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  1. I bought 3 dozen of the above balls off eBay a few months back that were un-used practice balls at a PGA tournament in Michigan. Great ball.
  2. Looking for just the head or shafted... Thanks.
  3. Finally had a chance to get these out to the range and they are solid. Hard to tell distances due to the sun but they felt great. Not as soft as Yamaha Tour MBs but very solid. This could be my last set of irons....
  4. Finally joined the club yesterday after going back and forth about this for the last month. Set of 5 - P was up for sale locally with Fujikura 95 Tour Spec S flex shafts. Guy ordered them from Chip Usher awhile back but started using PXG's and shelved these until recently and then decided he wanted the newest PXGs. Looking forward to getting these out soon and seeing if the they are indeed special (which I think they will be)...
  5. 5 - PW Yamaha Inpres RMX Tour Model MB. KBS Tour 105 R-flex shafts. 38" 5-iron. No KBS shaft band on the PW. New Lamkin Crossline Grips. Forged by Endo Japan. One of the softest set of irons I've ever hit. Softer than my Srixon Z945 and those have Steelfiber graphite shafts. 5 - 8 in very good shape face-wise. 9 & PW show the most wear on face and sole (see pics). Backs of all clubs in very good shape. If you can see lines on the backs of the clubheads, those are the reflection from my ceiling. Slightly beveled leading edge that goes through turf easily for the divot takers. Not quite as g
  6. I use the K-grind in 56 and 60 they are great out of bunkers. No issues from fairway, rough or hardpan either. Have a 52 as well but never really use a gap wedge anymore although for longer bunker shots it's pretty great.
  7. I've looked in this topic and online elsewhere but there seems to be an opinion that there weren't many/any counterfeit 1957 Baby Blades made? Looking at a set locally and want to make sure before pulling the trigger... Thanks for any info...
  8. Thanks for all the answers. After doing a little more sleuthing online and on this site, it turns out the "diamond" marking is a tour only ball. Whether it was actually released to the public as a 2019/2020 version I don't know. It makes sense they feel different because of the graphene, which is what made the Nike balls feel and sound so diferent. I'm pretty sure Callaway bought some ball patents from Nike when they shut down...
  9. Bought some Chrome Soft X practice balls online and when I got them didn't recognize the year model and they feel different from other CSX balls I've played in the past. Any ideas as to model year? Thanks.
  10. I think an underrated JDM is Yamaha. Very soft feeling and some of the older Tour models were Endo Japan forged and can be had for lower prices than Miura, Epon...
  11. Anybody have any idea who/which foundry forged the MB2 and what kind of steel? Thanks.
  12. Still available. Tip diameter is .370. I used brass shims when I had the .355 shafts installed. Anything else, let me know? Thx. Bobby
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