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  1. If you people only knew how much money Korean Sponsors pay this man, he's far more wealthy then both of those guys RIGHT NOW without any career earnings.
  2. The problem is, no one knows anyone that’s won. Anyone here?!!! They’ve apparently gone the same route as Marcus Jordan/undefeated. Backdoor/family/friends. Giving Eastsidegolf an unfollow. What a scam that raffle was. I’ve bought 3 shirts from them and went straight into the wash. Not sure I can even return them. Shame on them.
  3. I don’t know a single person that’s gotten these on their supposed online Raffle. Anyone here get them?
  4. Having had both the 505xx and 505x, my decision to go with the 505x was due to the 505xx feeling very close to a standard shaft (stiff shaft) for me and didn’t have the sling shot effect the 505x has imo. And the 505x was hitting the ball further. My misses were just about the same.
  5. I have 2 3wd shafts 505x. One playing at 43 and the other playing at 44. We’ll see how that goes. Head I’ll be using is a sim1 15*
  6. I have the lighter weight but felt better with the stock weight on the head. So far so good. No need for a lighter weight for some like me.
  7. i was thinking the same thing. they were less then 600 new at my club.
  8. What’s your end game here? Do you have an autoflex? Are you interested in buying one if not?
  9. We’ll refer to it as the poverty Autoflex from now on. I’m done being nice about it and turning my head the other way every time I see someone compare it to a ladies flex shaft.
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