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  1. Miller Lite, about 6 of them. ?
  2. phi482

    Vokey SM8

    Count me as one of the ones that doesn't care what the back of the club looks like. I've gone through the paint fill, Scratch Golf, custom ferrel, wedgeworks, yada yada influenced from this site and I still end up with stock Vokeys. I cannot wait for the 56 D-grind and figure it out the other 2 from there. I've had fun building a bag on aesthetics but it never helped my score.
  3. I have a milled version of the classic FGP Seemore putter. This is the Zack Johnson putter and currently retails for $395 on the Seemore site. I'm asking $150. It's 35" long and standard lie. Has a fairly new P2 grip with maybe 6 rounds on it. Will come with a random headcover for protection.
  4. I received mine yesterday and hope to get out this evening and for 27 Thursday. I haven’t had new irons since the 712 AP2s were released.
  5. I have a set of these coming in as well. Grabbed the demo set from Discount Dan's mailing this week. I don't play stock specs but for what I spent on these I have a lot of room to get 100% right before I get to retail. I'm pumped they were still available!
  6. I was not on the trip but was selected to try out the Ventus. I had posted numbers in the other thread but wanted to update this one since it is a little more active. I've had the opportunity to play some more golf and continue to be impressed with this shaft. I love how consistent and stable this is in my TS3. i swing it easy or fast and I know where the face is and can deliver it correctly. I wouldn't say its the longest shaft I have played but it is the most user friendly in terms of being able to swing it and get out of it what you expect. I'd love to get my hands on the red one for
  7. The hero pricing on these should be a no brainer for folks, even sight unseen. I will test these against Titleist and Mizuno this fall once all are released but $220 a stick for TI x100 puts these behind for sure.
  8. I have a Newport reserved at my local shop. He told me that these will not rust like the originals because they are plated. I am not 100% sure how I feel about that. I'll probably wait to see it in person before pulling the trigger.
  9. I have an AP3 3-iron at 19 degrees. It has a ton of offset to it and it feel like ish on off center hits but its forgiving and generally goes where I want it to go. I am ultimately not a fan and will find something else.
  10. I was able to get out Wednesday evening for 9 holes with some friends. It was windy and rained for some of the round. Not exactly the best conditions but this is becoming the new norm here in the Ohio River Valley. I continue to really enjoy the Ventus. It feels great, launches through the correct window, and doesn't over turn in either direction. Even though I don't have a ton of time with it yet, I am confident I can line this thing up down the left center and swing. Its a feeling I haven't had in a while. I hit 5-7 fairways with one left (started online but didn't come back, couple p
  11. I am planning to get out on the course for the first time tomorrow afternoon with the Ventus. It's Derby week here in Louisville, Ky so nothing is getting done in the office. May as well go play golf.
  12. Curious to the guys that went out there if you hit the Ventus in a fairway wood? Or what would match well for one? I am one of the Ventus testers in the other thread and want to support Fuji in my 3 wood as well.
  13. I continue to be impressed with the Ventus. I updated my original post with some numbers from the Ventus and Tensei AV. I realize not an apples to apples comparison in shafts but it illustrated what the Ventus is intended to do. Bring down spin and launch. The Tensei is supposed to be a smooth feeling shaft and it felt harsh compared to the Ventus. I'm dissapointed I couldn't get the report emailed to me to show it better than just the raw data but the dispersion was also much improved. I am seeing the same thing as others in this thread and the guys on the trip out to Fujikura. A shaft
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