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  1. I have the stock Mitsubishi MV graphite shaft in my T-400’s
  2. Ha ha!! You are so right! I’m one that ignores that argument. It is what it is. I’m really only concerned how they impact my game and my personal launch window and length needs. For me, they work!
  3. Switched to the T-400 irons and have never enjoyed hitting a set of irons as much as these. I am 72 and was looking for a set that would make the game a little easier and provide me with a little more height and forgiveness. Bingo, these hit all the boxes. Yes, they are bulkier than my previous set of T-200 and have wider soles but the two tier sole makes turf interaction normal with the ability to really flight the ball the way I want. I am a lower single digit handicap and these irons are so enjoyable. I have 5-55* clubs and wedges and they all are extremely playable for me. I have never hit
  4. That makes some sense because I got a 4 iron P790ti that was built over length and when I reshafted I cut to a normal length and had to add some tip weight
  5. I have the same question. Anyone have an answer?
  6. Feel and sound are improved over the 700’s. The black finish appears to be a real improvement
  7. I have G-710 6-SW and use 4-5 G-410 hybrids. I get a better trajectory with the hybrids over the G-710 irons. Just a personal preference. How is everyone’s Black finish wearing? Mine is surprisingly wearing very well. Very little difference since new and I’ve had mine since they were released by PING
  8. I played i210 irons before the G-710. Great irons but get some additional distance, better trajectory and equal distance control With the G-710’s. A trade off would be the i210 gave somewhat better turf interaction. This game is hard enough without taking advantage of the newer technology. So far, my black finish is not showing wear at all and the grey faces show only normal wear as you would expect when you play and practice.
  9. I’m 72 playing to a 6 handicap having been a 1 at my best. Like an iron that gives me confidence and works for me. The G-710 gives me everything I need to balance consistency, distance and trajectory control.
  10. I have two sets of the new PING G 710 irons. One with Steelfiber FC 90 graphite shafts and one with AWT 2.0 steel shafts. Like to switch back and forth until I find a favorite
  11. Anyone have an idea on price?
  12. Looking at both of these as my next set of irons. For those that have hit both, could you give me your thoughts on the pro and cons of each and the one that you prefer. Thanks!
  13. Can someone interpret the marks on the new hosel as it pertains to the 3 flat adjustments. ping says you can flatten up to 3 degrees and the +1 and -1 and 0 seems to mean loft. Someone please confirm how to accurately interpret. Thanks!!!
  14. I play 3-AW 718 with the Project X PXi shafts. I really enjoy the unique feel of the hollow head- Shaft mix. I think they are the best of all the player distance irons available. Great trajectory, easy to hit and control long irons as well as precise dependable short irons. Look super behind the ball and in the bag. They are also durable if that’s a box for you that needs to be ticked
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