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  1. Not looking to purchase. Was just curious as I have never seen that font used or model. I just sold my BBs and have a wee bit of seller's remorse...
  2. https://offerup.com/item/detail/1340626874
  3. Seller told me they were purchased from a guy who told him they were built for a LPGA player…I can’t think of any LPGA player who uses Miura blades…
  4. Thanks for the info. I may go and have a look just to have a look....
  5. Saw these on offer-up and have never seen a set of Miura's without logo. Seller says these are MB-101s. Real or fake?
  6. I ordered some PXGs from DD and asked for the grips loose in the box, which was noted on my confirmed order, and they came with the grips installed. Sent an mail to DD but haven't heard back. Does anybody know if the grips are installed with air or solvent?
  7. Maybe move a little closer to the ball...
  8. I play the i95 in R-flex in a set of Z945s and to me the Fujis felt smoother even though they are S-flex in the Tour Spec. Good ball flight, not super high. Overall, really like the Fujis and wouldn’t have an issue playing them again. They are not like Recoils though..
  9. I really liked them but was intrigued by the Excalibur RT shafts so went to those for a bit. The Tour Specs in S are pretty stout.
  10. 1. Baby Blades heads 5 - PW. SOLD 2. Set of 5 - PW Fujikura Pro 95 Tour Spec pullouts in S-flex with Miura/Pure grips. Plenty of life left in the grips. These were in the BB's when I bought them but the Tour Specs are too stout for me so I had them pulled. Shafts in excellent shape. They are tapered to .355 and trimmed to play true to spec. Lengths are: 36.75", 36.25", 35.75", 35.25", 34.75", 34.25". All are +/- 1/16th of an inch. Looking for SOLD. Any questions or request for better pics, LMK. Thanks.
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