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  1. Geezus will they stop it with the heart rate thing. I don't care what someone heart rate is during a match or any other game
  2. Going strictly by the poll options. Reed. Love him, hate him. He seems to get pumped for these events
  3. May be the embargo will be lifted when they release in Japan. They're the same clubs now and will be in the hands of people over there who bought them...who knows though
  4. I rather see Mikey hit them. He seems more human I like Ian and Matt but watching them hit on the sim, looks like they don't have issues hitting any clubs, hit shots they may not like but I'm like I'd take that all day. Still can't wait until their full video review... Any idea when the embargo is ending and videos showing up?
  5. They can get rid of the Olympics, only reason it was brought back was because they thought they could cash in on Tiger. If they want to keep golf in the Olympics then really mix it up. Each country can only send 4 maybe 6 people. Each team is made up of a man and a woman. Play alt shot or something along with maybe Stableford scoring. Olympic golf as is, is boring and no different than what we see every week with the same players
  6. Someone should tell them that's not how you make a cursive z
  7. What about the TT Elevate Shafts? Any word if Modus 115 going to actually be available for that release in the US?
  8. That's kind of what I'm thinking. I think I'm just going to go *1 weak on 5,6,7 with standard lie in 223 and 8,9,PW in 221 as is. Now I just need to find out about length because the Japan site has the clubs at 1/4" shorter than what's normally here but hoping that's just because of the Asian market.
  9. Never done a blended set so question. If I went 5,6,7 in 223 and 8,9,PW in 221. It looks like I would need to have the 5-7 bent at least 1* weak, looks like 2* would match up with the 221 irons though. Do you guys normally get them bent or play them stock
  10. So they're releasing in Japan in October but the States have to wait until Feb? I guess the Dec preorder I heard about is fine. I don't play much in the late fall/winter Looks like the lengths on the Japan site for the 221 are a 1/4" shorter. Is that because it's a Asian market?
  11. Ok dumb question. Do you know what the default grip they're using? Hoping if I place my custom order and use the default grip my order won't get delayed much
  12. I think I may go 4-6 223 and 7-PW 221, the 223 simply because aesthetics
  13. You don't know the lofts of these irons do you? Will it require bending to blend? I was originally thinking of going 5-PW in 221 and 4 Fli hi if they make a 4 or some hybrid but maybe I can do 4-6 in 223/225 and 7-PW in 221
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