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  1. Great switch!!!! Glad you like them, and I could help!
  2. Driver looks solid!! Txg testing showed the 3 "2nd tier" brands bring the heat!!
  3. After watching this video, srixon pretty much sells itself!! And not for 540, .
  4. You can always have custom specs. Bend PW 1 weak, bend GW 1 strong.
  5. All of the clubs I've looked at have blended very well!! The 4-6 irons in zx5 blend seamlessly with the zx7. I'm glad I have helped so many people on here!! Looking forward to helping more! DM
  6. Unicorn and sleeper will be srixon zx7!! Better performance at a cheaper price point.
  7. All my orders I placed gave no tracking. They just showed up!!
  8. Man those look good. Wonder where and how you got them so fast
  9. Srixon has their upcharges out there right now. Retail prices are listed. Some places charge less. I know what my costs are when I buy. Do your research.
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