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  1. I have a set zx 4. 567. zx5 89pw and weakened the lofts on the zx4 to blend nicely to the zx5's. no problem bending 2 degrees
  2. THATS WHAT HAPPENED TO MINE.It was fine for several months and then I HEARD A RATTLE .
  3. I am a slower swing with t200's with Nippon 850 regs. I weakened the lofts to the t100 specs and voila -- exacting the descent angle and stopping I WAS NOT GETTING EARLIER.
  4. I was in the same situation.Putting well but could not stand the flaw.
  5. YES ; MANY ARE BEING SENT BACK TO Ping to get fixed. common issue that head is loose at the hosel
  6. RECEIVED MINE mid November here in Florida.Played 5 times week since 2 days ago when the rattle appeared.
  7. I discovered a rattle in mine 1 week ago .The dealer remove the grip and found it was the head at the hosel had become slightly loose. The hosel is a piece by itself. This was the sixth of all six he had sold which had the same failure ; and hence sent back to Ping for repair along with the others.He tried to pull the hosel since it is inserted in the head but no luck. Nice putter but poor assembly.Ping is having trouble getting qualified people right now is a popular belief and hence behind on orders. I am not sure when mine will return and was a limited run and needs repair ;
  8. 8 HDCP ; STUDIO STOCK 18, Using BB1 for last 13 years. ; in Bonita Springs Florida - private club ; will use and post
  9. Very unusual and not prevalent .I suggest returning for another one. The plating process was faulty and should not have passed q and a.
  10. Just played with my zx4 4-6 zx5 6-aw combo that I received yesterday .order was placed feb 22.Just replaced my 919 hmpro .Better feel and at least 1/2 club longer .All lofts set to zx5 std.
  11. mine here in the next couple of days .Will post info .zx4. 567. zx5. 89 pw.
  12. my set of zx4 5 6 7 zx5 8 9 pw with Neo reg are being built mar10 ; sent mar12 . in my hands via air mar15. I went with the zx5 in the short irons to keep the feel the same as the hollow zx4 long irons.Also the zx4 pw has a huge sole .920" and looks too much. I am coming over from mizuno 919 hmp with Nippon 105 regs.
  13. saw my heads yesterday . zx4 567. zx5. 8 9 pw. to keep the smppnh feel the same.heads were all shipped with zx5 lofts
  14. HIT THE 425 max 10.5 today with 2 other players for 9 holes with the Tensei orange 55r and Alta cb 55 r.It was straight but no better than the 410 1 fellow had .We even changed shafts with his ping tour s and found the 425 to be very straight due to high moi but no further.I hit a epic normally so I FOUND THE 425 TO BE VERY HARSH/ METALLIC IN feel. One player of us 3 di like the feel and distance .It is truly a forgiving driver.
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