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  1. City and State? Fitchburg, MA 2. Handicap? 2.0 3. Search for your home course HERE. Monoosnock Country Club 4. What is your home course? Monoosnock Country Club 5. How could a StrakaLine guide help your game? Help to figure out if the "hidden breaks" are actually real on my course 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? umm, obviously!
  2. Just heard from my rep. TT shafts are backordered until July!! Kbs is pretty much only shaft they are not having shipping issues with. Supply chain is "killing all momentum" from hideki winning. But we all know, once you hit these, IT'S WORTH THE WAIT!!! Still always able to help my "players"
  3. From all my "fittings" the lofts are almost irrelevant!! Go hit them, and then tweak them to fit your gaps. I honestly think srixon nailed it with their cg placement, and that is why the lofts are different between sets.
  4. A lot of my "players" are split between zx5 and zx7. Hardest part is trying to deal with a split set! Where does that "forgiveness" need to be. Still helping all players get fit and save some time and $.
  5. I know not many want to hear this, but they are currently running 4-5 weeks on stock orders. Zx7 I was told are almost out of stock! And custom orders are at the mercy of the imports! They don't have much stock in the warehouse, and they realize that. Just sent 3 orders in for my "players" and they understood. The Hideki effect is real!!
  6. Rdx blue 6.5 flex 70g with cobra tip. Measures 43.75 EOG. Played 45.25 in cobra. Tipped 1" from cobra. Hit 4 times then realized it wasn't for me. $140 shipped or make an offer. SOLD LH Mizuno 919 hot metal irons. Played less than 20 rounds. 5-gw. 5 iron length 38". Very good condition. Asking 550 shipped or make an offer. SOLD
  7. Rdx blue 6.5 flex 70g with cobra tip. Measures 43.75 EOG. Played 45.25 in cobra. Tipped 1" from cobra. Hit 4 times then realized it wasn't for me. $140 shipped.
  8. Just placed an order for a "player" and was told if items in stock, 4 day turnaround. Buy with confidence
  9. Looking at the 6 models out gets confusing. What evolution model would most closely resemble the rdx blue shaft? Looking at 661 or 757 models. Thanks in advance!!
  10. I'm sure you guys all want these, amd wait times are getting better!! The back up is now shafts and grips. I've had 3 "players" have their clubs within 3 weeks. Order with confidence
  11. What is shipping going to run me? No clue what this is? I'll try to translate
  12. No clue what this is? I'll try to translate
  13. Looking in my basement, and saw this sitting there. How do you think this would fare against today's fw? Thinking of putting a new shaft in it amd giving it a run. Thoughts?
  14. Hearing good things. Love my matrix proto and ventus black. Can I gain ballspeed by going to rdx blue? And does the rdx black come close to ventus black? I'm tipping 1" in x, so no worries. Thanks in advance!!
  15. I've just sent in 3 orders for my team, and was quoted 4-6 weeks, but 2 orders shipped within a week!! Patience is a virtue my friends
  16. What would I tip a rdx black to feel like a ventus black tipped 1/2"?
  17. Does anyone know what I would have to tip a 6.5 to play similar to a 6.5tx?
  18. Do you think they will eventually make a 2.0 profile with velocore for him?
  19. If in wrong forum, mods please move. Can anyone compare these 2 shafts? I know he has both in his bag, but wondering if the 2.0 can be better than the black? @Fujikura Golf any help here?
  20. 11 shots behind the leader. Made 2 doubles yesterday. Just stating facts.
  21. I'm not sold on wood shafts. TM did it with ventus, titleist did it with speeder and diamana back in day. All same profile, but tweaks on material. I've watched it first hand. You can't charge 500 for a driver with a 350 shaft, cuts your margin. There is a tradeoff somewhere!!
  22. Cally grabbing all MMT options is huge! Srixon missed the boat by only offering 105 stiff!
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