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  1. I think many people have but they haven’t been brought up here. Sound, feel and distance are great I had an NP-99 and a SS-03 and one reason I didn’t keep them in play was that they looked like they had too much onset
  2. If you come across one of these fairways give them a try: R7 TP, Cleveland Launcher Comp and Mizuno MP Titanium. The most recently released club is the Mizuno at 10 years ago with the other two around 15 years ago which helps make them inexpensive. All 3 have titanium construction in varying degrees, and all 3 have great distance. I say this not as they have good distance for old clubs, but have distance comparable to anything you’ll find today. Every now and then you’ll find an RBZ, 2016 M2, 917 or SIM that flys as far as your driver, true, but give one of these old boys a try some time.
  3. I’m asking about a 16 year old set of irons which is ridiculous, but would like to see if anyone can remember specifics. We know the difference between the CB and Coin Forged designations. We know that some sets were made in different foundries, and we’ve heard projected production numbers, but... I have 4 sets- 3 of which have 6 digit serial numbers, the other has no serial numbers. Two sets of serials go start with three numbers, one set starts with “3CB” And the fourth set has no serial numbers. Are there any differences between these sets?
  4. So they are Vapors. The lack of Volt swoosh and black cap through me off.
  5. Can someone tell me the name of these Nikes? All are forged, the 5 and 6 Irons have the RZN pocket.
  6. Rac CB's have S300's, Rac LT's 6.0 flighted rifles I have to say that the CB's are something special; wonderful sound, playability and feel
  7. Driver: Long, and made by a tire company 3 wood: Ballz Hybrid: Old, and made by a tire company Irons: Sporting I-Kid-You-Not 14 year old Lamkin grips Wedges: Rusty Putter: Slightly rusty
  8. Concorde>Any commercial airline now And Bridgestone J40>715
  9. It's funny that it says he used Mizuno's in the womb.
  10. Taken directly from Mizuno's Wikipedia page: Tiger Woods used Mizuno golf clubs while he was in the womb and continued to use them after he turned professional in 1996 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mizuno_Corporation
  11. The secret to keeping these grips going is wash every now and then but use a hacksaw blade on them. Sanding takes away rope and rubber, the blade exposes more cord.
  12. [quote name='Evning' timestamp='1449834322' post='12706570'] [quote name='Socrates' timestamp='1449812311' post='12706288'] [quote name='moogolfer' timestamp='1449804146' post='12705962'] Crossline cords. Going on 13 years with the same set. [/quote] You know you could be kicked off WRX for admitting that you have used the same set of irons for 13 years. [/quote] Its worst than that, he seems to be saying he has been using the same set of GRIPS for 13 years! [/quote] Bought the set and regripped them in 2003. They were my main set of irons for 4 seasons which I played around 110 rounds each year. For the past six years they have been the set I keep at a second home and get 5 rounds a year.
  13. Crossline cords. Going on 13 years with the same set.
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