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  1. The script doesn't bother me now as much as it did at first but still think they should have gone for a cleaner classic look I did these two MP221 real quick and IMO both look much nicer
  2. I agree. I still plan to get the 221's maybe combo with 223 but if they had went for a clean design like you said ie Titleist....man those would've looked sick
  3. Glad you figured that out early instead of pulling a rookie move spending money on lessons instead of buying new clubs until your game is perfect. It's the club man, always the club
  4. LOL Kinda like most Titleist blades. Just has their name on the muscle back and model on the hosel... Pure clean sexy But agreed not much you can do with a blade other than using new material
  5. That would be an easy fix for a person... Should've left the running bird on the muscle of the 221, move the script to the rear of the blade and put the 221 on the hosel
  6. I get what you're saying. Golf is a mental game and if you don't like something you're just not going to convince yourself that the club will perform. The script on the Miz 221 doesn't really bother me too much but I think it would be better if placed some where other than the toe. If Titleist had brought out those AS or JT blades that's been posted this year. I'd probably be picking those up instead of the Mizuno. There's nothing like a nice classic clean looking blade.
  7. Yeah I can see why you'd release for sales figures but think it's pretty dumb not to let the top content creators review them, so what if it's a few months. I have to wait anyway..at least give me a few videos to start watching now, especially since they're the exact same and already being released in Asian markets. The T100/T200 seem to be pretty dang popular, you'd think Mizuno would want people to save their money and buy their irons. If Titleist had released those 621/681 pictured in the the thread last week instead of the T100/T200. I'd probably have ordered those instead haha
  8. Oh I'm sure places like TXG and other influencers could get a set and review them but it's going to cost them from getting any further demo clubs and sponsorships... No a random golfer like me and if I had a channel but wasn't in the top like TXG,Rick, Peter and others could order a set and review them. Probably would get plenty of views
  9. Pretty dumb embargo date IMO. They've shown them on the US social media. They're the same club and stampings this time around for the US and Europe. They released them overseas in October pretty much 2 months before they're released in the states. Should at least let US content creators film and show them. At the end of the day they're a blade iron. Not like it's a new never been seen Playstation/XBox
  10. HAHAHAHA Honestly though, there really is only so much you can do before you have to repeat yourself I'm interested in seeing if the Modus 115 shaft will be offered stateside. I kind of wish they'd offer the TrueTemper Elevate line with VSS.
  11. When will TXG and others finally get to show them and videos? Mid November?
  12. The Mizuno Pro looks better on the heel like they did on the 118 than the toe placement of the 22's. I think that's where they should've put it on the 22's, put the running bird on the muscleback and 221 on the hosel. May could have put the running bird on the sole, the Mizuno Pro on the muscle and the 221 on the heel or hosel The script just looks out of place on the toe IMO but still debating on if I want to combo 223(5-7)/221(8-pw) or just go with a full blade set...
  13. Dang just saw JT's irons and now Adam Scotts... If these are coming out. I may have to rethink my Mizuno MP 221 purchase... Both JT and Scotts Titleist irons are some clean looking blades...
  14. Those are some pretty blades...Titleist makes some of the cleanest looking blades. Are those coming out in 2022? How do they compare to MP14's spec wise?
  15. LOL @ Crossfield. He did talk about the T200 backing and sound
  16. They should've stuck with the 2019 layout instead of putting Mizuno Pro on the toe area IMO. Looks cleaner and less busy than the new ones Put the running bird in the center of the muscle like they did and put the 221 under Mizuno Pro for the slight change from the 2019 design
  17. there's normally a 3 second or so delay to catch those things...even on "live" broadcast
  18. Where is this? I just flipped back over to it. Way too many commercial breaks earlier. ETA:NVM...NBC doing it
  19. I wish ESPN+ had coverage. I know people don't like that but they have awesome PGA Championship coverage, better than the broadcast coverage
  20. oh man that would be a pairing for sure.. Morikawa is going to put it in play more so than no, Bryson can then swing away
  21. Guess they figure this is Westwoods last RC. Let him enjoy it...never mind how he plays
  22. I thought I even heard Sergio agreeing it was a problem
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