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  1. Don't know that i can answer all of your questions, but if you attempt to keep the club in front of you during the backswing, you likely will force your swing to be more vertical that it is naturally. In many cases, I could see your shoulder turn being more limited in this vertical plane than it would be if your swing were more around you.
  2. Many, many teachers do not fall in these methodology structures, but there are several schools of teaching that have followers.....just off the top of my head, I would say Stack and Tilt-Bennett/Plummer TGM (the golfing machine) Single Plane/Two plane-Jim Hardy Swing the Clubhead-Ernest Jones/Manuel de la Torre another camp would be that type of swing taught by Jimmy Ballard, but not sure it has a catchy name. If I've offended anyone by either not including your particular type of swing or have matched up two types that don't belong together, I"m sor
  3. playing Erin Hills on July 6th. Hoping the course is in great shape as always.
  4. FYI, played Hickory Ridge two weeks ago. had a good time, but just wanted to say conditions were not the best. It was not terrible, but they seem to be struggling a bit with a lack of play and the effects of that. We went on a warm Saturday morning (9:36am tee time). We had noone for 30 minutes tee off in front of us and no one behind us for almost 30 minutes. there were only about 6 cars in the parking lot when we got there. The fairways seemed to be fine and much of the greens were fine, but the two things i noticed were both early in the round. Hole #1 had a pretty big bare spot on t
  5. Have you ever met someone who seemed to be intentionally eccentric? We had a strange dude that used to frequent our club who we nicknamed "Tall Paul", obviously his name was paul and he was tall. Anyway, this dude carried around a copy of The Golf Swing book by David Ledbetter. This was the first Ledbetter book with drawings of David Frost performing the swing moves. Anyway, he 'accidentally' left his book in our pro shop one day and we thumbed thru it. He had written his own swing ideas in the margins. This in and of itself is not that weird, but in one of the scribbles, he had written
  6. May thru October, I usually play 9 holes 2x week, either Tue/Thurs or Tue/Fri. Then I will play a minimum of 18 holes on the weekend and a maximum of 36 on the weekend. This past week is very typical for me...I played 9 holes tuesday evening, 9 holes thursday evening. Played 18 Saturday and played a late 9 on sunday. I rarely/never practice. I am 54, no kids at home and a wife that doesn't mind me playing, but wants me to be home some as well.
  7. I am playing Hickory Ridge this Saturday. We usually make it over about 2x each summer (I live in southeast missouri).
  8. I am 54 with a 34" waist and I own a white belt. The ONLY time I will wear it is with white shorts so it blends in.
  9. So, the title says it all. Played in a club qualifier this weekend and completely lost my game. Little back story to explain the situation. Every October there are 14 clubs in southeast Missouri that get together for what is called the SEMO Cup (South East MissOuri). In the event 12 members from your club play against all the other clubs in a 27 hole all day event. Like most, our club has qualifiers throughout the year to be one of the 12 members to represent our club. I have qualified every year for the team, usually with no problems....often finishing 2nd, 3rd, 4th is scoring avg out o
  10. Agree about the cheese curds! We always make a point of stopping into Horse and Plow on our first night in town to get some.
  11. Two really good pizza places in town...il Ritrovo is authentic Neopolitian pizza and it is fantastic. Also Fay's Pizza is just a normal pizza joint, but the pizza is really good (plus there is a signed tshirt, signed by Bubba Watson and Ricky Fowler). Also, there is a cool little pub upstairs at Whistling Straits. Good food there too.
  12. Interested as well. Will be in Kohler the week of July 4th and was hoping to play here.
  13. Don't get so caught up the the technical details. Here is a very quick summary of what Jim Hardy told me several years ago. A single plane swinger has his left (lead) arm pull in toward the body as he approaches impact (to square the face), while a 2 planer has the right arm move out away from the body to square the face. If you watch a swing in slow motion from down the line, it is very easy to see the difference.
  14. I am a two planer as well. I don't really follow any instructor as most tend to favor the one plane swing lately. I have seen Larry Rinker's videos, but it seems if you've seen one of his, you've seen them all. I am always on the look out for successful upright swings.....Peter Uihlein won this past weekend, might want to look at a video of his swing. Justin Thomas, Ian Poulter, Davis Love, Jason Day, Louis Oostheizen(sp?), Bubba Watson, Retief Goosen, John Senden, Woody Austin there is a cool video of DJ Trahan going thru every club in his bag (on youtube) and it is filmed from 2 angles.
  15. Feel based. I've tried many things to make my stroke more mechanical, but I never stick with it very long because it doesn't give me the ability to make any corrections, etc. So, I line up the putter face while looking at the hole. I dont use a line on the ball or on the putter, but have tried both. I don't even like looking at writing on the ball when I putt, I usually have the blank white area facing up. I have also tried things like arm lock, pencil, saw, etc but don't like how rigid that makes my stroke. It sounds like I am a terrible putter considering everything I've tried, but I a
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