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  1. Winter is tinkering time. Just got a sweet hook up on mitsu products, and I'm excited to try the 125 TX out in my zx7!! Only question is do I hard step if I currently play px 7.0?
  2. Would the new tour z rpg also fit the bill?
  3. What would you say it does? Faster ball speed, lower spin, etc?
  4. Looking at getting 1 of these to toy around with. I can get the zx5 with hot melt added to lower spin/launch from my coaching discount. But I'm curious if anyone can compare them to let me know what to expect. Thanks in advance.
  5. Curious how/why you went from such low lofted drivers to 10.5 shorter set ups? I'm assuming you have each driver in lower settings. But I'm curious as to how they play on course compared to your previous gamers?
  6. What shirt brand is JT wearing? That shirt Satuday was . I thought it was greyson, but doubtful. Thanks in advance.
  7. Guys, certain shafts are seeing delays. My "players" are still ordering and we are getting them at different speeds. Check with your hook ups to see when shafts are in. Always here to help!!
  8. Many condition Radspeed driver. Used maybe 15 rounds. 9 degree head with hzrdus smoke black rdx 70g 6.5 flex. Shaft was tipped 1", and plays 45". Lamkin crossline midsize grip. $250/shipped obo. SOLD
  9. Updating this as srixon again is hitting supply chain issues. Tour issue x100 out until Feb 2022!! And was also quoted 8 weeks on a diamana PD for a zx7 driver. Thank God it's winter in the Northeast!!
  10. Anyone, @J13 have any scoop on this? Very excited for this.
  11. Has anyone hit all 3 and can compare? Looking at ventus black or rdx black for shaft. Would set adapter at lowest setting in all. Thanks in advance!!
  12. Do you have anymore info on this new putter shaft? Or should I call Padderson and ask them?
  13. Cleaning house!! Firesale!! Reduced prices. G410 plus 9 degree driver with tensei orange 60 Stiff. Crossline grip. $200/obo G410 irons. 4-UW. Green dot (2 upright) +1/2". Modus 105 Stiff shafts. Jumbomax Medium grips. $400/obo Glide 3.0 54 & 58 wedges. Modus 105 Stiff shafts. Jumbomax Medium grips. $80/each or $140/set.
  14. C taper lite and wedge shafts are killing srixon orders right now. Rep told me 3-8 weeks depending on what flex and shaft. Hang on guys they are worth the wait!!!
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