flowed nicely together but that 3 iron was demanding as all heck!
  9. Maybe Rors switched due to elbow pain? Those PX 7.0s have to raise hell on the joints! I loved my 6.5s but my elbows love Nippon Modus 130s
  10. I think I’ve found the holy grail shaft! I’m having some amazing results with the 2019 Aldila tour green with graphene. Long straight low spin bombs! And the shaft feels smooth! I need to find a backup for it though. They are hard to find for sure.
  11. After one round with Nike air hybrid bag I can safely say it’s twice the bag the sun mountain is. It was so comfortable to carry and it also felt lighter. I know it’s not but there must be something in those air straps. Looking forward to walking many rounds this year with this bag! I hope they keep this style for years to come!
  12. I am definitely not looking to change out the driver at this point. The 3 wood though may be in trouble! I like your logic for equipment upgrades. I really need to stop changing my stuff out so dang much!
  13. Haha! No worries! Soon enough YouTube will be littered with reviews and side by side sim sure! I just don’t know if this will be worth the upgrade from my MAX D. That thing is money for me! I’d have never thought I’d get along with a “D” type driver but the SIM was so fade bias.
  14. You lucky dog! Go you happen to have the original max to snap a side by side face pic?
  15. I think I heard a new Kuro Kage shaft of some sort along with the new Tensei AV raw line?
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