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  1. How is the sizing on this? I got one similar from PM in large and it was somewhat small. I am a MED in std size PM polos.
  2. IMHO Best Mini Tours are (no particular order) Dakotas Tour All Pro Tour (formerly Adams Pro Tour) Golden State Tour Outlaw Tour Minor League Golf Tour Swingthought Tour All pay decent, have pretty good fields, some pretty good courses, and great competition. Next best thing are the top state opens which include... Colorado ($100k to first) Texas ($25-35k to first) New York California North Dakota
  3. Luke List with PXG it looks like as well
  4. Ben An - PXG Adam Schenk - PXG KJ Choi - Srixon All seen on Getty PXG seems to be signing quite a few smaller names
  5. Not a really 'BIG" name but saw a video of Danny Lee today and he was sporting PXG. Seems like they are going after some low hanging fruit lately.
  6. Hudson Swafford with a PXG logo on the headwear..
  7. Wow didnt notice this until now. Assuming since he is not a Callaway guy (who now "owns" Travis) that the contract ran out or something. Too bad, they are losing a lot of guys recently and could hurt things. Good stuff but definitely changing since big brother took over. Max was the standout for that brand lately and I am sure he will land somewhere good and make a good image, as he is one of the good guys.
  8. Where did you order from? Who quoted you the dates? That is who this goes on. Trust me, it has been well known that there will be delays with this product due to COVID and TM has been very transparent with most. The retailer you went through sounds like the issue. Its been a year man, and I am sure when they forecasted for this launch it was in the Spring when we didnt even know if we were having golf. And the heads cant be produced in a matter of days, it takes time. Its golf not life or death. TM will make this whole.
  9. Haus of Grey - Matte Grey Hightower https://hausofgrey.com/collections/matte-grey-outerwear/products/hightower-half-zip-dark-denim-heather Comfy, stylish on and off course, multiple color options. @hausofgrey
  10. No limited sales from TM. Things have been banging for them. Cant even begin to speculate on what is to come. The new 7 series iron line is UNREAL and add that with SIM and even an upgraded SIM, LOOK THE F OUT, could be something special. Take note boys TM is taking over.
  11. MATTE GREY all day. Great fit, great fabric, great styles. www.hausofgrey.com
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