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  1. I dont focus on any part of the ball. I see the whole ball and the area around the ball in my field of vision when I swing.
  2. For what its worth, I've booked an AirBnb in Pinehurst for March and the owner of the AirBnB is a member of Pinehurst. If you find the same, the member can book your tee time for you, without staying at the resort. (edited for clarity)
  3. I don't know if this has been said previously, but unless you are just trying to get a 'stay and play' rate, there is no need to change your lodging from playing Pinehurst to playing Pine Needles. They are only a few minutes from each other.
  4. Arg, sorry I missed you when you were passing thru southeast Missouri a few weeks ago, could have met you and played somewhere nice. But, I will be following your journey. Good luck and I will be living vicariously thru your blog.
  5. I've only had 2, the R7 and my current driver, M3-440 with Hzrdus Black shaft. This current one is the best driver I have ever played. I would like to upgrade to either the SIM or SIM2, but just don't want to give up my current driver.
  6. yes, I don't think you would have much trouble. Last time I went, I was a single and just checked in at the proshop the evening before I wanted to play. They actually made me a 9:15 tee time and I was not paired with anyone. But when I showed up the next day, a member had made a tee time and I got paired with him. A very nice older gentleman named Patrick who was turning 90 that day! I played pretty well for a 90yr old, probably shooting in the mid 80's. He had no problem walking and using a pull cart. This is probably way more information than you needed, but yes, you should be able to get on, no problem.
  7. The Prairie Club in Valentine, Nebraska. Not near anything....barely has cell service. 2 really good golf courses and the best greens you may ever play.
  8. Il Ritrovo for dinner. Play BlackWolf Run. The River is my favorite course at Kohler.
  9. Two weeks ago, I played in the Jefferson City (Missouri) Country Club Memorial tournament. It is played in conjuction with the Missouri Mid-Am championship. It is essentially a Senior flight for the Missouri MidAm. I showed up, having never played the course and did not get to play a practice round. There were 43 individuals in the senior division including several former Missouri Amateur Champions and on Trans-Miss Amateur champion (actually beat Phil Mickelson). My goal was top 10. This would be a good showing for me. Well, things didn't start the way I had hoped. In round 1, I was +9 after 12 holes and my head was spinning. I got things on track for the rest of the round and ended up shooting +9 (81). This put me near the end with a T35 at the mid way point. I readjusted my goal and felt that inside the top 30 would be successful after I botched Saturday's round. Sunday worked out much better and I was +2 thru 15. A lapse in focus cost me two bogeys coming in, but ended up shooting +4 (76). 81-76 and I finished T23. Not where I wanted to be at the end of the week, but I was happy with my second round. Sadly I only get to play in 1-2 of these kind of tournaments a year, so it is hard to see much of a trend from one year to the next, but I really enjoy them when I get to play in them.
  10. We are on the waiting list, thanks.
  11. I will check this out....thanks.
  12. Thank you, this is just the sort of thing I was hoping for. Anyone else?
  13. My wife and I are going to Bandon next June (2022) and planning on staying in an Airbnb/Vrbo since the resort is booked already for 2022. We have found several nice places we are willing to rent, but was needing some advice. The three locations we have found rentals are Port Orford, Bandon and Coos Bay. I have already google mapped each location and know how far it is to Bandon Dunes from each rental, but I was wondering if there is anything else I should be considering? One note, my wife does not golf, but will likely walk the course with me provided the weather is decent. The fact that Bandon is so close makes this choice seem like the obvious one, but is there anything we should consider about the other towns? How is the drive from Port Orford or from Coos Bay? We would probably be travelling to the resort 3-4 days out of the week we are staying. The rest of the days, we will probably just explore the beaches, walk the towns, etc. Is the bigger town of Coos Bay worthy of considering for restaurants, sights, etc?
  14. I've played The Rail and Piper Glen and enjoyed them both. Have not played Red Tail Run, but heard good things about it. A little further south, Governor's Run in Carlyle is a fun course.
  15. I don't know how well this will work, but i have seen some use swimming floatie. The little arm rings that children wear around their biceps to keep them afloat when they are learning to swim. Not that this will keep you from folding too much, but might at least alert you as to WHEN in the swing you've reach the 90* bend point.
  16. I called last night, for a few days in June, 2022 as a single. Already booked. In fact, the ladies exact words were, "we are all booked for 2022 and are taking reservations for 2023". I asked, 'for a single room?'....she said yes. So I am on the waiting list for June 2022
  17. Just beginning to plan a trip for me and my wife to go to Traverse City next July (travelling from Missouri). Traverse City will be the home base, but will plan on playing Arcadia Bluffs and South Course, but looking to add a few others. (fwiw, this is not specifically a golf trip, but will play a few rounds as a single, wife doesn't play). But if I were going to spend another day away from Traverse City, should I head north and play Bay Harbor and Belvedere, or head southeast and play Forest Dunes and Loop? Just wondering what you guys would choose. On an additional note, how for in advance can I make tee times as Arcadia Bluffs if I am not staying on site?
  18. Washington National is a nice course in Hartford and a short drive from Milwaukee. Also, The Bog in Saukville. Both could probably be had for under $100 with cart. As others have said, The Bull at Pinehurst Farms in Sheboygan Falls is one of my favs in the area. Also, if you are just looking for inexpensive, try Quit Qui Oc over in Elkhart Lake. They have a decent 27 holes.
  19. Don't know that i can answer all of your questions, but if you attempt to keep the club in front of you during the backswing, you likely will force your swing to be more vertical that it is naturally. In many cases, I could see your shoulder turn being more limited in this vertical plane than it would be if your swing were more around you.
  20. Many, many teachers do not fall in these methodology structures, but there are several schools of teaching that have followers.....just off the top of my head, I would say Stack and Tilt-Bennett/Plummer TGM (the golfing machine) Single Plane/Two plane-Jim Hardy Swing the Clubhead-Ernest Jones/Manuel de la Torre another camp would be that type of swing taught by Jimmy Ballard, but not sure it has a catchy name. If I've offended anyone by either not including your particular type of swing or have matched up two types that don't belong together, I"m sorry. just trying to give the OP something to dig into. But like I said, many, many teachers and students don't fall into any of these camps and just try to correct any deficiencies someones swing may have.
  21. playing Erin Hills on July 6th. Hoping the course is in great shape as always.
  22. FYI, played Hickory Ridge two weeks ago. had a good time, but just wanted to say conditions were not the best. It was not terrible, but they seem to be struggling a bit with a lack of play and the effects of that. We went on a warm Saturday morning (9:36am tee time). We had noone for 30 minutes tee off in front of us and no one behind us for almost 30 minutes. there were only about 6 cars in the parking lot when we got there. The fairways seemed to be fine and much of the greens were fine, but the two things i noticed were both early in the round. Hole #1 had a pretty big bare spot on the back of the green. It was probably 4ftx6ft and was just bare sand. It did not appear to be ground under repair as there were no stakes, no paint and a few clumps of weeds in the seam between the sand and the green. They seemed to intentionally cut the cup away from this spot, but it looked bad. The second spot was the bunker behind #2 green. To be honest, I didn't remember that there was a bunker back there, but it had no sand in it and had weeds growing throughout. At first, i assumed they were just filling it in and letting the grass take over, but there was really no grass in it....just weeds. Looked bad. The rest of the course was in decent shape, but just wanted to give everyone a heads up.
  23. Have you ever met someone who seemed to be intentionally eccentric? We had a strange dude that used to frequent our club who we nicknamed "Tall Paul", obviously his name was paul and he was tall. Anyway, this dude carried around a copy of The Golf Swing book by David Ledbetter. This was the first Ledbetter book with drawings of David Frost performing the swing moves. Anyway, he 'accidentally' left his book in our pro shop one day and we thumbed thru it. He had written his own swing ideas in the margins. This in and of itself is not that weird, but in one of the scribbles, he had written that his idols were Ernie Els, Darth Vader and Hitler. Yes, THAT Hitler! He would also go to the practice green with a putter and tennis balls. He would never practice putting with golf balls, only tennis balls. But, i've saved the best for last. He would walk around with a live toucan (bird) on his shoulder. Not a talking parrot, just a regular Froot Loop toucan! The funny/nasty thing is, this bird would crap while sitting on his shoulder and after about an hour, he would have bird crap running down the back of his shirt. Nasty. I got the feeling this dude just wanted to look eccentric instead of actually being that way.
  24. May thru October, I usually play 9 holes 2x week, either Tue/Thurs or Tue/Fri. Then I will play a minimum of 18 holes on the weekend and a maximum of 36 on the weekend. This past week is very typical for me...I played 9 holes tuesday evening, 9 holes thursday evening. Played 18 Saturday and played a late 9 on sunday. I rarely/never practice. I am 54, no kids at home and a wife that doesn't mind me playing, but wants me to be home some as well.
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