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  1. Hey All, kind of a long post here...sorry in advance. Does anyone have a club in their bag they have had for a long time that has sentimental attachment to it? I do and would like to hear others stories about theirs. Here is mine. My father and I shared a passion for golf. In July of 2013 my father was diagnosed with lung cancer and was unable to play golf for the rest of his life (He passed in Feb 2015). He and I were both tinkerers with equipment (Lie angle, lofts, shaft length experiments, etc). Most weekend afternoons, we would be in the basement bending, grinding or doing something to a club to try and get it to do something more. In 2014 I had a really hard time finding a club in the 5w-3 iron gap in my bag. My three wood would carry about 240 and my 4 hybrid would carry about 210. I tried several low lofted hybrids and they seem to go a few yards longer than the four hybrid. I also tried some five woods and they went almost the same distance as the three wood when hit off the turf. Every Saturday after my round I would go to my parents house and talk to my Dad about my round, and he started to notice I was playing golf holes differently because of this gap in my bag (hitting irons off the tee of par 5's.) One Saturday night he called me late (like 10 PM, which was late for him since he went to bed at like 7) and he told me he had an idea and to come to the house the next morning. The next morning he laid out his idea.....a six wood. He wanted to take one of the five woods I had tried and cut the shaft down to a seven wood length, in essence creating a six wood. The five wood I chose to try this experiment was a cobra King F6, it was blue. I had it in the back of my car, grabbed it and went to the basement and cut it down to 41", set the loft to 19 degrees and slapped a grip on it. I was headed out the door to the driving range and my Dad stopped me and said he wanted to come along. I wasn't sure how my Mom would like this, he was in Hospice care and on oxygen, but I think we both knew this would probably be his last golf experience. So I loaded him in my car, with his oxygen tank and threw his wheelchair int he back seat and we headed to the driving range. Now, this was late November in Michigan, so it was cold. We got to the driving range and I grabbed all my stuff and left him in the car while I set stuff up, I got him set up in his wheelchair, and handed him the iPad, which had the data screen from my launch monitor. I hit the first ball and the ball flight looked right, and I looked at my Dad, hoping he would say the ball traveled somewhere in the 220-225 range. 223 he said as he smiled at me. I hit about 25 more balls and each one traveled the same flight and all went between 218-231 (I still have the data print out). I put my Dad back in the car and took him home, hoping we would get home before Mom got home from church, we did. unfortunately My Dad passed before I could ue the club on the course. But my first round of the 2015 season after he passed was at Shepherd's Hollow in Michigan. On the first par five I played I had 223 to the middle of the green, I used the six wood and hit it to seven feet, eagle. On the last par five of the round I had 231 uphill and hit it to three feet, eagle. As I approached the green, I looked to the sky and said "I think we have a winner Pop." I still have the club in my bag to this day. It has been a club I can always look down at and know I am going to hit a good shot. Anyone else have a good story about a old club in their bag?
  2. Hey All I have to start with a quick story. This last March, I was paired randomly with a guy at my local course here in Fort Worth, Texas. His name was Mike, and he was super nice. I first noticed when he hooked his bag onto the cart, his bag only had four clubs in it, (Hybrid, 7 iron, wedge and putter). I wasn't sure what I had gotten myself into......he shot 75. It was easily one of the best rounds of golf I had ever watched someone play. Never missed a fairway and he only missed a couple of greens, but his putter was definitely his weak spot of his game, I think he had four of five three putts. While we were playing I got the background on him and the minimal nature of his bag. As soon as I got home I grabbed a Sunday bag out of the garage and put a 'minimal' bag together. I have to say, it is quite enjoyable to play golf with fewer clubs and force myself to create shots. Anyone else play a minimal bag? What is in your bag. My minimal bag is as follows: Cobra Green Fly Z 16 degree hybrid Cobra Orange Fly Z 25 degree hybrid Adams Idea Pro Black CB1 8 iron Mizuno JPX 900 Hot Metal Wedge Snake Eyes Viper Tour 1 putter
  3. Hey All, I am heading to Australia next year (March 29-April 19) and will be bringing my clubs for some golf. Here is our schedule March 31-April 4 - Cairns April 5 - 6 & 10 - 12 Melbourne April 7 - 10 Cape Schanck Resort with Friends (we will golf during this trip) April 13 & 14 Tasmania (Launceston) April 15 - 19 Sydney We are meeting up with some friends we met from Melbourne on our cruise in Alaska (Honeymoon). Anyone from these parts or traveled to these parts who could give some advice of where is a good place to play? Hidden gems? Our Australian Friends are trying to get us on Royal Melbourne, which would be a treat. Any advice would help.
  4. Hey All I recently moved to Texas from Michigan. In my old house in Michigan I had a golf room set up in the basement to store my equipment (Clubs, bags, shoes, etc) but now in Texas, I have moved into a house with no basement and a fiancé, so all my golf stuff has been relegated to the garage. How do you guys store your extra stuff? If anyone could include pictures, that would be nice. She who must be obeyed has suggested we go to the Container Store next weekend, not sure this is something I want to do....... HELP!
  5. Hey all, I have a couple of Glide Wedges and want to pull the stock steel shafts and replace with DG S400's. Couple of questions. 1. Does Ping Still put ball bearings in the bottoms of their shafts like they used to? 2. The stock shaft, how close is it in stiffness to a DG S400?. The stock shaft is the CFS wedge shaft. 3. Any tips/cautions you guys can offer would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Nick
  6. Current Handicap - 5.0 Goals for 2017 Golf Season - Play more competitive golf this year (GD Am Tour, Club Events, Michigan Am.,) and lower my handicap Favorite club in bag - Putter Least favorite club in bag - Long irons / hybrid New club excites me for 2017 - New Taylormade irons, seen them on PGA WiTB posts and really curious how they improved on recent irons from last couple of years. I have been fitted before and feel like the fitter was trying to get me into clubs that would benefit him financially, would like to get a professional fitting from a group of the best in the business. Thanks for the opportunity
  7. I have a Callaway Steelhead III 4+ wood off and on for about ten years. I have been trying three woods for the past few years, and always come back to it. It has an Aldila NV 75X shaft. I love it and have gotten reacquainted with it over the winter and love it more after every range session. I am also playing with a Nike SQ Tour driver a little bit and might throw it in the bag and give it a run against my Ping G30. If it wins the spot in the bag, might be selling some nice shafts with Ping adapters soon. My putter is also the first putter I learned to play with.
  8. When I was maybe 10, my best friend and I were hitting golf balls from my parents front yard down the street, trying to get them to the main road that was maybe 150 yards down the street (We were hellions) and I pulled a shot and hit a ball through the neighbors sliding glass door, they weren't home and I tried to lie to cover my tracks, it didn't work. Dad was not happy. I learned how to use a lawn mower, weed whacker and leaf blower that summer, because I had to spend the summer cutting grass to pay for the new sliding glass door.
  9. I just put a Cobra King F6 5-6 wood in my bag. I have it set to 18.5 degrees and cut it down to 7 wood length. Got it for $30. It has a stock stiff shaft, which is a tad soft for me, hitting big hooks with it. I just ordered a couple of hosel adapters from GolfWorks and once those come in, I am hoping it becomes my 225 club. I used it a couple of times and like the feel of the club, but with the soft S shaft it tends to balloon a bit (a lot) in windy conditions. I hope a x shaft will allow me to maximize the performance of this club. It isn't technically a 7 wood, but one of my buddies started calling it the Franken-wood. I just need a Frankenstein head cover for it.
  10. I picked up a G30 4 iron and it has a Ping CFS Distance S flex shaft in it. I was wondering what shaft this is comparable to? DG S300 would be my guess. Any help would be appreciated
  11. Thanks Everyone I put the shaft into a 13.5 degree Wilson Staff F5 3 Wood. I tipped it 1.5" and installed it into the hosel adapter. Gamed it last weekend, and LOVED it. Definitely the flight, height and feel I was looking for. I think my year long search for a three wood might be over.
  12. Hey all I have a Prolaunch Red 65-S that I want to put in a 3 wood and have it play like an X. How much do I trim the tip to play like an X? I am thinking like an inch but is that enough? Any info is appreciated. Cheers
  13. I recently bought a new shaft for my Ping G 30 Driver. The shaft has a sticker on it to indicate that it has been PURED. I have never had a shaft that is PURED and was wondering a couple of things.. 1. What does it mean? 2. Which way do I install it? Is their a way I can tell how to install it by the PURE Sticker just below the grip? It already had the PING Adapter on it when I received it, but is their a way to indicate which way to install it to best benefit the PURE shaft technology. Thanks in advance For any info anyone can offer.
  14. Every time I hear golfers who are at Jordan's level (Making millions off endorsements) they all say "It's not about the money, I want the titles." Don't give me that song and dance about how much a putt cost him. If it was a journeyman, who was struggling to keep his card, I would agree more, but if Jordan was thinking about how much money he lost by missing that putt, he would never of made it to begin with.
  15. Jordan's group got put on the clock, and after his round he said in his interview he got 'rushed'. Am I the only one who thinks 5.5 hours is WAY too long to take to play a round of golf. I know what some of you are going to say, it's the Masters and conditions are tough. But still, if he hadn't been rushed, how long would it of taken hi group to finish? The pace of the game is something that really gets me running hot, it should take no more than 4.5 hours to play a round as a foursome. If these guys want to set an example, every group that takes longer than 5 hours to play in a major should get a two stroke penalty. Sorry, rant over, tried talking to my girlfriend about it and she told me to go post it on the internet. So here it is. Although, Rory and Jordan in the last group tomorrow will be awesome, slow but awesome.
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